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by Some_Llama (#46730619) Attached to: $250K Reward Offered In California Power Grid Attack

"There are BILLIONS of places where a rifle shot could cause damage."

damage in the thousands? how many places where it would cause damage in the tens or hundreds of millions? 1000?

100k to harden each place preventing it and saving lives? that's only 1 billion spent, .01% of a yearly federal budget and well worth it...

but if you feel superior throwing around your favorite term "drunken teenager" i guess post more bullshit.

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by Some_Llama (#46730595) Attached to: $250K Reward Offered In California Power Grid Attack

drunk teenager is not the answer with the fewest assumptions if you take into account the facts.

"involved snipping AT&T fiber-optic lines to knock out phone and 911 service in the area and firing shots into a PG&E substation."

how do you get drunk teenager from that? from your years as a wild youth coordinating safe ingress and egress from locations allowing deliberate phone line sabotage and long range high powered rifle targeting intermediate power supply stations on a whim after too many beers?

the only razor applied here was the one to any hint of sanity.

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by Some_Llama (#46730087) Attached to: Smart Car Tipping Trending In San Francisco

" I hear about through the news now are in the spotlight because they're supplying alcohol and pot to nine-year-olds, burning down schools and dropping breeze blocks off motorway overpasses into the windscreens of passing cars."

im 40 and when i was 15 this exact stuff was also just as popular.. this is a trend that has no limit of time, it is just the wild and notion of immortality that is part of youth, just the degree of damage and ways in which it is perpetrated that changes as technology allows for greater misdeeds to be done (e.g. dropping blocks off an overpass is akin to fireworks in a cobblestone street scaring horses, or tipping candles and burning down barns)

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by Some_Llama (#46719047) Attached to: Mozilla CEO Firestorm Likely Violated California Law

" If 90% of the country was gay and forbade you from marrying a person of the opposite gender because marriage had always been for same-sex couples, would you feel oppressed? "

would the same country allow us to have a legal union allowing us the same rights? just not a term used by those believing gay is the only way approved by "their god"?

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"What? So let more deaf people be deaf and let them feel what it means to be deaf? That's one of the silliest things I've read."

cochlear implant /= hearing, people born deaf feel they aren't missing out on anything, in fact they see the world in a way you never can, so of course in your limited way you find things incomprehensible "silly".

" So we should stop looking for cures for cancer and stop using existing cures because people with cancer can't share their pain?"

did you really compare being deaf to cancer?

" I mean, It's not like existing deaf people can't get implants."

how about you go get implants since they are so great? maybe part of the reason deaf people find it outrageous for parents to force children to get implants is because people like you see deafness as a deficiency, while they don't.. they can speak with their own language, have their own culture, and don't need you to force them to be surgically altered because you don't think they are good enough.

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"Yep, see this on Camfrog all the time. The sheer ignorance of it all is absolutely astounding."

you just posted before that deaf people won't talk you to on camfrog, now you see it all the time.. must be hard to be so convincingly deaf for so long to fool them into revealing all of their perverse ignorance before they realize the truth eh?

or more likely you're just full of shit.

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"A culture born of a reduced quality of life is a culture we can stand to lose."

but who the hell are you to say that they have a reduced quality of life?!?

they have their own language, their own culture their own opinions and just because you are you doesn't make your opinions more valid.

all of this talk about how inferior deaf people are makes me sick, it sounds a lot like eugenics and the same excuses used to wipe out indigenous populations.

how about you live your life and let other people live theirs?

OR how about you go into your own life's specifics so we can find the thing "wrong" with you and then surgically fix it to our own satisfaction?

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"My ex-girlfriend is a certified sign language interpretor. "

I think i know why she's your EX

maybe it has to do with acknowledging this

"They truly do not see being deaf as a handicap, some of them even consider the ability to hear an unnecessary burden"

but still finding the need to force this on them:

"The Deaf community needs to wise up and accept that being deaf is a handicap. We have the tools and technology to mitigate and almost eliminate this handicap."

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"Won't take you more than about 15 seconds to get kicked out once they find out you can hear, no matter if you can do perfect sign language."

how do they find out you can hear?

what is "perfect" sign language?

sign language is a fluid thing, just like english has different dialecs or accents (british/southern/west coast) so does sign language... it also grows and shrinks as new gestures are made for new concepts or old ones are merged to combine multiple concepts (sign isn't based on another language but rather concepts that each sign represents)
so how would they identify "perfection"??

you sound like you're just making shit up..

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by Some_Llama (#46650329) Attached to: Judge Overrules Samsung Objection To Jury Instructional Video

I think what he's saying is that time is not linear from an eternal spiritual view, so while the vessel might be stuck in this linear mortal realm, it could have been populated by your spirit completely.

An interesting thought along these lines in regards to reincarnation, what if we are all just one spirit, forced to relive all lives, thus the evil you perpetrate to others you really perpetrate to yourself.

Comment: Re:We are the geeks, we are not tools for non-geek (Score 4, Informative) 465

"Let me suggest an alternative. The consultant was very smart. He knew that without strife and discord, there would be no show. Nothing that people would watch. Reality programs need drama. "

Let me offer an opposing view, you didn't read the article and have no idea what you are talking about.

Since the actual show wasn't a reality show, it was something more akin to "" or home makovers where the homeowner comes back to see their renovation and the show follows the technical aspect of the renovations, there was no need for "manufactured" drama.

In fact, making an indie game from scratch, involving all the technical aspects from both veterans and novices (the programmers and youtubers respectively), and having to do this on an imposed deadline would create all the "real" drama needed to make the show interesting. Not to mention the inside look at what most people never get to see, creatives making entertainment out of nothing.

what this douchebag did was take a creative environment, strip all of the creativity out of it and then throw in heaps of sexism, forced strife, corporate policy and "reality" fakey crap (like forcing a game programmer to re-enter a "scene" 5 times to get the "shot").

the biggest stupidity was that he was just some corporate douche who used the sponsorship ties the program had to force changes he thought would make the program better, he wasn't even someone there to make those decisions, only by throwing his corporate money weight around was he able to get the ones who were in charge of that stuff to concede to his input.

at the end of the article everyone pretty much agreed if this douche had never been there, there would have been no issue...

TL:DR the adults would have gotten along fine without this mental 3yr old.

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