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Comment Re:Junkies (Score 3, Informative) 151

DEA has been cracking down on doctors prescribing drugs for the past 5 years, making it harder to get any kind of pain relief drug from your doctor, in both quantity and quality so that you end up suffering so your doctor doesn't go to jail.

I know this from personal experience but here is a simple google search that took 5 seconds.


Comment Re:Academia is willing to protect total dicks (Score 1) 345

You are wrong on two counts. 1) Sexual harassment allegations are not easy to make. Honestly, think about what you are saying! Just telling somebody it happened is a major battle. If you make a formal allegation be prepared to lose years of your life reliving the experience again and again. Easy as pie. Oh, and be prepared to lose decades of your life if the allegation is false. False accusations can of course cause temporary harm to the reputation of the accused but are exceptionally dangerous to the accuser. 2) Fake allegations are a real problem - in so far as they theoretically exist - but study after study has found that they are so exceptionally rare as to make them statistically irrelevant.

I call bullshit on your points. 1.sexual harrassment allegations are entirely easy to make with support and sympathy immediately given to the accuser (if female). The accuser is immediately thought to be guilty and has to fight tooth and nail to repudiate the accusation, even if proven that the allegation is fasle there is little to no repercussion to the accuser. 2. Fake accusations exist and happen all the time. see i can make statements with no proof to back them up, oh yah i forgot to add that study after study proves my statements to be true.

although i guess it means something that i have been sexually harassed but because i was a man it wasn't taken seriously and I was the one fired (because you know, it could have looked bad for the company). I have also been falsely accused of rape and nothing happened to my accuser but i was arrested, forced to under go a rape kit and psychically assaulted while under arrest because i was guilty automatically.

tell me that the same outcome happens if you are female and give some proof.

Comment Re:This sounds like a problem only for slackers. (Score 1) 165

So, if I have nothing to hide I have nothing to fear? Besides, no one gives 110% every day. If they did, they'd be burned out in a year....

Even giving 90-100% every day will also burn you out but i'd say in a only few months/weeks, you can't be productive always running at full capacity, we're human not computers, this is why we sleep, we need time to stop and take a break and even do something unrelated to work so that we can perform better when we are working (like when trying to solve a problem you're stuck on, it helps to go do something else for 15-20 minutes then come back to it.. seems to give a fresher perspective).

Comment Re:Statistics are still lies (Score 1) 165

Sadly....we never have and likely never WILL have any genius types running for president, as that they're too smart to get caught up and mess with all the BS that is politics....

More likely that geniuses don't speak common enough or look best when on TV, and they certainly don't appeal to the common denominator that democratic politics demand.

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