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Comment my cloud idea (Score 1) 91 91

a hosting platform for your company's secret patent and financial data, you store it on my servers, i sell it off to your competitors, the company is closed and i go retire... since it's a american corporation i won't be held liable for my subterfuge, worse case i blame it on "hackers".

Comment Re:$100,000,000 (Score 1) 205 205

Life is fair. to paraphrase that one movie "everything in nature tries to find a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment", like how water tries to find it's level. the thing that makes life seem unfair are the actions of people who try to pervert this natural equality but fucking over their fellow man.

so Life is fair, people are not.
to quote that other movie

"i always thought life was what we make of it."

and in that line of reasoning i have always felt that we should strive to be fair and make the world a better, fairer place than give up and tote the line that somehow existence is naturally unfair (which is usually what is given as an explanation by those who are fucking you over to justify their actions).

Comment Re:Grade: F (Score 1) 346 346

"may actually have been worse in days gone by."

and they may not.

seriously, what's the point of making a statement that uses the word "may" when trying to frame a discussion. (although after trying to read your post a few times, i think the problem is either your frantic haste in writing the message or a lack of basic understand when it comes to sentence structure/english)

"Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love." -- Albert Einstein