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Comment How does it compare to Eclipse? (Score 2) 40

I'll be honest, I don't write apps for profit, I just scratch itches. That said, I fire up Eclipse maybe 2-3 times a year. Just about every time it drives me nuts, it's counter-intuitive to my way of thinking. Doesn't really help that I only fire it up when I either need a debugger, or load my app to my phone.

When I say "2-3 times a year" I mean "2-3 groups of using it". I may fire it up 2-3 times a year, but each time I actually run it maybe 10-15 times. So I run it in clusters. Just when I start to get used to the interface I've solved my problem and won't use it again for another several months.

Comment Way too long (Score 1) 175

The first one was ok, much better than I thought it would be. The second one, I really enjoyed the party in the barrels, but don't remember anything else about the movie. The third one? Waaay too long. That whole battle of 5 armies crap just dragged on and on and on. Dead bad guy under the ice isn't really dead and is coming back for another 10 minutes? Saw that coming a mile away. The whole "w00t we did good" at the end of the movie? Delete.

Return of the King was boring as hell. The entire last hour, where everyone said "bye, catchya later on the downlow" should have been deleted.

Comment mintty on cygwin (Score 1) 352

Most of my work nowdays is done on a Win 8.1 box with Cygwin installed. I used to use rxvt until it broke a couple years back, now it's mintty.

On Linux, I don't know. Tried to upgrade my Linux box a couple weeks ago and got the message "your video chip is no longer supported". Sure nuff, it won't go into GUI mode. Haven't gotten around to fixing it yet.

Comment I hope the PR is true, but I'm not sure (Score 1, Interesting) 34

I worked at Qualcomm for some 9 years over 2 sessions. Taking a standard ARM core and improving it was their secret sauce for years. They even made money selling their improvements back to ARM. But talking to friends who still work there, Qualcomm is using more standard ARM and adding less secret sauce.

Qualcomm is the best place I've ever worked for (37 years in the industry). My insiders tell me the QC I knew and loved was taken behind the barn and shot by Paul Jacobs, and it's nothing like what I remember. I hope they're wrong, but a couple of these guys have been there for 20+ years.

Comment Re:If these senators really wanted to help... (Score 5, Insightful) 108

This. I'd like to see Congress adopt some sort of revision control system. Wanna modify a bill? Check it out, make your change, check it in. Lotsa changes? Branch it. Every commit has somebody's name on it, no more "gee, I dunno how that got in there" BS.

Much like realistic campaign finance reform this will never happen because the system works the way the weasels in charge want it to work.

Comment Re:What about Log tables (Score 1) 220

I graduated high school in 76, used my dad's hand me down slide rule. It was made out of metal, wish I'd kept it. When I started college in the early 80s I got a TI-58 for about $150, that lasted me 10 years before the battery gave out and it wouldn't hold a charge. By then I had a calculator on my computer.

Numeric stability is probably not all that important when you're guessing.