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by Snotnose (#48012515) Attached to: Yahoo Shuttering Its Web Directory
The fact that the marketers have pushed their New! Improved! products for small, portable computers doesn't mean that the old products have suddenly lost their capabilities. It just means that some of the customers have been persuaded to switch to other things that may or may not be any better.

Maybe up until a year or so ago. Now websites are converting to the Metro interface, which prefers splashy pictures over descriptive text. Those bookmarks get deleted ( anyone?)

In addition more and more websites just don't work anymore. Why, I don't know. Examples? Both and don't work under Chrome, but do under Firefox. I read fark daily, at least once a day I find a site that won't render under Chrome (I don't bother firing up FF for those). Seems like every month one of my bookmarks gets deleted because it no longer works with Chrome.

/tdameritrade worked fine on my WinXP + Chrome last November
// did not work on my 8.1 + Chrome last November
/// vons worked fine on my 8.1 + Chrome up until a couple months ago
//// now trying to login does nothing.
////. Yes, I've tried both sites with all plugins disabled under Chrome
///// No joy
///// If a site won't work with Adblock+ I won't be going there much anyway.
////// I haven't installed Java on my Win 8.1 lappy, mebbe that's the problem.

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by Snotnose (#48012487) Attached to: Yahoo Shuttering Its Web Directory
Alta Vista used to be top dog in search. Then in 94/95 they decided to rank paid advertisers at the top of searches. I and many others dropped AV and went looking for alternatives. Google came out the winner. I never did get into Yahoo's categorization, always preferred to just search on what I was looking for.

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by Snotnose (#47951913) Attached to: Why a Chinese Company Is the Biggest IPO Ever In the US
My understanding is they had to do a bit of exchange shopping before they found one to do the IPO. IMHO, it's a Chinese company with Chinese books, AKA probably cooked. The ownership is pretty muddled.

IMHO, if you read the ra ra stuff (sell direct from China, network effect, economy of scale, etc) it looks like a great stock. But if you're a nervous nellie like me the Chinese accounting and muddled ownership make me think of Monty Python's RUN AWAY RUN AWAY.

Cramer loves BABA, interesting to see where the stock is in 6 months, and if the stock tanks what the effect on Cramer will be.

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by Snotnose (#47944375) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: What's In Your Home Datacenter?

Back in the 80s my company had 2 VAX 11/750s. They got obsoleted and the company wanted to get rid of them. So one of our system admins, a kid going to UCSD, took one home, along with a hard drive (separate unit). He installed it in the laundry room of the condo he was renting and used it for a year before moving out. When he moved he just left the VAX behind.

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by Snotnose (#47898191) Attached to: Robot Operating System To Officially Support ARM Processors
Qualcomm has a high end ARM attached to all sorts of radios, including 4G and GPS, and dozens if not hundreds of GPIOs. I can see lots of applications for autonomous robots (farmers checking fields or picking crops, the state checking trails, companies cleaning floors/windows, vending machines that phone home when they need a refill, etc etc etc).

Qualcomm isn't necessarily in the business of making cell phones, they're in the business of selling chips.

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