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Submission + - Russia begins work on a lunar lander (examiner.com)

MarkWhittington writes: Whether and when Russia will try to send cosmonauts to the moon is an open question. The Putin government has heavily slashed spending on the Russian space program, a measure brought on by declining oil and gas revenues. But, as Popular Mechanics reported, Russian engineers have gone ahead and have started to design a lunar lander for the eventual Russian lunar surface effort. When money is going to be forthcoming for such a vehicle is unknown, though Russia could partner with another country with lunar ambitions, such as China or the European Union.

Submission + - Senators blast Comcast, other cable firms for "unfair billing practices" (arstechnica.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Six Democratic US senators today criticized Comcast and other TV and broadband providers for charging erroneous fees, such as cable modem rental fees billed to customers who bought their own modems. The senators have written a letter to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler asking the commission to "stop unfair billing practices.".....Last year, more than 30 percent of complaints to the FCC about Internet service and 38 percent of complaints about TV service were about billing...

Comment Fix the summaries (Score 5, Insightful) 1825

I hate it when a summary says "frobozz version x.y.z has been released, this release has many new features and bugfixes", yet never tells me what frobozz does.

I also hate summaries along the lines of "Researcher discovers exploit in ABC using TSR algorithms tweaked with RNG enhancements. This can lead to new discoveries in FNG with QRZ and CDR possibilities". Then the summary never tells us what any of those acronyms mean.

Finally, remember this is news for nerds. Keep the BS articles (I'm looking at you Forbes) to a minimum.

Comment As someone who "upgraded" to Win10 (Score 5, Interesting) 580

Let me just say, "don't".

Never mind the spyware. I had Win8.1 for 18 months before I "upgraded" to Win10. Since the upgrade I've had:
1) ctl + left mouse to move a window. Release the wrong button first and the window goes full screen instead.
2) Random mouse locations when clicking left button. Ex: in a web browser hit the back button, it goes full screen. In a web browser click a bookmark group, it minimizes. etc etc etc
3) Close laptop, go to bed. Get up in the morning, laptop has installed updates and rebooted, wants your permission to continue.
4) Default app behaviours change suddenly. Just this morning I opened a pdf on my hard drive and Edge opened it,, not the pdf file viewer I've used for the last few years.
5) Uptime seems to be a week. If it's not updating then when you open your laptop it just doesn't respond.

I bought this laptop November 2013, it came with Win 8.0 and I immediately upgraded to 8.1. Had no issues. Mistakenly "upgraded" to Win10 last summer, all the above issues have plagued me since. If I had to do it all over again I would, in order, stay 8.1 (I'm a gamer, need Windows), go Linux, go Mac, go Win10.

Comment Mine is just slowing down (Score 1) 220

Have a 3 year old droid that, outside of a much shorter battery life, works well. Except the thing iisss slllooowwwwwiiinnnnggggg wayyyyyy dowwwwwnnnn. Games that, 2 years ago, played fine now take 5 minutes just to get to the start screen. Pull up the make a call screen and it's a minute to bring up the contacts list. We had a power outage yesterday, I pulled up the web browser to see if there was an ETA for my power, took 5 minutes to bring up a page. Then it did an auto refresh, which took another 5 minutes, at which time another auto-refresh hit, etc. Hell, a lot of times when I turn it on I get a blank screen with "loading..." for a good 30 seconds.

It's not a bunch of apps running, I have none but the bare minimum. It's not a lack of storage, all my apps are on a SDCARD.

This phone is barely on the edge of usability now due to it's slowness. Again, everything else works fine.

Comment Somewhat outdated (Score 2) 41

For the last couple years I've been hitting their comics page daily, from there I'd sometimes go to finance and then regular news. Last month they nuked the comics page, and when I went to the finance page they had one of those annoying floating opaque ads that want you to click in them to make them go away. No thanks.

Haven't been to yahoo since. My reasons for going have been either A) removed; or B) made untrustworthy.

Icing on the cake? For about a week I kept trying to get the comics page, hoping it was a mistake. Then my google newsfeed told me that yahoo had deliberately deleted it. Not yahoo news, google news. Good job, yahoo.

Comment What the hell is wrong with our politicians? (Score 4, Insightful) 343

Trump - blowhard asshole
Cruz - scary blowhard asshole
Rubio - no concept of privacy
Clinton - unindicted felon
Bush - aww hell no
Christie - not considered corrupt only by comparison to New Jersey
Fiorina - Enriches herself by firing people

Sanders is the only one out there who makes any sense, and he's an unabashed Socialist!

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