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Comment So, what if you own one of these cars? (Score 2) 323

The assumption is you bought it because of it's pep and mileage. VW "fixes" the problem, both take a huge hit. Do you still want the car? Will VW buy it back? How about resale value? The Kelly Blue Book value just took a huge hit as the pep and mileage went way down. Who pays for that?

I for one am glad I didn't buy a diesel car in the last 10 years, sounds like a nightmare for those who did.

Comment My sister is a nurse (Score 4, Interesting) 232

I used to think she was exaggerating how people specialized in not medical training, but in translating doctor's diagnosis into something the government could grok. One day about 5 years ago she brought over a binder that converted ailments to codes, I couldn't believe it. It was about 300 pages of stuff on something minor, like stitches and shots. She works for Kaiser and said they had as many coders as they had nurses, coders being people who converted diagnostics into codes for the government.

I can see how having 70k codes can track issues, but I have to wonder a) what is this going to cost; and b) how in hell do they think people making 20k/year are going to do a good job at entering codes?

Comment IMHO, management should act as a snow plow (Score 5, Interesting) 146

Let my manager set my goals, then prevent other groups/managers from wasting my time. I spent 14 years at Qualcomm ('94 to '08), I never worked harder, got more done, and had more fun than those 14 years. The secret? Management was very good at keeping distractions to a minimum.

Sadly, from what I hear now that's no longer the case. At the Parade of Lights last, I dunno, November? I met the new boyfriend of a long time friend. He was in his 50's/60's, spent most of his career in Texas at TI, and had been at QC for a year. He hated it. Why? He didn't want to talk about it and I didn't pry.

About 6 months ago I ran across a guy I knew at QC, he'd been there from the beginning. He said they'd cancelled the Christmas parties (which were epic), and the summer picnics (which were epic if you had kids). He was about to take a 6 month leave of absence and wasn't sure if he'd go back.

Then 2 months ago QC announces a 15% layoff in 2 months. That 2 months hit yesterday. I'm hesitant to contact folks I knew when I worked there, but it sounds like QC has gone from good, engineering management, to bad, MBA/cronyism management.

Comment Re:To the other Republicans... (Score -1, Troll) 273

Agree with everything you said. That said, as a moderate republican, she's the best of the 15 to choose from.
On the Dem side?
Hillary? Oh god no. She's so farking corrupt she doesn't recognize corruption.
Sanders? Too old
Biden? Too old, and has run twice before without gaining traction. He's more of a "hey, Joe's in so Hillary isn't unstoppable anymore!".
Lessig? One can only hope

Comment Re:who? (Score 2) 122

Ayup. If some domain that has never made a top 10 list of torrent search engines is the best they can do, then I have to wonder how many millions of $$$ and hours of manpower they're wasting on useless BS.

Maybe TPB and other sites should set up some honeypots to attract the attention of the feds? Sounds like a few hundred $$$ invested will result in a few million $$$ wasted. Asymmetrical warfare and all that :)

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