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Comment: Shows how many people were opposed to it (Score 3, Interesting) 73

If you think Wheeler nixed this out of the goodness of his heart, or a jolt of moral courage, you're naive. He wanted this merger to go through, but there was so much opposition he couldn't make it happen without everybody involved looking really bad.

Comment: I learned to program with Microsoft (Score 1) 142

by Snotnose (#49404335) Attached to: Microsoft Celebrates 40th Anniversary
TRS-80 in the late 70s. First was Basic, written by Microsoft. Then Z-80 assembly using the Microsoft editor, assembler, and linker. Did my debugging with TASMON (The Alternate Source Monitor), which was a great debugger.

Sometime in the 80s Microsoft went from being a great company to being a group of douchebags.

Comment: I fail to see how this is a bad thing (Score -1, Troll) 213

by Snotnose (#49317241) Attached to: Finland's Education System Supersedes "Subjects" With "Topics"
The topic: Your budget.
Skills needed: Basic math, intro to accounting, some economics to see how viable your job is in the future, home ec to show how cooking your own steak and potato as opposed to the local restaurant is much cheaper,

The topic: Global warming
Skills needed: Basic math, history, statistics, critical thinking. Bonus skills: advanced math, meteorology

The topic: ISIS
Skills needed: history, religion studies, psychology, psychiatry, social studies, George Bush cranial anal extraction surgery techniques.

Comment: Re:The problem is the fuzz, not the swatters (Score 1) 569

What you're saying is the problem lies with the lawyers. Which somehow doesn't surprise me.

Get swatted, cops shoot your dog, toss a flash bang into your baby's crib, and scare the crap out of everyone in the family? Grand Jury decides we're cool, no cops get prosecuted.

Get 911'd, cops look into it, figure there's a good chance it's a hoax, turns out it's not a hoax. Layers sue for millions and win.

Essentially, the average citizen and common sense loses in both cases.

Comment: The problem is the fuzz, not the swatters (Score 4, Insightful) 569

The problem is the police respond to everything with a huge over-reaction. They don't investigate, they don't use common sense, they just go in armed to the teeth ready to shoot anything that either moves or doesn't move fast enough and the hell with the consequences, as long as the consequences fall on the target, not the cops.

How the hell did we get such a militarized police force anyway?

Comment: So they gonna remove the BS? (Score 1) 87

by Snotnose (#49280693) Attached to: Apple Reportedly Working On an Online TV Service
Hate when I watch a scify movie and a character sez "fuxor", and they not only silence the word but distort the mouth of the offending character.

Double that for shows like survivor, that distort asscracks and such.

For Fark's sake, if you're going to show it, show it, don't edit it. If you're going to edit it, don't show it. I'm not a kid, I'm an adult watching an adult show. Treat me like an adult, or I swear to god I'll cut the cable and y'all can wonder why pirate's bay gets better ratings that your OTA ratings.

Comment: Re:Poor first sentence (Score 2) 132

by Snotnose (#49276747) Attached to: Researchers Find Same RSA Encryption Key Used 28,000 Times

First line of the article: "What if the key to your house was shared with 28,000 other homes?"

Several years ago I found myself in this situation. I worked night shift, getting home between 2-3 AM. One night I unlocked my door, opened it, and just had time to think "WTF, this isn't my living room" when some guy came running up with "hey, who are you!!!".

The place I was renting was WW2 era housing, a group of rectangular buildings next to each other, each with 8 apts (think | | | | | |). I had the upper unit in the back, turns out my key worked on *every* upper back unit in each building. Talked to one of my neighbors, his key also worked in every building that corresponded to his unit.

Trust me, we all had new locks within 24 hours.

Comment: It's been that long? (Score 4, Interesting) 48

by Snotnose (#49252369) Attached to: Oldest Dot-com Domain Turning 30
As a sysadmin in the late 80s/early 90s I remember the joy I felt when I first installed DNS on our Sun network and could forget bang paths. For the next year or two I enjoyed the extra income I made as a consultant setting up other people with DNS. It was all a word of mouth thing (well, word of email more like), I never advertised or looked for the work (I was still in school part time, free time wasn't in my lexicon).

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