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Comment: Re:Looking to move off of iTunes (Score 1) 176 176

Back in late '07/early '08 I bought an iPod. Dumped it about 6 month later because I could not get it to organize my music by album. An example of the problem is a soundtrack: 1 album with several different artists. iTunes insisted on grouping songs by artist and wouldn't let me group them by album.

It's been a while and they may have fixed this, but I have no intention of every tying myself to iTunes ever again.

Comment: U-verse is guilty (Score 1) 242 242

Signed up for UVerse, got it installed a couple weeks ago. 2 surprises. First, I got a "welcome to ATT UVerse" email that contained my account password in cleartext. Not cool UVerse.

Then I logged into my router at There on the welcome page was my wifi password for all the world to see.

It's turning out the UVerse DVR is a steaming pile, at this point I can't really recommend it.

Comment: This should be entertaining (Score 4, Funny) 134 134

Arrive at office. Read email. Get coffee. Figure out what I need to code today. Start a for loop. Change CDs. More coffee. Flesh out for loop. Look up String API, find a method better than what I was after. Scrap everything. Lunchtime!

Collaborate with a colleague. Get a Mountain Dew. Change CDs. Write glue code to make shiney new String API do what's required. Waste an hour explaining something basic to some marketing dude in a different state. Get code to compile. Scratch butt. Test/debug. Change CDs. Check working code into git. Figure out what needs to be coded next. Manager enters office, informs me requirements have changed and what I just checked into git is now wrong. Read /.. Go home.

Comment: Bypassing the Cadre CASE tool (Score 1) 145 145

Back in 91 or so we used the Cadre CASE tool. It's main claim to fame was "anyone can learn to use it in 30 minutes". They were right, you could. Problem was, you could because the editor was a weak PoS.

I wrote a script that would pull files out of the tool, we then ran vi/emacs on them and put them back into the tool as needed. In other words, we used this uber-expensive tool just like we used RCS.

Best part? After I left the company they ran an audit. Turned out every time you added the file to the tool it treated it like a brand new file, erasing all previous versions and history. whoops.

Comment: Re:It's all about the environment... (Score 1) 126 126

I'm the opposite. A private office with phones, email, coffee klatch, etc are all I need to be at my best. Stick me in a shared office and my productivity goes down. I've never been forced into the open office format, but I can pretty much guarantee that if I am my productivity will shrink to close to 0.

Just because I've got an office doesn't mean I can't walk down the hall to collaborate when I need to.

Comment: Re:If you want a real programming challenge... (Score 1) 31 31

Python isn't perfect (see: curly braces to define blocks) but it beats hell out of Javascript, or ECMAscript, or whatever name you call that abomination.

What I like about Python is, when you're learning it, after a day or two you can guess how to do foo and 90% of the time you're right. With Javascript, you can follow the book, do everything (you think) right, and the damned script will fail for stupid reasons on other machines.

Comment: There's a website for that (Score 1) 268 268

Don't remember the URL, but it lists the major charities and what percentage of their intake actually goes to the charity. Big name losers? Susan Komen Walk for the Breast Cancer cure, well under 50%. I don't remember the others, that one jumped out at me as my MiL and a friends mother both had breast cancer, and the Walk for the Cure gets major media attention every year.
My 3 I give to annually?
EFF - I love what they do
Alzheimers Foundation - My father in law had alzheimer's, it scares the crap out of me.
Helen Woodward ( - Diagnosed a favorite cat of mine, then got a couple replacement cats from them. Local to San Diego, but if you're an animal lover you should send some $$$ their way.

Comment: Call me cynical, but... (Score 1) 203 203

I see this as an excuse for the cops to hand out a lot more tickets for various infractions that don't really mean diddly to safety, but deposit lots of $$$$ into the budget.

/ San Diego resident
// On Allison street a couple times a week
/// You can't regulate stupid
//// But stupid is a great excuse to ticket everybody

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