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Comment I worked for Qualcomm for years (Score 2) 104

There were 3 chips: baseband, RF, and PMIC. The baseband had 2 or 3 CPUs (earlier ones had an ARM 7 for I don't remember what, then they an ARM9 to run the phone and a more powerful ARM11/ARM13 to run BREW, then Android). The RF chip did the radio stuff, and the PMIC did all the power control (Power Management IC). Each baseband chip was optimized for a specific RF and PMIC chip. You could swap them out with what I understood was a lower level of efficiency. As I worked for Qualcomm I was never exposed to non-QC chips.

The display, keypad, battery were generic, use whatever you want. QC didn't make displays, nor keypads, nor batteries.

They also had a single chip line (SC1x/SC2x if memory serves), they took 3 dies (baseband, RF, PMIC) and stacked the dies atop each other in a single package. The idea was to sell them for, I think, $6 each for low cost phones. Add a display, keypad, battery, and case and you've got a cell phone.

I retired when Snapdragon was showing up on my "upcoming stuff" memos.

/ this is greatly simplified at the chip level (e.g. the PMIC let the phone vibrate)
// Wish I'd stayed a couple more years
/// hell, wish I was still there, it was a great place to work. Although former co-workers say that changed 5-6 years ago.
//// retirement isn't what I thought it would be

Comment I knew OS/2 was doomed (Score 1) 276

At the time I was running OS/2. Microsoft announced it would release it's next OS by the end of the year (1995), figured that gave IBM a year to get their act together. Went to Comdex an Jan/95, headed straight to the IBM booth, and started asking OS/2 questions. Nobody in the booth knew what OS/2 was. That's when I knew OS/2 was the walking dead.

I found it ironic OS/2 ran more legacy apps that Win95 did. I found it maddening that of the apps that didn't run under Win95, Microsoft had an equivalent offering that did. How many word processors and spreadsheets didn't work on Win95 but ran fine on OS/2?

Comment I need wires (Score 1) 275

My PS3 is wired to my router. Why? Because I play CoD and need the lowest possible latency. I've written several wireless drivers, their specs assume you will lose a significant number of packets and seamlessly work around the missing packets. I'm guessing I gain at least 10% by using wired ethernet instead of my wifi link.

My NAS is also on the wire. Never instrumented it, but seems to me that if I'm transferring data to/from my NAS then it's better for half the traffic to be over the air, the other half over the wire.

Comment Re:Stupid people (Score 1) 44

Hmmm, recent story about how Amazon is a crappy place to work. Microsoft has been a crappy company for 20-30 years. Both based in Seattle.

Question: Is the country better or worse off if Mt Rainier blows?

/ if this doesn't get moderated troll I'm either disappointed, or I've tapped into something ala Trump.

"Just think, with VLSI we can have 100 ENIACS on a chip!" -- Alan Perlis