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Comment Re:It seemed too good to be true... (Score 5, Funny) 480 480

Linux: Stoner who hangs out under the bleachers during breaks. Nice guy, a bit odd, muttering about demons and reaping children between bouts of screaming at the sky about something called system dee. Gives you the most gifts, though most are clearly hand made.

Comment Doubtful (Score 3, Interesting) 861 861

EVs cost significantly more than gas cars, don't have the range of gas cars, and apartment dwellers have no way to charge them overnight.

A friend has an electric, she loves it. She also drives 20 miles to work, charges the car in her garage overnight, and her road trips are with her kids and grandkids, who drive their gas vehicles.

Comment Re: Streaming doesn't work (Score 1) 169 169

The problem comes with playing a game on a device with a totally inappropriate input system. They already make gaming laptops but they suck for gaming because the laptop form factor sucks for gaming.

This. Last month I bought Starcraft 2 for my laptop. Game runs fine, but I just can't use the laptops touchpad/keyboard to access my units anywhere near fast enough to be successful. Back in Starcraft 1 days I was a demon at it.

Comment GUIs are tough (Score 1) 351 351

I've written a lot of software, from ethernet drivers in the 90's, to 802.11 drivers in the '00s, PCI drivers, automatic robotic testing platforms, cell phone base stations, and missile telemetry decoders, to name some of the hardest I've done. The #1 hardest thing I've had to write? GUIs. First off, assuming you can get the GUI to do what you want, it's very easy to say "that sux". It's much harder to say "here's how you fix it".

That's assuming you can get the GUI to work the way you want it to. I've been writing Java/Swing apps for a few months now. I don't care how many web pages or books you read, shit just don't work like you think it should. My last GUI was a good 20 years ago using Tcl/Tk, and I thought it was a bitch to learn. But Swing is just kicking me in the balls morning, noon, and night. Cut and paste code from some webpage that you think you understand, tinker with it to make it match what you need to do, and it just don't fricken work.

Comment What bothers me (Score 5, Insightful) 434 434

is she was ordered to give up her email to investigators. She gave them some of the mail and deleted the rest.

Whether we'd actually done anything wrong or not, if one of us little people had pulled such a stunt we'd be rotting in jail awaiting trial for destroying evidence, not running for president.

Comment I once worked for a company... (Score 1) 429 429

Some 30 years ago I worked for a company where discussing salary info with co-workers was cause for dismissal. Problem was, they had a boatload of titles, each title had maybe a 5k range in salary. The titles and salaries with each said title was easily available.

The problem? Everyone had their title printed on the business cards, and the company directory listed everyone's title. So I didn't need to ask how much you made. You were a widget master 3, therefor you made from 20-25k.

Comment An interesting field trip (Score 3, Interesting) 617 617

CSB time. I went to a community college the first 2 years it was open (Cuyamaca college, San Diego county if you're in the area). In my first semester computer class the instructor took us on a field trip, on a Saturday. There were 3-4 of us who agreed to go, we met on campus. Got in teach's pickup, he drove us to the midway district, into an industrial park, and into an alley going behind a bunch of buildings. There we saw a PDP-8 sitting by a door. Turns out the PDP-8 belonged to my instructor's old company and they were donating it to the school. Our "field trip" was providing muscle to get the thing into the pickup truck, back to school, then into the computer lab.

Used that PDP-8 for the next 2 years, it was the only computer they had.


Comment Re: Just like defense distributed (Score -1, Flamebait) 216 216

Dafuq you talking about? Why would the gun need to be aerodynamically sound? Do you thing a GoPro is aerodynamically sound?

Are you implying the bullet would start tumbling right out of the barrel? Why would it do that? The bullet would be spinning nicely, it will go wherever the barrel was pointed when it left the muzzle. Or are you implying the gun would start tumbling right out of the, um, huh. That makes no sense either.

If you don't know jack about a subject then have the decency to STFU, not spout nonsense.

Never ask two questions in a business letter. The reply will discuss the one you are least interested, and say nothing about the other.