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Comment: Re:Qualcomm must be funding it. (Score 1) 33

by Snotnose (#47898191) Attached to: Robot Operating System To Officially Support ARM Processors
Qualcomm has a high end ARM attached to all sorts of radios, including 4G and GPS, and dozens if not hundreds of GPIOs. I can see lots of applications for autonomous robots (farmers checking fields or picking crops, the state checking trails, companies cleaning floors/windows, vending machines that phone home when they need a refill, etc etc etc).

Qualcomm isn't necessarily in the business of making cell phones, they're in the business of selling chips.

Comment: Hell ya (Score 3, Interesting) 362

by Snotnose (#47840571) Attached to: Bill Gates Wants To Remake the Way History Is Taught. Should We Let Him?
Anything is better than the way I was taught history. In high school it was nothing but names and dates. No context, no motivation, nothing.

About 30 years ago there was a show called Our World on TV. It gave context, explained motivations, and in general made history pretty damned interesting. Too bad the show only lasted 1 season.

Then I had a college history class. Yep, back to names and dates and not much else.

History can be interesting, the way it's taught in school is a sham.

Comment: Re:Automated test in is a minimum (Score 1) 152

by Snotnose (#47818703) Attached to: Can ISO 29119 Software Testing "Standard" Really Be a Standard?

The automated tests can and will miss things that are plain obvious to human testers.

True dat. The solution is that for every bugfix submitted there is also an automated test to verify it stays fixed.

Automated test suites are not static. They should grow as the project matures and users/developers gain experience with it.

Comment: Shades of 2167 (Score 3, Insightful) 152

by Snotnose (#47817325) Attached to: Can ISO 29119 Software Testing "Standard" Really Be a Standard?
In the late 80s and early 90s I was involved in 2 projects run under MIL SPEC 2167, which was supposed to ensure product quality. Both were epic disasters. IMHO, 2167 pretty much guaranteed mediocre at best software, taking 3x longer to do, at a cost at least 6x of non-2167

This sounds like the 21st century version of 2167.

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