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Comment: Re:There was a whole episode of NOVA about this... (Score 1) 371 371

by SnickleFritz (#39835025) Attached to: The Math Formula That Lead To the Financial Crash

Glad someone else remembers this. I was going to link to it too.

It was a good NOVA episode. It keeps coming up after the recent TED talk about automated trading.

Kevin Slavin: How algorithms shape our world.

Comment: Re:The slippery bastards (Score 1) 76 76

by SnickleFritz (#35110338) Attached to: UK File-Sharing Lawyers ACS:Law Shut Up Shop Ahead of Court

> and they look after their own.

Gotta be more specific. Trial lawyers love eating their own. Copyright lawyers love the low hanging meat someone is smoking / drying. Patent lawyers love eating things that are at least 10x bigger than themselves. Tax lawyers eat anything they want. Personal injury lawyers love eating the chewed off legs left in traps.


Things You Drink Can Be Used To Track You 202 202

Posted by timothy
from the don't-hate-me-because-I'm-a-beautiful-spy dept.
sciencehabit writes with an intriguing story about the potential of figuring out where people have been by examining their hair: "That's because water molecules differ slightly in their isotope ratios depending on the minerals at their source. Researchers found that water samples from 33 cities across the United State could be reliably traced back to their origin based on their isotope ratios. And because the human body breaks down water's constituent atoms of hydrogen and oxygen to construct the proteins that make hair cells, those cells can preserve the record of a person's travels. Such information could help prosecutors place a suspect at the scene of a crime, or prove the innocence of the accused." Or frame someone by slipping them water from every country on the terrorist watchlist.

Ubuntu Replaces F-Spot With Shotwell 361 361

Posted by timothy
from the such-pretty-pictures dept.
climenole writes "Finally! The much discussed F-Spot vs. Shotwell battle is over. The new default image organizer app for Ubuntu Maverick 10.10 is going to be Shotwell. This is a much-needed change; F-Spot was simply not enough. Most of the times when I tried F-Spot, it just keeps crashing on me. Shotwell on the other hand feels a lot more solid and is better integrated with the GNOME desktop. Shotwell is also completely devoid of Mono."

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