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Comment Re:Social Justice Twitter (Score -1) 85

Typical SJWNPAT (my acronym for SJW Normal Person Anti-Terrorist), all Twitter is doing is censoring people for criticizing Ethics in Western society. Sure, some people have claimed in ISIL's name to have murdered a few people here and there, but first of all THOSE people they supposedly "murdered" are professional victims and their claims of being murdered are highly suspect no matter how many videos we produced of them being beheaded and threads on /r/WesternSocietyInAction you can point at where every laughed at the Beta Cuck Infidels. And secondly, just because they said they were ISIS doesn't mean they were, I mean, it's a hashtag, you can't police that. You can't blame some guy on Twitter who is just concerned with Ethics and sends a few rape threats to Hillary Clinton THAT ARE CLEARLY NOT SERIOUS with some other guy who murders people because that's totally unfair. And also (continued on thread 94)

Submission + - Even with Telemetry Disabled, Windows 10 Talks to Dozens of Microsoft Servers ( 1

Motherfucking Shit writes: Curious about the various telemetry and personal information being collected by Windows 10, one user installed Windows 10 Enterprise and disabled all of the telemetry and reporting options. Then he configured his router to log all the connections that happened anyway. Even after opting out wherever possible, his firewall captured Windows making around 4,000 connection attempts to 93 different IP addresses during an 8 hour period, with most of those IPs controlled by Microsoft. Even the enterprise version of Windows 10 is checking in with Redmond when you tell it not to — and it's doing so frequently.

Submission + - Another Cop Treats Sexting Teens Like Child Pornographers (

An anonymous reader writes: More sexting stupidity, this time in Michigan.

        A Three Rivers, Michigan, teenager is both the victim and perpetrator of a sex crime. He might land on the sex offender registry, and face criminal charges, all because he took an inappropriate photo—of himself.

        The boy is unnamed in local news reporters, which note that he is under 15 years of age. He allegedly took a nude photo of himself on a girl’s cell phone. That girl sent the picture to another girl, who sent it to another. Preliminary charges are pending for all three—the boy was charged with manufacturing child porn, and the girls with distributing it. A prosecutor is still weighing whether to pursue the charges.

Hopefully, the prosecutor will realize that pursuing the suggested charges could ruin a few teens' lives. The police detective working the case seems to want to destroy these kids' lives for the good of other teens, or something.

Submission + - NASA announces that Pluto has icebergs floating on glaciers of nitrogen ice (

MarkWhittington writes: The most recent finding from New Horizons show that ice bergs have broken off from the hills surrounding the Sputnik Planum, a glacier of nitrogen ice, and are floating slowly across its surface, eventually to cluster together in places like the Challenger Colles, informally named after the crew of the space shuttle Challenger, which was lost just over 30 years ago. The feature is an especially high concentration of icebergs, measuring 37 by 22 miles. The icebergs float on the nitrogen ice plain because water ice is less dense than nitrogen ice.

Submission + - Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon, dies at 85 (

MarkWhittington writes: According to a story in the Palm Beach Post, Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon, has died at the age of 85. He flew as lunar module pilot on board Apollo 14, which flew to and from the moon between January 31, 1971 and February 9, 1971. His crewmates were Alan Shepard and Stuart Roosa. Apollo 14 was the return to flight for the moon landing program after the near disaster of Apollo 13 in April 1970 and explored the Fra Mauro highlands on the lunar surface

Comment Re:Better transistors? (Score 2) 298

> Going beyond 5Ghz limit has been a problem for the last decade or so.

Last decade? Uhm, try the last ~40 years. A close friend of mine worked with the military running GaAs CPUs at ~4.7 GHz in late 70's. He also worked on GaAs devices operating up to ~100 GHz. Hey, when you have a nearly unlimited tech budget you can do all sorts of things that the commercial sector won't have access to until decades later.

Anyways, the problem with Silicon is that it needs to be < 110 degrees C. In contradistinction GaAs only need < 175 degrees C.

Hardware designers have known about alternatives for years -- Silicon is just plentiful, dirt cheap, and "good enough." No one wants to pay $100,000 for a 10 GHz GaAs CPU, when you could buy 2,000x Silicon chips instead for the same amount of money.

Submission + - Bethesda To Unleash The Hounds Of Hell On May 13th, Doom Release Date Confirmed (

MojoKid writes: Bethesda and id Software are in the process rebooting the Doom franchise and it seems like it's been in development for ages. When we last visited the upcoming Doom remake, Bethesda had posted a giblet-filled trailer which showed some pretty impressive gameplay visuals, killer hand-to-hand combat and plenty of head stomping. Today, Bethesda clued gamers in on something that Doom fans have been anticipating for years, an actual release date.">Mark your calendars for May 13th, because that's when Doom will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and of course, the PC platform. Bethesda also dropped a new">campaign trailer for you to ogle.

Submission + - Windows 10 TH2 (v1511) Console Host Enhancements (

x0n writes: As of Windows 10 TH2 (10.0.1058), the core console subsystem has support for a large amount of ANSI and VT100 escape sequences. This is likely to prepare for full Open SSH server/client integration, which is already underway over on github. It looks like xterm is finally coming to Windows.

OpenSSH was previously announced last year by the very forward looking PowerShell team:

Comment Re:Font Geeks (Score 3, Insightful) 144

> If you have ever worked with designers they're normally pretty sure they know what is better for you than you do.

Not in my experience as an OpenGL/WebGL, UI, and graphics expert.

Most designers focus on form and forget that function is WAY more important.

I work for a fortune 50 company and most UI designs _visually_ tell me they don't know what the fuck they are doing half of the time. They pursue change for the sake of change without taking the time to **think** about what the fuck they are _actually_ doing and how it will impact the user's experience.

i.e. They don't understand the importance of consistent button layout & usage, balance of whitespace to content, don't have a freaking clue about SNR (everything is monochromatic), don't understand anything about contrast (i.e. alternative table rows with 2 different backgrounds), don't care about things being mis-aligned by 1 pixel, don't understand the GPU's of any of the devices -- such as how to use a texture atlas, don't understand pow2 textures, don't understand kerning, Signed Distance Field (SDF) fonts, don't understand the pros & cons of skeuomorphism, etc. Basically all the UI + Graphics stuff they are SUPPOSED to know but don't jack on.

Here are some of my UI rules:

First rule of Good UI:
* Empower the user to do what they want, and then get the hell out of the way.

Second rule of Good UI:
* "Contrast" is the difference between signal and noise. Too much signal effectively it means zero contrast. Congratulations, you just made EVERYTHING become noise.

Third rule of Good UI:
* The holy trinity is Signal, Noise, Whitespace. Whitespace is not signal, and not noise, but is the boundary between the two.

Fourth rule of Good UI:
Function is more important then form.

Fifth rule of Good UI:
An expert knows when to follow the rules and when to break them. A **little** spice is fine, such as skeuomorphism. Anti-skeuomorphism means zero spice = bland, boring, and looks like crap with the latest fad of "flat" UI & gaudy colors.

Sixth rule of Good UI:
If your UI is not running at _least_ 60 Hz (sub 17 ms), you're doing it wrong. If you don't understand the difference between 24 (or 30 Hz), 60 Hz, and 120 Hz you really don't have a fucking clue about smooth UI.

Seventh rule of Good UI:
If you don't understand the importance of _trying_ to target 1 ms response time for everything, you're doing it wrong.

Eighth rule of Good UI:
If you don't know how to design fonts for low-density SCREEN displays (sub 72 dpi) (aka pixel fonts) vs medium-density PRINT (sub 300 dpi) you don't know your craft.

Ninth rule of Good UI:
UI & User Experience is built upon software. Software is built up on hardware. If you don't understand the importance of ALL three, such as the size of the texture cache, you're doing it wrong.

Tenth rule of Good UI:
If you don't give users the option to customize the colors and placement of widgets, you're doing it wrong. Congratulations, you probably made all the color deficient people pissed off! One of the reasons World of Warcraft became popular -- because all the UI mods empowered users.

All the modern UIs from Apple, Google, Micrsoft is a complete clusterfuck of these principles. It is like everyone forget everything we learnt about UI from the past 20 years.

Comment Re:Oh good, a reason (Score 1) 342

What are Trump and Cruz's views on NSA mass surveillance? I doubt that either oppose it but I'm happy to be proven wrong. Rubio's comments don't seem, on the surface, to be out of whack with 99% of Republicans. I'd be surprised if other current candidates considered by most to not be insane strongly disagree with him on this. (Yeah, Rand Paul might, but he's already dropped out, and in any case...)

What makes Rubio more attractive than those two are that he's not on the theocratic wing, unlike Cruz, and... well, he's not Trump.

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