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Comment: Re:If you've got good signal, digital is better, b (Score 1) 192

by Smask (#45589089) Attached to: Final Days For Australia's Analog TV
Sounds like 16:9 plus the same signal letterboxed into 4:3, which your box/TV convert into 16:9 by padding the image with vertical bars.

Those guys who owns that channel are complete morons because if the watcher has a box converting digital to analog signal, he already have function in the box to output the image in letterboxed 4:3

Comment: Re:(plus one Infor8a7ive) (Score 1) 85

by Smask (#44854583) Attached to: Stephen Colbert and the Monster Truck of Tivos
"Welcome to

This domain been suspended, please use the Registration URL link to contact your registrar

Error Connecting To Whois Server."

The domain has been suspended/parked for a while. I don't know why you want us to see that. Don't bother changing to, the asshole's long gone, replaced with some goat info. Yes, it's domain parked too.

Comment: Re:The best hangup (Score 1) 215

by Smask (#43198539) Attached to: Lamenting the Demise of Hangups
Otterbox didn't save my HTC when the phone and other stuff fell off a table. The LCD was smashed, but the touch sensor and the glass were undamaged. Something managed to hit the back of the phone, right on the battery connector, which pushed into the LCD panel. A replacement panel, via Ebay, later and the phone is up and running again. The IQ isn't as good as the original one (blueish tint), but what the heck, replacement parts that aren't overstock are rejects that failed QC one way or another.

Comment: Re:American made is not a selling point (Score 1) 57

by Smask (#43014713) Attached to: CES: American-Made, Industrial-Strength Smartphone and Tablet Cases (Video)
I agree. One of the guys renting the space next to me used to work as a designer at Fjällräven (outdoor clothing/camping equipment) and he'd done several purcasing trips to China. He told me that Chinese manufacturers will meet your price point and always make money on the deal. Always. They won't care about the quality.

Comment: Re:Stupid to ask this (Score 1) 219

by Smask (#42086023) Attached to: LiMux Project Has Saved Munich €10m So Far
I were dual booting my machine at work with CAD and accounting as the reason for keeping the XP installation. MS Office was dumped early on when there were no native support for PDF generating using macros. When I found Draftsight, an AutoCAD clone, the sole reason left was accounting. Fast forward to the day yet another nVidia based product died, this time the motherboard. (The GeForce 8500 died a couple of years earlier. Bad bumps.) After getting a cheap MB the computer was up and running again. Except if I wanted to keep running Windows I had to reinstall it (or upgrade to newer version based on available drivers) or I could keep on running Ubuntu, which I didn't had to change a thing to get it to boot. Decisions, decisions.

I exported the db from the accounting software using wine and went for a web based system instead (FortKnox). The old software ran in wine, but printing didn't work. If I had upgraded to Windows 7, I would have to buy a new large format printer as well because HP dropped support for my old one after XP.

So nowadays I don't have any Windows installations either at work or at home.

Comment: Re:Inevitable (Score 2) 447

by Smask (#41958593) Attached to: Samsung Hits Apple With 20% Price Increase

Last I heard, TSMC only manufactures ICs for companies; they don't do design work. Apple could potentially hire someone to design replacement microprocessors and build them at TSMC, but it could be an uphill battle with all of the patent landmines they could run into.

If you had checked the list of Apple M&A, you'd found that Apple already owns P.A. Semi and plans to make their own chips at TSMC or GF (less likely).

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