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Comment: Re:Third option (Score 1) 421

by Smask (#48009951) Attached to: Users Report Warping of Apple's iPhone 6 Plus

I've had Defender cases for my HTC Desire and my S3. The silicone part were fine on the HTC case but the rubber on the S3 case absorbs moisture too quickly and swells.

I got a new case on warranty. When that got too flabby, I bought 2 noname replacement skins from China. One of those skins have swelled too much. So, I'm into the last skin and the last belt clip holder. Forgot to turn in the holder when replacing on warranty and I made a special car holder for Otterbox belt clip holders. When one of them breaks/swells the Otterbox is history

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A friend of mine, Bosse, bought a vacation home on Merrit Island, FL together with some friends of his. He used to fly over to the states, timing the trip so he could watch the shuttle launches from his backyard. They paid extra money for insulating the villa to match Swedish standards. That saved them a lot of money because it was easier to keep the house cool. And it kept out outside noises as well.

Bosse were into competitive pistol shooting so he bought pistols which he brought back to Sweden. When he needed to practice shooting, he went to to the airport shooting range the security used to train at (Don't know if it was Orlando International) and asked if he could shoot there, which he could. This was well before 9-11. One trip he got himself a .454 Casull revolver, which he took down to the range. When he started shooting, the personnel there stopped and went "WTF is that?" and then "Can I try it next, please?" /CSB

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by Smask (#45589089) Attached to: Final Days For Australia's Analog TV
Sounds like 16:9 plus the same signal letterboxed into 4:3, which your box/TV convert into 16:9 by padding the image with vertical bars.

Those guys who owns that channel are complete morons because if the watcher has a box converting digital to analog signal, he already have function in the box to output the image in letterboxed 4:3

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by Smask (#44854583) Attached to: Stephen Colbert and the Monster Truck of Tivos
"Welcome to

This domain been suspended, please use the Registration URL link to contact your registrar

Error Connecting To Whois Server."

The domain has been suspended/parked for a while. I don't know why you want us to see that. Don't bother changing to, the asshole's long gone, replaced with some goat info. Yes, it's domain parked too.

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by Smask (#43198539) Attached to: Lamenting the Demise of Hangups
Otterbox didn't save my HTC when the phone and other stuff fell off a table. The LCD was smashed, but the touch sensor and the glass were undamaged. Something managed to hit the back of the phone, right on the battery connector, which pushed into the LCD panel. A replacement panel, via Ebay, later and the phone is up and running again. The IQ isn't as good as the original one (blueish tint), but what the heck, replacement parts that aren't overstock are rejects that failed QC one way or another.

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by Smask (#43014713) Attached to: CES: American-Made, Industrial-Strength Smartphone and Tablet Cases (Video)
I agree. One of the guys renting the space next to me used to work as a designer at Fjällräven (outdoor clothing/camping equipment) and he'd done several purcasing trips to China. He told me that Chinese manufacturers will meet your price point and always make money on the deal. Always. They won't care about the quality.

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