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What's broken exactly?

Software has bugs and occationally they crash. I'm not an expert GNU/Linux system administrator by any means, and I've lost count of the amount of times when I simply wanted to just find a way to make the init system restart a service automatically when it crashes. This is trivial with Systemd, you just set Restart=on-failure in the service file and it's done. No need to write error-prone shell scripts or fiddle with run levels. It just works and it's well documented.

Straight out of Windows. Write buggy software. It's ok if it crashes once in a while because we can just restart it.

Also straight out of Windows. Make everything into one big integrated binary instead of something that you can see into or hack on.

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I felt it was enough a problem to submit a bug report to the CentOS people: -- the problem I see is that the documentation for systemd and the observed results are different. Further, there are no instructions on how to take a System V init and convert it cleanly to systemd. I don't have a Red Hat Enterprise support license, so I couldn't report the issue to Red Hat. One of the problem of using an alternate distribution.

To this developer's eye, the systemd documentation is not ready for prime time. Note that this bug was reported against 6.5, not 7. I'll be looking at 7 when I get a round tuit.

So why is your bug filed against upstart?

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Clorox had $5.6B in sales last year, of which 10% was laundry products according to their annual report. A gallon of bleach sells for $2, so if all their sales generated 275M gallons of bleach-containing chemicals = 1M m3 x 101 mg/m3 = 100,000 gm. Nope. That amount is negligible compared to what the study reports.

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Right -- before the hipsters, software types came to work in suits and ties. I distinctly remember that from the 70's. Oh wait, that was a hallucination. I remember them mostly wearing Birkenstocks, cutoff jeans and Peace symbol tees. I'm in my 60's but I don't have the selective amnesia of the above AC. In fact, I think the software types are mostly young marrieds and pretty serious about their work [anyway, more serious than I was]. When they propose new technology it is backed up with the advantages and not to get under the skin of the old fogies who think VB is just fine.

Some of our "hipsters" brought in some technology written in Erlang. It has been thoroughly tested by several groups and is now being adopted in multiple applications. It will surprise some people to learn that different processes can be written in different languages, and that it is usually better to use the right tool for the job.

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