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Comment: Re:Terrorists Win (Score 1) 337

by Smallpond (#48622495) Attached to: Top Five Theaters Won't Show "The Interview" Sony Cancels Release

In the case of AQ / ISIS / others, it's because they will never give up and we never "finish the job" in the way Churchill, Stalin, Caesar, Ganghis Khan, early Americans, etc, would have done..

But, in this particular of Sony vs. North Korea, it's pretty hard to blame a private company that's under attack from a military totalitarian state. Especially one that's used to always bullying its way in every possible manner for every possible topic.

It's pretty hard to blame a private company that made a movie about killing a current head of state?

Comment: Re:Despicable Greenpeace (Score 4, Insightful) 463

by Smallpond (#48589255) Attached to: Peru Indignant After Greenpeace Damages Ancient Nazca Site

Greenpeace has been, for quite some time now, nothing but a group lobbying for its self-interest...

Really? What interest is that? Please be specific. You really need to stop parroting Fox news talking points and thinking for yourself. While this stunt is nothing, if not stupid, Greenpeace's stated mission can hardly be described as "self interest".

Were they planting trees on the Nazca plains? No? Were they advertising themselves? Yes!

Comment: It depends (Score 1) 717

by Smallpond (#48542717) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Can a Felon Work In IT?

Drugs you can show completion of a program, swear you've been clean for two years, have testimonials from your preacher, rabbi and yoga instructor.

Theft is tougher and would probably be a bar for any financial company (except apparently at the top executive levels). Might be better to lie or not check either "Do you have a criminal record" checkbox and hope they don't do the background check.

Violent crime, property damage stuff you can just give your side and claim that it was a minor offense and the other party was out to get you. Doesn't look good if you have multiple offenses, though.

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