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Comment Re:Why is everybody so upset with this kind of thi (Score 1) 98

My question is, so what? So what if the NSA is listening to everything? Let's assume the worst...that when I buy a Skylake PC, it can and does record everything that is said in my home and sends it to the NSA for storage and analysis. So what? For one thing, it'll be boring as shit, hours of me snoring, that sort of thing. Continuing the worst case, let's assume they can mine all this voice data perfectly, and can detect any time I talk about committing a crime or otherwise anti-government act. I'm a normal, boring, law abiding person. They won't find anything. I strongly suspect that 99% of the world is like me in this respect, too boring for the NSA to give a shit about.

Comment Re:Disabling the UI (Score 2) 321

Why does everyone assume "usable" is a synonym for "works exactly like the WIndows I am familiar with". The Windows 10 UI is perfectly usable, but not if you disable it before giving it a chance. This guy shut it all off on page one! Why review a new OS when all you're going to do is remove all the new features?

It's like Phoronix trying to review Ubuntu by immediately uninstalling Unity and replacing it with KDE. That might be a fantastic idea for a user, but it's gonna make for a shit review of Ubuntu.

Comment Re:updates, updates, ... (Score 4, Informative) 126

No, nobody remembers that time. I remember when Windows couldn't run more than a few days without crashing. I remember when getting a program to work required arcane knowledge and steps bordering on voodoo. I remember when getting a wireless card working on Linux was the realm of super hackers. I remember Sasser.

Comment Penalty for whom? (Score 1) 165

This is just as much a punishment to Google's own users, as it is to Kickass's. People who type in the search query are obviously looking to get to the site, not whatever malware-ridden crap Google is serving up now. Google is making their own service shittier, just to punish somebody else...way to cut your nose off to spite your face.

Comment Acer Chromebox (Score 1) 558

I use an Acer Chromebox. I upgraded it to 16GB RAM, 128GB SSD, and put Linux (first Xubuntu, now Mint, soon to be something else) on it. It's got a Celeron 2957u (Haswell; has Quick Sync in case I ever need it) and that's about it. Interestingly, it's about the same speed as my old Core 2 Duo setup, at a tiny fraction of the volume.

Comment Re:Dual Shock 3 at pawn shop (Score 1) 249

Not quite the same...Onlive controller has Android media buttons so I can use it to play/pause media while it's sitting on the table next to me, not being used to game. Also, DS3 doesn't always work with cheap Android tv boxes, which is what I plan to use it for. Thanks for the tip, though...if PC gaming was my main interest, your suggestion would probably be the way to go.

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