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Comment Re:A better way to phrase it: (Score 1) 88 88

Why get a ladder when you can just walk in next door without one?

The argument is moot.

It's like it is with bike locks. Getting a better one does not guarantee that your bike won't get stolen, but it does help! And a 100% security is always unattainable.

Comment Re:Obvious (Score 1) 238 238

You call bullshit for the wrong reason. The problem of the GP's statement lies not in whether there are or are not more trees/forests than a 100 years ago, but in the fact that he considers a 100 years to be a long time. The whole climate change discussion suffers from this. Surely we will be OK in the next 50 or a 100 years as well. But if you actually care about the future of our species and that of the planet in general, a 100 years is nothing. The fact that we *can* see the climate change in just a persons' lifetime should be scary enough for anyone!

Comment Re:like anything else.. (Score 1) 580 580

I am still not sure I understand using 4x4 matrices to do transforms in three space. I can write the code though (slowly).

Because a 3 dimensional object can be translated by a linear operation in 4 dimensional space. Similar to how you are able to move (the projection) of a 2D shape by moving it along an arbitrary third axis pointing out of the shape's plane. This doesn't sound fundamentally very difficult for me. Now group theory on the other hand... I guess it depends on how your brain works. I have a lot less trouble with geometry than with more abstract maths.

Comment Re:Good (Score 5, Informative) 476 476

then why not tax per volume traded?

It *is* taxed per volume. 0.03%, which it nothing for a normal transaction. But for someone who buys and sells the same stock a hundred times per day, just to profit from tiny fluctuations in the stock value, it's 3%. This will kill the ridiculous business of racing for fastest connection and smartest trading algo, which is *good* because it is a ridiculous and useless business.

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