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The More Popular the Browser, the Slower It Is 367

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the software-always-gets-slower dept.
demishade writes "Peacekeeper, the browser benchmark from the makers of 3DMark, comes out of beta and shows an interesting (though perhaps not surprising) tidbit — the more popular a browser, the worse its performance. While it should not be surprising to anyone that IE slugs at the last place, the gap between Firefox and Chrome, is. Once IE's market share goes the way of the Dodo will web developers start cursing Firefox? How long until Google comes out with a JavaScript intensive application that will practically require Chrome to function?"

Comment: Spanish DSL prices (Score 1) 843

by descapa (#7941019) Attached to: Broadband Pricing Across The World?
I am currently in Spain and prices for DSL are around 40Euro/month. I am using Telefonica DSL which costs me 39Euro/month which is 256k down & 128k up (as well as 24hour access). Also I don't need a contract or anything, this includes a USB modem. You can get a router/dsl modem as well as wireless stuff for about 30-100Euro more (one time charge). There is an option for 512k as well but I am not sure of the price.

There are other companies out there, Ya.com, Wanadoo which you might be able to get a better price. Keep in mind though that in Spain, Telefonica is the traditional government backed company and I am pretty sure they own most of the lines. I think that is why most of the companies have the same price for their DSL.

One final note you can find a few prices a little bit lower but they actually limit the service so you don't have 24hour access. So you can use it at night or offpeak times...I have never seen that before in the US, those were around 30Euro/month...to me the extra 10Euro was worth being able to be online all day. I hope this helps and if there ever is a website that would be awesome...it was such a pain to try and read Spanish and then call people and try and ask questions...so painful.

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