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Comment Re:CJK is Unicode's big failing (Score 0) 164 164

Unicode trips up shitty programmers. It sounds a little more like it was one of those "out of your league" problems. Probably best to say away from CJK contracts tho. I've shipped shitloads of software with CJK localizations, and frankly, from that word soup you've produced, I don't think you have any idea what you're talking about.

Comment Re:Infinity (Score 1) 1067 1067

This is a little like saying it would be handy if the compiler knew what you meant when you wrote code that attemtped to do soemthing for which there is no specifically well defined answer. While you may know what default you want, it's not going to the the right default for another programmer. Hell, usually it's not going to be the right default for some other place in your code where you're allowing your software to try and divide a value by zero.

In theory, you could make a compiler that does something, but it's not a good idea because it would involve some set of programming being satisfied 'with the default' and many others now stuck with possible bugs because their software doesn't crash when it tries and does something mathematically undefined.

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