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Comment Re:CJK is Unicode's big failing (Score 0) 164 164

Unicode trips up shitty programmers. It sounds a little more like it was one of those "out of your league" problems. Probably best to say away from CJK contracts tho. I've shipped shitloads of software with CJK localizations, and frankly, from that word soup you've produced, I don't think you have any idea what you're talking about.

Comment Re:Infinity (Score 1) 1067 1067

This is a little like saying it would be handy if the compiler knew what you meant when you wrote code that attemtped to do soemthing for which there is no specifically well defined answer. While you may know what default you want, it's not going to the the right default for another programmer. Hell, usually it's not going to be the right default for some other place in your code where you're allowing your software to try and divide a value by zero.

In theory, you could make a compiler that does something, but it's not a good idea because it would involve some set of programming being satisfied 'with the default' and many others now stuck with possible bugs because their software doesn't crash when it tries and does something mathematically undefined.

Comment Re:That's not all (Score 1, Troll) 336 336

No, the problem is that we're talking about the game industry, and it's more pervasive in game studios than it is in many other engineering environments. If you want to counter that argument, go for it. Nobody gets anywhere by trying to solve the issue of humans robbing each other by just going, "Well, it's a persuasive problem, so we should just ignore places where it happens more often than others. We'll just solve robberies by somehow making it never happen again."

Comment Re:That's not all (Score 3, Insightful) 336 336

Many humans can handle porn. But for some reason, they seem to prefer seeing the kind of porn they want to see, and generally in a private environment, not plastered on computer screens at work. I apologize if that came off as hetronormative - I just mean that the *multiple studios I've work at* have had work environments that are exactly that: full of guys who think that the word hetronormative is imaginary PC bullshit. What you think should be tolerated (ie: all porn, of all kinds, I presume?) is exactly what professionalism seeks to address and what lacks in these work environments. But in the ways that these environments are unprofessional, it is exclusively geared towards male hetro guys who seem to freakout at the very concept of hetronomativity. (Presumably you would be fine with most of your co-workers laughing at you and calling you an SJW .. it's a very off-putting element of many of my colleagues in this industry to me. I'm not saying it's all bad. Plenty of good inclusive environments in gaming exist - I'm only saying that they're still the exception.)

I'm sure that the solution is just to hope that everyone gets all mature and never gets offended or bothered by the lack of professionalism and sometimes downright hostile environment in some studios.

And I don't need to find a new job. I've worked in this industry for years and year, and I enjoy it. What's next - I don't like a law, and your suggestion is that I move somewhere else?

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