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Comment Price increase for some people. (Score 1) 112

The price would be an increase for some people.

Take my plan for instance. Right now I buy my iPhone from AT&T on a subsidy for $200. The normal full price is $650, so the subsidy is $450 less.

Now my monthly cost of the contract is $50/mo. It's a 5-line FamilyTalk plan which costs $60 + 10 per additional line ($100 for 5 lines so $20 per user) and then plus whatever your data plan is. My data plan is $30/mo for unlimited data. Adding both together makes my monthly share of the bill $50.

If we take the $450 subsidy amount and divide it out into 24 months, which is how often I get another subsidy upgrade, that's $18.75/mo. There is no plan to get equivalent service to what I have now for 50 - 18.75 = 31.25/mo.

Comment Was for me. (Score 2) 170

I'm only 27 but I started playing computer games when I was really, really little and the games came on 5.25" floppy disks. I never had a console, only computers.

I never wanted to actually be a video game programmer, but computer games are what made me so interested in computers in general. I definitely did my fair share of video game hacking and modification and reverse engineering as well as making helper tools and scripts for myself and my friends.

I went into a Software Engineering program in college because of this interest and have been a software developer for 5 years now and it's been great.

Comment Technically good, but... (Score 1) 112

I understand this is a good thing in general.

However I kind of feel it sucks for me. I have TWC in my area and the best plan I can get is 100/5. 5 measly Mbps upload...

If we got Comcast instead I would have been able to get their 105/20 plan which would have quadrupled my upload speed.

I just want more upload and now that this sale is dead I feel like i'm years away before TWC ever increases their upload speeds...

Comment Re:New version imagery not as good... (Score 1) 222

This is my point. There are beautiful 45 degree maps of many, many places (like where I live) that don't have 3D maps. As far as I'm concerned this is a regression that I dislike.

45 degree maps have been available at my location since 2012. I'm not holding out for 3D maps at my location yet any time soon.

Comment Re:New version imagery not as good... (Score 1) 222

I guess I just really think the 45 degree maps look better, and especially since you can actually view what you are looking at from all 4 sides which results in different 45 degree images of the same location when you rotate the old maps.

When I rotate a tilted map in the new maps nothing happens except a rotation of the image which is just wrong from that tilted view.

I found this which is a list of all the 45 degree locations:

But sadly the only way to access the imagery is in the old google maps which is going to be turned off "soon". That's my whole concern heh.

Comment Re:New version imagery not as good... (Score 1) 222

Actually, the new Image was zoomed in full there. The old image still had 2 more closer zoom levels.

Here is the comparison at full zoom:



Just check out the difference for yourself. Check out any area in say a 50 mile radius of Milwaukee, WI for example on the new Google maps vs the old:

Link to old:

Compare the closest 3 zoom levels of the old google maps to the new maps especially.

Comment Re:New version imagery not as good... (Score 1) 222

That wasn't even the full zoom level though.

Here is comparison of full zoom level.



Just see for yourself in your browser.

Take a look at any part of the map within say a 50 mile radius of Milwaukee, WI for example. Notice the difference in the 3 closest zoom levels of the Old maps compared to the new.

Old maps link:

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