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Comment: Does this really need an article? (Score 1) 415

Going to and unregistering your iOS device fixes this like it's designed to.

How is Apple supposed to know if you are no longer using iMessage if you simply remove your SIM and sell your iOS device without unregistering iMessage otherwise?

Comment: Cheaper with contract for me (Score 1) 482

by SirMasterboy (#46893721) Attached to: Really, Why Are Smartphones Still Tied To Contracts?

I actually like the contracts and the benefits they provide as they are certainly cheaper for me and the way I use my phone.

Currently I do this:

Every year I pay $200 for the new iPhone.
Then I pay $50/mo for my service which includes minutes and unlimited data.
Then at the end of the year I sell the 1 year old iPhone that I kept in great condition for $300.

So at the end of the year my total cost was $500 (200 + 600 - 300).

If I were to go with no contract a new iPhone would cost me $650 for the same phone. At the end of the year I would still get the same $300 back when I sold it. So I would have paid $350 already. This means my monthly cost for service needs to cost $12.5/mo to make my total cost paid for the year be the same $500 I am paying now with a contract.

The contract discount is worth $450 a year in my case so the monthly cost for the service needs to be $450 less per year in order for the contract and off contract to be the same cost for me.

Comment: Re:Trial by fire... (Score 3, Informative) 115

by SirMasterboy (#46595921) Attached to: Facebook To Begin Deploying Btrfs

Check out:

ZoL is very active and very up-to-date. All the versions and compatibility is in sync with Illumos (the main source of OpenZFS) and FreeBSD. You can create and move zpools between these 3 platforms seamlessly.

2 of the main founders and creators of ZFS itself (who used to work for Oracle and wrote ZFS) who now work for Delphix and continue to improve OpenZFS (started with the last open release of Oracle ZFS) in Illumos and have actually made it better than the now closed Oracle ZFS.

See how OpenZFS is actually better than Oracle ZFS now:

Actively adding new features: (Largeblock support to match the newer Oracle ZFS)


Maybe if we pray to the ZFS gods Matthew will start implementing block pointer rewrite some day!

Anyways, OpenZFS is very active and kicking, and that includes the Linux port.

Comment: Re:20TB? At home? (Score 1) 983

by SirMasterboy (#46464309) Attached to: How Do You Backup 20TB of Data?

I never claimed that it's cheap, but this is usually what people with several TB of storage at home are doing.

$2.50 is cheaper than having to buy another disk if something happens to it.

It's for the convenience of it. If I have a movie library of hundreds of movies. I can find one in an instant and play it on the big screen on my HTPC. I can be at a friends house or a relatives house and pull out my phone and stream it from my server at home and connect it to their TV with HDMI. I can give out a login to friends and family and they can enjoy streaming the movies too.

Then of course there is the piracy option too. $2.50 to store a BluRay is far cheaper than buying one haha.

Comment: Re:20TB? At home? (Score 1) 983

by SirMasterboy (#46463989) Attached to: How Do You Backup 20TB of Data?

The 2000s called, they want their DVDs back...

It's all about BluRays now and soon 4K video. BluRays are about 30GB-50GB per movie (especially if you want the bonus features for a complete ISO) and 4K will be at least double that too.

And before you suggest it. No I do not want to compress my video. I got the BluRay in the first place because I want the quality. I watch my content on a 136" projector screen and I can tell when it's been compressed.

I have a 20TB array at home and have a separate set of disks I use as an offline offsite backup.

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