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Comment: Re:Great! How do I disable it (Score 2) 93

by SirMasterboy (#48860501) Attached to: Steam Broadcasting Now Open To Everyone

Does it help if I do this? I know a LOT of people who watch other people play sports and somehow that is OK.

"i just dont get it TBH, i guess im just old now (29 haha) but i find the idea of watching other people that I dont SPORTS does nothing for me. I dont mind watching my friends play because, they are my friends. but I dont understand why people would want to watch people play SPORTS.

Even worse is watching people talk about watching other people play SPORTS (Sportscenter?)"

Comment: Re:So many practice doing it wrong (Score 1) 192

by SirMasterboy (#48023337) Attached to: New Research Casts Doubt On the "10,000 Hour Rule" of Expertise

You have to refine your definition though maybe it's too broad.

The 10,000 hours means you will be good at things you have 10,000 hours of experience with. That guy had 0 hours of experience with nulls in DB2, thus I would not expect him to be an expert at using nulls in DB2.

But I bet he is an expert at using integers in DB2 because he has spent 10,000 hours using integers in DB2.

To me this is akin to someone becoming as expert at playing the piano and not knowing about the foot pedals. You can certainly become a master at playing the keys on the piano without ever becoming a master at using the foot pedal.

Comment: Does this really need an article? (Score 1) 415

Going to and unregistering your iOS device fixes this like it's designed to.

How is Apple supposed to know if you are no longer using iMessage if you simply remove your SIM and sell your iOS device without unregistering iMessage otherwise?

Comment: Cheaper with contract for me (Score 1) 482

by SirMasterboy (#46893721) Attached to: Really, Why Are Smartphones Still Tied To Contracts?

I actually like the contracts and the benefits they provide as they are certainly cheaper for me and the way I use my phone.

Currently I do this:

Every year I pay $200 for the new iPhone.
Then I pay $50/mo for my service which includes minutes and unlimited data.
Then at the end of the year I sell the 1 year old iPhone that I kept in great condition for $300.

So at the end of the year my total cost was $500 (200 + 600 - 300).

If I were to go with no contract a new iPhone would cost me $650 for the same phone. At the end of the year I would still get the same $300 back when I sold it. So I would have paid $350 already. This means my monthly cost for service needs to cost $12.5/mo to make my total cost paid for the year be the same $500 I am paying now with a contract.

The contract discount is worth $450 a year in my case so the monthly cost for the service needs to be $450 less per year in order for the contract and off contract to be the same cost for me.

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