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An anonymous reader writes "Red Hat has helped bring open source out of the geeky world of the hobbyist and made it a force to be reckoned with in the enterprise software market — making it possible for companies to run their business on software created in a public, collaborative manner. It makes interesting reading"
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Cell Phone Interception At Def Con 95

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ChrisPaget writes "I'm planning a pretty significant demonstration of GSM insecurity at Defcon next week, where I'll intercept and record cellular calls made by my attendees, live on-stage, no user-input required. As you can imagine, intercepting cellphones is a Very Big Deal in the eyes of the law; this blog post is an attempt to reassure everyone that their privacy is being taken seriously despite the nature of the demo. I'm not just making it up either — the EFF have helped significantly with the details."

Digital Distribution Numbers Speak To Health of PC Game Industry 192

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An anonymous reader writes with this quote from PC Authority: "Over the years many voices have declared PC gaming dead. We have seen developers abandon the platform for consoles, citing piracy as the cause. Game stores have slowly relegated PC games from prime shelf position to one tucked away in the back corner — even Microsoft dumped AAA PC game developers from the company. It seems, though, that the demise of the PC as a games platform has been exaggerated, because until very recently sales data ignored digital distribution, with the latest data released by US company NPD revealing that 48% of PC unit sales in the US in 2009 were digital. That translates to 21.3 million games downloaded in the US. Interestingly, although 48% of games were sold online, it only worked out as 36% of the revenue. This highlights the fact that it isn't just convenience that has PC gamers shopping online; it is also that games are generally cheaper than in stores."

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by SiliconSlick (#32289166) Attached to: Long Odds For Online Gaming Legislation In US

Surely someone will throw it in one of the financial reform bills headed our way. Or, like you say, they will throw it in a TSA/DHS bill.

Gaming is not gambling. I've had better luck playing Texas Hold'em than I've had playing the NYSE/NASDAQ. In Hold'em, you have a fair idea of what is going on. With the stock market, well...
it is just whack. If anyone wants to outlaw something it should be a whack market.

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