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+ - Is Microsoft Really Building a Smartwatch?

Submitted by SmartAboutThings
SmartAboutThings (1951032) writes "Microsoft has been a little too late to the tablet party, even if it actually was the first company to introduce a tablet. And we can’t say that it fares quite well in smartphones, either. But according to a patent filing which has been made public recently, Redmond is getting closer to the actual release of its own smartwatch. Google, Samsung, Sony, Pebble and others are already important players in the market of smarwatches and wearables and if Apple joins the crowd, as well, then Microsoft could be late to the party once more. The alleged device could run on a modified version of the recently announced "Windows on Devices" software and it could bear the "Surface" brand name. What's your take on this?"

+ - $200 For a Bound Textbook That You Can't Keep?->

Submitted by netbuzz
netbuzz (955038) writes "The worst of DRM is set to infest law school casebooks. One publisher, AspenLaw, wants students to pay $200 for a bound casebook but at the end of class they have to give it back. Aspen is touting this arrangement as a great deal in that the buyer will get an electronic version and assorted online goodies once they return the actual book. However, law professors and the Electronic Frontier Foundation are calling it nothing but a cynical attempt to undermine used book sales, as well as the first sale doctrine that protects used bookstores and libraries."
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Interviews: James Randi Answers Your Questions 217

Posted by samzenpus
from the you-can't-handle-the-truth dept.
A while ago you had the chance to ask James Randi, the founder of The James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF), about exposing hucksters, frauds, and fakers. Below you'll find his answers to your questions. In addition to his writings below, Randi was nice enough to sit down and talk to us about his life and his foundation. Keep an eye out for those videos coming soon.

Comment: Re:No plugin, just extend what you have already. (Score 1) 345

by SigmundFreud (#35208326) Attached to: Google Goes After Content Farms
Re "Extend your search keywords to add "nosite". i.e. nosite:experts-exchange.com": you can already do this (and this feature has always been available). Just add a '-' to 'site:domain.com'. So, just add -site:experts-exchange.com to your search query and you will not see any results from that site.

Comment: Re:Paper and Environment (Score 2, Informative) 446

by American AC in Paris (#31994622) Attached to: Paper Manufacturer Launches "Print More" Campaign
...similarly, environmentalists are doubly too stupid to realize that once you factor in the energy saved in harvesting, transporting, milling, packaging, re-transporting, storing, re-re-transporting, retailing, and re-re-re-transporting a ream of paper, you've created over eleventeen jerbs. Jerbs that environmentalists would have took! My god, they're so blingingly stupid!

Using Drupal 122

Posted by samzenpus
from the read-all-about-it dept.
Michael J. Ross writes "After installing and learning the basics of the content management system Drupal, many Web developers do not know how to best proceed from there. They may realize that much of the programming potential of Drupal — and thus the earning potential of Drupal developers — is derived from the use of community-contributed modules that greatly extend Drupal's power. But there are thousands of such modules, with no objective direction as to which ones are best suited for particular tasks, and what bugs and other flaws could trip up the developer. These programmers need a thorough guide as to which modules are the most promising for the development of the most common types of Web sites. A new book, Using Drupal, aims to fill this need." Keep reading for the rest of Michael's review.

(Useful) Stupid Regex Tricks? 516

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the hope-you-like-reading-lots-of-random-characters dept.
careysb writes to mention that in the same vein as '*nix tricks' and 'VIM tricks', it would be nice to see one on regular expressions and the programs that use them. What amazingly cool tricks have people discovered with respect to regular expressions in everyday life as a developer or power user?"
The Almighty Buck

+ - Hotels equip mini-fridges with weight sensors-> 1

Submitted by
prostoalex writes "Hotel mini-fridges, known for carrying mini-bottles of various beverages for non-mini-prices, are now getting weight sensors that charge the hotel customer as soon as any item is picked up: "...the fridges are now equipped with motion sensors, the helpful woman at registration told me. That is, if I move a drink to make room for something of my own, it'll charge me. If I accidentally knock something over, it'll charge me. If I put something of my own on top of something, it'll charge me.""
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