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Comment: Re:Terrible (Score 1) 380

by dakameleon (#38745472) Attached to: US Supreme Court Upholds Removal of Works From Public Domain

In Australia, our recently introduced carbon tax / emissions trading scheme ties the taxation to stuff that can't be "taken elsewhere": electricity and resource extraction. Power companies can't generate off-shore, and resources can't be extracted elsewhere. Of course, the increased tax will be passed through to the end-user, but that's where the feedback loop of capitalism is supposed to kick in and eventually move to lower cost options.

Comment: Re:Why would this be a surprise? (Score 1) 267

by dakameleon (#37891016) Attached to: Fish Evolve Immunity To Toxic Sludge

This is not a biological evolution. We aren't born pacifists; quite the opposite, actually. A society certainly can evolve, and so does the "Life" game in a computer. This has nothing to do with biological evolution as people understand it. The rules of the enlightened society are not living in genes. At best our genetic tendency to form societies is not much different from the desire of dogs to form packs. Both are in genes because they are advantageous.

Society is a meme, not a gene. (and not a meme in the cat-picture sense). Humans have evolved the genetic ability to communicate and apply memes on top of genes; another plus is that memetic evolution is faster than genetic evolution.

So yes, you would fail a strict gene-only-evolution test, but that's not the only story going on here.

Comment: Re:No iPhone 5, just iPhone 4s (Score 1) 392

by dakameleon (#37607762) Attached to: News From Apple's iPhone Event

3G -> 4S is a bigger upgrade than many considering this who are on 3GS or 4 - the 3GS upgrade path is reasonable one, the upgrade from 4 much less distinct, but one that's hedged by those who didn't like the current design (like me). The design might be selling like hotcakes, but that doesn't mean everyone likes it - and some of us got our hopes up with rumors of a redesign.

Yes, yes, Apple didn't promise anything, but nonetheless it left this presentation a little underwhelming.

Comment: Re:Oh no! (Score 1) 301

by dakameleon (#37372616) Attached to: Global Mall Operator Starts Reading License Plates

Just because there's a technology which winds back the ability to be "lost in the crowd" doesn't mean that you have/had an automatic assumption to privacy. It's like saying that the police shouldn't be able to track a fugitive on the run logging in to his facebook account because that technology to find someone 2 states away didn't exist when we first established the FBI.

Comment: Re:ROM Marketplace? (Score 1) 361

by dakameleon (#37372396) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Where Can I Buy Legal Game ROMs?

The DMCA would only be relevant if you're routing around copy prevention measures. I don't know for a first-hand fact, but I wouldn't think that an emulator running a ROM from the 80s or early 90s is going to be dealing with much by way of copy prevention, software or hardware.

Patents would relate to the method of rendering the game; it is likely the patent would refer to hardware and specific hardware-based techniques, so a pure software emulator may be able to route around that.

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