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Comment Re:GOOD GRIEF! (Score 1) 409

That's not true though.

The bottled water usually tastes much better than the tap water that's often highly chlorinated, and it's convenient - not just in the sense that it's easy to carry around, but also in that it's easy to find and get access to, because you can buy it pretty much anywhere you go, anytime you want.

If I'm visiting the city, or even out on a beach, I will not be usually be able to find any freely available drinking fountains. Usually the only place I see any at all are gyms, schools, and older parks. If I didn't pack any water with me? Well, too bad for me.

People have more than a few very valid reasons for buying bottled water - if they didn't, they wouldn't buy it. You want to change that, start looking at why people buy it in the first place and start tackling and solving those problems/demands that corporate america saw, exploited, and fixed.

Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1138

You've just compared *all* homicides between two countries, as opposed to *gun* homicides to attempt to explain how it's a *gun* problem in one of those countries. I'll leave it to you to work out the flaws in that argument.

Actually, perhaps you should be the one to ponder on that a moment?

If there are no swimming pools, there cannot be any swimming pool deaths. But people will still die.
If you get rid of guns, you'll reduce the number of firearm homicides, but you won't magically reduce the homicide rate.

There is a reason so many anti-gun statistics start with something like "*Gun-related homicides; *includes suicides, lawful homicide, accidents". It's because they have an agenda to run and don't actually want the facts to get in the way. What effect do guns actually have on the overall homicide rate? No effect. There's no correlation whether you look at gun ownership in US states or the entire world. You find the same thing with violent crime rate and firearm ownership rates.

You know what DOES correlate? Education and socioeconomic levels have a small correlation. Race has a high correlation.
And firearm ownership has no correlation.

Comment So how do I make use of this law? (Score 1) 72

I bought Elite Dangerous early on in its development, and much to my chagrin I witnessed it go through beta to full release with nary an inkling of the content I was actually expecting from the advertisements and discussions on the forums.

It is categorically one of the worst games I've ever had the misfortune of purchasing. Made even more unpleasant by the exorbitant price tag I paid for early access. It's the biggest reason I've sworn off ever pre-purchasing or pre-ordering any games in the future. It wasn't the first game I got burned on, but it was the biggest and will be the last.

Frontier Developments is a UK company. How do I get a refund from them without paying 30x as much for the lawyers as I did for the 'game'?

Comment Re:NRA and gun control (Score 4, Insightful) 1138

The fear of all gun transfers being "background checked" and thus having documentation is that sooner or later the US Government will pull an Australia and seize guns, and having records will make that much easier. Right or wrong, that is the fear from gun freedom groups.

It's not misplaced. Every "compromise" on guns has just been taking more rights away from gun owners. None of them want any more "compromises" because everyone is well aware what is actually wanted isn't "sensible gun control laws" but the removal of guns from society entirely. People stopped believing the "sensible gun control" rhetoric soon after we had senators like Dianne Feinstein outright say things like,

"If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them . . . Mr. and Mrs. America, turn 'em all in, I would have done it. I could not do that. The votes weren't here."

Which is quite an impasse, because gun owners believe the right to self defense is absolute. Guns are necessary for this, in the future it could be something else, but the principle remains the same. A monopoly on violence by the state and private institution is absolutely unacceptable to them, yet that is what those in favor of gun control want: Guns for the state, guns for the rich and powerful, but no guns for the rest of us schmucks unless we want to be criminals.

Comment Some actual statistics (Score 3, Informative) 1138

This covers most of what you'd want to know and look at regarding firearms statistics, both in the US and worldwide. Homicide vs gun ownership, gun assaults vs gun ownership, violent crime vs gun ownership; it compares the states within the US, all the OECD countries, and all countries. It shows what weapon is killing the most people and which people are the ones being killed. It even looks at mass shootings, including per capita rates, and overall number of deaths from mass shootings as a percentage of overall homicides.

Citations are included in most of everything, and numbers are usually taken from government bodies such as the FBI or CDC.

Comment Re:anonymous ? not so much (Score 3, Informative) 88

Here's a basic summary of this guy and the events around 2ch:

2014 2ch takeover incident
-In 2012 the rights to 2ch were given to Jim at Racequeen Inc. Hiroyuki announces he is no longer the admin of 2ch, but still remains the defacto admin behind the curtains .
-2ch ran a service where anons payed approx 35 US dollars so they could post on 2ch if they were banned or couldn’t post because of their ISP (similar to the 4chan pass)
-this service helped pay for the server fees
-August 2013, the service gets hacked. Those who registered to the service had their names, address, credit card numbers/security codes leaked. comment info was also leaked, people were able to search the 2ch archives and find out who posted what using the leaked comment info.
-It was also discovered that Hiroyuki was sending other personal info of posters to companies outside of
-After the hacking incident Hiroyuki is unable to pay for the server fees because the 2ch pass service was shutdown.
-On April Fools day Hiroyuki announces that 2ch is being taken over.
-The leader of the coup Jim fires the janitors, sizes down operations, upgrade the servers, and improve other things to accommodate the anons who were neglected under the Hiryoku administration.
-Jim becomes the new admin of

-Hiroyuki retaliates by creating a new anonymous message board is just a clone of It literally copies and pastes all the posts on to its message boards. allows thread simulator blogging (copy paste blogs) which have been a problem in the past and were outlawed on

Why did hiroyuki create ?

Hiroyuki (Mirai Kensaku Brazil) had signed a contract with a data mining company named Hotlink and sold them the personal data / user comments from
-After the server take over by Jim, and the fact that Hiroyuki no longer had the rights to, he was no longer able to give the data mining company the data, so he created the clone to fulfill Hotlinks contract.
-Since it wasn’t a contract with Racequeen (Jim) , Jim stops the servers from sending the user comment data and other personal info to hotlinks servers. He also prevents hiroyuki’s from copying comments by blocking its requests.
-Anons of 2ch discovers that Hiroyuki also had money ties with the thread simulator bloggers who were racking thousands from PPC ads and advertising by laundering comments from 2ch

Hiroyuki didn't just sell user information, he encouraged janitors to ban posters so they would purchase more passes to get around the bans, and he had certain political viewpoints censored and banned after being paid to do so.

I can't imagine /pol/ existing for very long under Hiroyuki, and the already rampant viral/guerilla marketing taking place on /v/, /vg/, and /g/ is probably only going to get worse.

Comment comment subject title doesn't matter (Score 1) 230

Am I the only one who gets annoyed with past future tense used like,

Microsoft would attribute the higher price tag to the included Kinect camera

I see this tense a lot, especially in online RP and it just feels off, every time I read something like this. Why not just "Microsoft attributed the higher price tag to the included kinect camera..."

I'm no englishologist, I just know when it feels wrong, and that feels wrong. Saying, "I knew microsoft would..." works out, but not "Microsoft would attribute..."

Comment Well... (Score 2) 156

1. Not surprised
2. How many other marketing agencies are getting away with it?

Seriously, the past couple years it has reached the point where I'm questioning if half the things I'm reading online are even genuine, or just shilled marketing from some PR team to push an agenda or product. It's happened on imgur, on reddit, even 4chan. Nevermind the gawker media rags, gaming media, and even mainstream media. I wouldn't even be surprised if it has happened here. We've all probably seen it - these people we've never heard of who suddenly get mass exposure for no reason, or things that nobody would've given two shits about, but every network carries the story. (Hurr, is the dress black and blue or white and gold!?!)

It's like mass advertising has become mass propaganda, and there's nowhere you can go to escape it.

Comment Re:So then the question becomes (Score 1) 450

I suspect the truth is that whoever did the numbers in the OP article fudged them juuuust a bit.

For example, I see no references made to controlling for fake MALE profiles. Apparently only the female ones can be fake? It almost feels like the point of the article was to say, "Hey look! Men are such cheaters and women hardly cheat at all!"

And if you told me something like this 5 years ago, I'd have scoffed at it, but with identity politics, online hugboxes, a whole slew of rhetoric and half truths about women in anything, and rampant clickbait articles across the web, quite frankly I don't trust any of the "research" cited by these rags anymore. Not until I can actually look at their numbers and methodology myself.

Comment Re:The Sad Puppies won. (Score 0) 1044

Have you seen some of the more recent awards?

Check out this 2013 award: "The Water That Falls on You from Nowhere" by John Chu.

"Some weeks prior to the beginning of the story, an unexplained phenomenon begins worldwide: whenever a person lies, water falls on that person from nowhere. Consequently, Matt decides that the time is right to not only come out to his traditional Chinese family, but to introduce them to his partner."

There was a rather uncouth observation I caught while reading about this:

Another 2013 award: "If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love" won the 2013 Nebula Award for Best Short Story, and was nominated for the 2014 Hugo Award for Best Short Story.

"A narrator explains to their love how things would be different if that person were a Tyrannosaurus rex."

How many of the Hugo awards have gone to authors writing stories that, to most people, would never be considered science fiction? These two stories in particular don't stand out as science fiction to me, but rather as social justice pandering - which happens to be exactly the complaint sad puppies have leveled against the awards. There are also accusations that the awards have become nothing more than marketing for Tor Books, and that authors are being selected, not for the content of their works, but the color of their skin.

Frankly, the fact that the community surrounding the Hugo awards voted No Awards as opposed to allowing some of the few sad puppy nominations to potentially win, pretty much stated their case: The awards are being used to push political agendas; only progressive, left-wing stories can be nominated and if you don't match that ideology, then fuck off.

Comment Re:Uber = Public subsidized (Score 1) 204

Uber rates are of course cheaper because the drivers don't carry commercial insurance, paying regular insurance rates, and thus raising the rates for everyone else as consequence.

Now, if the argument is that public subsidized taxi services can reduce drunk driving rates, then by all means, create public subsidies for taxis

Err... what would be the significant difference between a subsidized taxi service, paid into by all taxpayers, and raised insurance rates paid for by everyone driving vehicles?

Comment Re:AT&T had zero choice (Score 4, Informative) 82

Of course AT&T had a choice, they could have gone to court. That would have stopped it right there. What could the NSA do, shut them down?

Well, the NSA/Government could cancel your government contracts, begin investigating you for insider trading, and jail your CEO for 6 years...

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