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Comment: Re: It's about time! (Score 1) 1431

by Si (#45969629) Attached to: Man Shot To Death For Texting During Movie

Haha yeah, I used to think Heinlein was great when /I/ was thirteen, too! If you want to go kill everyone who's impolite and unapologetic, you'd better have a LOT of ammo. Here's a free hint: shooting someone teaches them nothing. If you want to convert people to your point of view (perhaps being unapologetic about being impolite is a bad thing), work to convince them of it, instead of thinking how much better would the world be if everyone but *me* were dead.

Oh, you're a jerk, and I'm not sorry. You gonna come shoot me now?

Comment: Re:It's about time! (Score 1) 1431

by Si (#45969163) Attached to: Man Shot To Death For Texting During Movie

Go back to your playpen, the adults are talking.

rudely texting

or just possibly NOT rudely doing anything at all, and in fact texting. During. The. Previews.

causing a confrontation

X tells Y to stop doing something. Y tells X thanks but no. Regardless of what happened later, who caused the confrontation?

clears his fucking hands

Really? Really? You really think throwing popcorn at someone is

readying up for physical violence

? You need to get out more. As if the presence of popcorn is going to prevent a punch being thrown.


Comment: Re:oh duh (Score 5, Informative) 301

by Si (#45951083) Attached to: Programmer Debunks Source Code Shown In Movies and TV Shows

As is usual with /., ignore the written-by-illiterate-simians summary and click through to the article/ website (I know, I know) and your concerns will be put to rest. The blog is less about 'code in movies is wrong' and more (and more interestingly) where did the code shown come from? Knowing that Iron Man's suit is powered by code written for a lego brick gives the concept more verisimilitude - at least if you've played been playing Lego Marvel Superheroes as much I as I have recently.

Comment: Re:Not if you were sane. (Score 1) 894

by Si (#45705677) Attached to: How the Lessons of Columbine Saved Lives At Arapahoe High School

I don't have young children. Why should I be forced to belong to a club to prevent something that's never going to happen in any case? Even if I had kids, why would I not educate them on proper gun safety - that's assuming I would leave my guns accessible, unlocked, and loaded (or with ammunition in easy reach)?

And let's take a look at your figures. Assume roughly 300m guns in the US. 80% of that leaves 60m, and 80% of /that/ leaves 12m guns still in circulation - that's assuming you can convince those 80% to give up their guns willingly, and then that 48m guns would be used in a crime subsequent to the ban. That's a lot of gun crime in those months - crime that would be unopposed because 240m people have willingly ceded their personal defence to their government.

Comment: Re:Metadata is the most important data (Score 1) 191

by Si (#45048861) Attached to: Schneier: Metadata Equals Surveillance

Until "Honey pick up some milk on the way home" becomes code for "the President will be at [X] on [Y]. Ensure asset [A] is in position.". At that point, even those conversations get handed over to Israel for analysis^W^W^W^W^W^Wstored as metadata "just in case".
Not that you're wrong about your final point. It's almost as if Snowden was intentional.

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