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Comment Re:Done to _gouge_ the customer better (Score 1) 379

Actually, I think it should be unlawful to make a business case where the actual cost isn't reflected in the price, which could be like this region based split or like printer companies selling the printer device cheap and the ink or toner very expensive.

IANAL but such a law already exists -- a law against "dumping", or selling product below cost to curtail competition.

Comment Re:Answer a question for me? (Score 1) 97

Apropos of nothing, since you're familiar with both neural nets and how the brain works

It's funny but the only reason I understand how brain works is because I know how computer neural nets work. There are many common aspects in both operation and shortcomings.

As far as your question goes, brain definitely has a distinct set of inputs (retinas, sensory, etc), but the output is known as "self awareness" and was not covered in my comp sci classes. It is likely that this development brings us one step closer to a working Skynet.

Comment Windows 10: first steps (Score 1) 485

So I got a new desktop that I might return, so instead of the usual OS reinstall I played around with Windows 10. At some point I wanted to see how Emacs would look on the screen, which was a bit exotic (27" 1080p), so I downloaded a 64 bit binary...
  • Cannot open zip file. Would you like to find app in the app store?
  • This app cannot be installed. No reason given. Clicking on them at random until...
  • You need to create login ...
  • You need a parental consent... Are you an adult?
  • Enter date of birth... 1/1/1925 (just to stay on the safe side)
  • Please enter a credit card number to prove your adulthood

Unplugged, boxed, 3 layers of scotch tape and back it goes!

Comment What about open-sourcing work code? (Score 1) 353

I have a more interesting question: We use a lot of open source (mostly GPL- compatible) at work, mostly because I convinced the owner that these are production-worthy software that comes for free and does not get discontinued by some management decision, which was the fate of most of his Microsoft environment. Some libraries I created are pretty generic and can find many new uses if published on GitHub. I can try to convince the owner that he will get free bugfixes and updates for those packages if some other shop/developer finds them useful. There is no direct benefit for him, though. How should I go about it?

Comment Re:Tabs vs Spaces (Score 1) 428

When you work in an environment when you maintain code written by others in editors of their choosing the code indents always come out screwey. Whenever I open the next garbled mess of a source code, there is a two stroke command to reformat to the style of my choosing. The next person to open the file will see it exactly as I saved, regardless of editor. The only issue is that version control tools will think that I changed EVERYTHING.

If everyone in your group uses the same editor, say MS Visual Studio, this is probably less of a problem.

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