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Comment: Re:Well (Score 1) 162

by Shishak (#45246109) Attached to: FBI Seized 144,000 Bitcoins ($28.5 Million) From Silk Road Bust

Assets seized during a drug bust go to the arresting agency. In this case the FBI gets the asset (bitcoin) which they can do anything they want with. Assuming they have the private key and/or they have brute forced the private key password. They can convert the coins to dollars. Dumping 144k coins into the market will decimate the market price so they will have to do it slowly. They will probably use the money to buy more Bearcats for domestic oppression.

Comment: A few ideas (Score 1) 301

by V!NCENT (#30033196) Attached to: Reporting To Executives

Just look at your job as anyone else who is not a sysadmin would look at his job. I mean: what is your goal? Then answer:

Did you reach your goal? If yes/no; what's your progress?
What are your next goals? Do you have the manpower, being on your own? How long will it take? How's the planning going along?
How is the system doing on a technical level? Is it fast enough? Room for improvements? Is the security up to par with todays threats? And how do you keep up with the latest IT developments and security threads?
How is the system doing for personel? Is everybody satisfied? Room for improvements there? Etc.
Is the system 100% fit for its purpose? Is it still functioning well enough? Do you need hardware upgrades? Etc.

Awnser these questions in a nice format. Google a status report format that is NOT an IT status report and use that one. Finally give it to the person. Just ask him if he wants a monthly or quarterly status report.

That should get you going.

PS: Do not report on anything too technical like "Our BLT drive just went AWOL" and you should be fine ;)

Comment: Re:What's in it? (Score 1) 1698

by Igarden2 (#30033190) Attached to: Landmark Health Insurance Bill Passes House
Many health care facilities are losing money now. Some have folded because they could not pay their bills. (Please note that while the law requires hospitals to provide services to those who can't pay, it does not guarantee payment.) By feeding in more patients, the errors will increase. Errors lead to malpractice lawsuits. Lawsuits increase liability insurance premiums to the extent that some just can't make a go of it.
Without tort reform, this pattern will not change. It will only get worse.
The sad part is that the hospitals with the highest percent of non-paying patients are the ones that are in greatest jeopardy of closing.

+ - Microwave Converts Waste to Fuel->

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sterlingda writes: "Global Resource Corp's High-Frequency Attenuating Wave Kinetics (HAWK) recycler extracts oil and gas in seconds from most everyday objects like tires, plastic cups, as well as from shale, coal, and tar sands. Microwaves tuned to an optimum frequency separate the component parts which can be burned or condensed into liquid fuel, using only a small portion of the energy produced."
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+ - Tmobile DATA Centers Down?-> 1

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Randy M. Karshner
Randy M. Karshner writes: "Tmobiles Data Centers from the Mississippi East all seem to have went down around 7pm EST, With millions of customers they have managed to keep this rather quiet so far wouldn't you say? I first noticed about 7 when all text messages stopped, even those sent to my own hand set. A quick call to Tmobile confimed this and that the first ETA they had was hopeful to have it fixed by 10pm EST. Looks like they are two plus hours over and still climbing. Why no coverage on this?"
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