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by Igarden2 (#43579573) Attached to: My most frequent OS migration path?
Commodore 128 to Windows 95 to Windows ME then dual boot Suse. A few versions of Suse later the whole thing did a meltdown due to hard drive failure. One new drive later and a newer Suse distro got the box up and running, no Windows. Now dual booted with Suse and Puppy Linux. Meanwhile, a laptop with Windows Vista lasted a bit over 3 years (the warranty period) and promptly burned up the AMD processor. Now using a laptop with Windows 7 and an Intel CPU. Much less heat. Still use the Linux box when I need to use my old but trusty scanner.

+ - Testing Proves Advice on Keeping Computers Safe is Sound->

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Orome1 writes "Amid the often repeated advice about how to keep your computer and yourself safe from malware and criminals spreading it there are some real gold nuggets, as the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has proved with a recent test. The government agency has been advising users to keep their Windows and other software updated, to switch from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome, and to disable Java (if possible), and to prove that the advice is sound, they carried out a test involving visiting a hundred compromised websites hosting drive-by downloads with two different computers. Both computer had fully updated Windows 7 installed on them, and were protected by Microsoft Security Essentials. Each of the two computers was used to visit a hundred randomly selected websites hosting the Blackhole exploit kit, Flash, Java and PDF exploits, redirects or download link to malware, and other malicious content, and the results were quite interesting."
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+ - Nokia to offer free maps app and service for rival handsets->

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another random user (2645241) writes "Nokia has unveiled plans to offer a free maps app on rivals' devices.

Here Maps will initially be released on Apple iOS devices offering downloadable street plans for offline use, and audio-based directions for pedestrians.

Nokia is also developing a version for Mozilla's forthcoming Firefox operating system, and will release software tools to allow third parties to make use of its data on Android devices.

The move is designed to help the firm compete against Google's rival product."

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+ - US high security bio lab faces uncertain future->

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another random user (2645241) writes "Plans to build one of the world's most secure laboratories in the heart of rural America have run into difficulties.

The National Bio and Agro defence facility (NBAF) would be the first US lab able to research diseases like foot and mouth in large animals. But reviews have raised worries about virus escapes in the middle of cattle country.

The new national facility would be able to carry out research on animal diseases that had the potential to not only cripple US agriculture but that could be turned into biological weapons as well.

After carrying out an exhaustive search for an alternative, the Department selected Manhattan, Kansas as its preferred location.

But although the decision was made to go ahead with the project in 2008, little has happened in the intervening years.

Kansas rancher Stephen Anderson has little faith that technology alone will prevent a release of the virus if the lab is built. "These guys who get up there and say technology is so good today it's always going to be safe, they don't know any more about technology than a tomcat knows about baking gingerbread""

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by Igarden2 (#41213791) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Do I De-Dupe a System With 4.2 Million Files?
After reading only a few posts I was finally motivated to dedupe my SkyDrive. Using FastDuplicateFileFinder I found many dupes and sorted through them. My number of files was a mere fraction of the OP's files, but this worked for me. I was surprised to find some I no longer needed and some I barely remembered from back in 1993.

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by Igarden2 (#39979275) Attached to: Only 22% of California 8th Graders Pass National Science Test
Let's look at this from a cost benefit perspective.
California spends about $10k/student/year. They are ranked 47th on the science test.
Utah spends about $6k/student/year. They are ranked 4th on the science test.
It seems obvious to me 'more money' does not mean 'better educations'.
I am a retired public school teacher and I have to agree with your characterization of public schools as "gigantic and expensive fail-whales"

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