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Comment Re:Benefit to end users? (Score 1) 688

Which would be a fine argument if there were not literally millions of people around the world who do amazing things daily without resorting to appalling behaviour.

Also, the "we're better off for his existence" argument only works if you can show all the shitty alternate timelines where he doesn't manage the kernel and it sucks. Along those lines I could claim we'll never know how good the kernel could be since a giant douchebag is sucking all the air out of the room.

Comment Re:Benefit to end users? (Score 2, Insightful) 688

The thing is many people confuse beinf honest and technically sound with being a raging douchebag.


You can be a super-smart, cocky A type who's done more for your project than anyone else combined, who likes to be forceful, curt and to the point AND still not be a cunt.

The fact that Linus can't manage this isn't a facet of his awesomeness, it's a glaring revelation that he is simply a great coder and nothing else.

Worship him if you must, but there's far more interesting people out there who manage to be awesome at what they do and be awesome people at the same time.

Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 4, Insightful) 927

It's not even about being nice, necessarily. Why the fuck would you throw away the moral high ground without getting anything in return first?

There's a time for shouting, and there's times for civil discourse. Off the top of my head, things like life and death situations would qualify for heated responses. A mailing list for a kernel? Nothing but pure ego stroking.

Comment Re:Description of Shooter (Score 1) 1164

he left (self-declared morally Righteous)

You do know correlation does not equal causation, right?

the very behavior of cis-gendered white male *is* a target

Target of what? This ain't 4chan son, gonna have to explain it using english, not memespeak.

It is considered a disease which should be fixed

Fuck does that mean?

eg. the war on boys


Comment Re:Called it. (Score 1) 25

Of course, one could make the argument that he's sort of doing the right thing by focusing on his current office.

Once could do that if one were to ignore several years worth of fawning over him as the next Great White Hype (2016 edition), but schadenfreude is more appropriate methinks.

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