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by Shatrat (#48020233) Attached to: Apple Faces Large Penalties In EU Tax Probe

What lesson is that? Would Ireland have been better off if Apple and Microsoft and Google moved those jobs to Wales or France or Spain? Ireland is collecting income tax from all those employees, and sales tax from everything those employees buy. Why push employers away out of some fashionable drive for 'social justice'?
For perspective, this same line of thinking comes up around here all the time. The county granted some tax incentives to an automotive factory to come in and unemployment dropped, new business opened up to support all the new faces and new incomes, and the county revenues went through the roof. Every now and then I hear somebody in a bar complaining about how Toyota isn't paying their fair share but most of us are too busy enjoying all the new parks and schools and better roadways.

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by Shatrat (#48019877) Attached to: Apple Faces Large Penalties In EU Tax Probe

This happens all the time.
Some county or city negotiates lowered taxes for some factory to move in.
20 years later the mayor gets greedy and lets those agreements lapse.
The company builds a shiny new factory in the neighboring county or across the country.

Competitive forces don't only apply to widgets in micro econ.

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by Shatrat (#48019841) Attached to: Apple Faces Large Penalties In EU Tax Probe

They do pay taxes. They just negotiated lower taxes in exchange for bringing those jobs to Ireland. It's a WIN-WIN solution for Ireland and Apple. Ireland still collects more revenue due to all the new jobs. The only losers are the countries who want to maintain a high tax rate and don't appreciate competition from Ireland, hence the EU getting their panties in a bunch.

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by Shatrat (#47827643) Attached to: Could Tech Have Stopped ISIS From Using Our Own Heavy Weapons Against Us?

You're so set on your conclusion you don't even see that your arguments contradict it directly? ISIS united in opposition to the Syrian government and spilled over into Iraq from there. Al Qaeda formed in opposition to the Soviets and thousands of miles and decades separated from either Iraq war.

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