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by Shaman (#47808681) Attached to: Low-Carb Diet Trumps Low-Fat Diet In Major New Study

Bang-on. Thanks for the full text of what was in my head. :) I just didn't have time.

My mother-in-law spent a lot of time arguing with me once that the Costco (similar to Sam's Club if you're not familiar) muffins were not bad for her. She was eating half of one before bed. No harm, right? One muffin - that's *ONE* muffin - is 700 calories, 80 grams of carbs and 38 grams of fat. By the way, Costco takes full advantage of the 20% fluctuation rule, it's probably 800+ calories in reality... and it's not like the FDA or HC is policing them. She's 350 pounds, has minor T2D and won't listen to me. :(

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Except that it doesn't actually work that way. And if you spent 3h a day exercising like that you would lose fast-twitch muscle mass, harming your joints and your body would go into panic mode where it burned muscle instead of fat, because fat means life to an organism that is doing intense exercise of that sort but not taking in more calories. Even if you DID take in more calories, you'd have an issue.

"pumping iron" will make you lean and STAY lean, so it's a good idea.

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That's because in actuality, you're eating healthier than someone eating two cups of rice with coconut milk in a thai chicken dish that most people think is healthy. A burger with fries is actually better in terms of protein:carb content and could be healthier. There's a lot of confusion about what "eating clean" means. It does not mean "eating low fat." The sushi on the other hand - not good for you, really. It's about 85% rice, which has virtually no nutrition beyond white carbs.

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Anyone that has tried to exercise and eat what they want can tell you that it doesn't work. You also need to eat fairly cleanly. Phelps is like 7 feet tall, extremely active, very muscular and was taking both legal and not-so-legal supplements. You can't equate the nutrition needs of someone working out 2+ hours a day doing high-impact strength and endurance training with your average person.

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No government should be forcing its citizens into proprietary software which writes its data in proprietary ways without good, permanent ways to retrieve that data in the far future. Formats like OpenDoc are fully documented and open to public scrutiny. Not to mention the costs and risks of dealing with licensing; working with software that has no source code available.

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...any time Microsoft has tried to pass itself off as reasonable and interoperational, it was a springboard attempt to find out who in the industry wants that from them, and then apply thumbscrews, handcuffs, hookers and blow as required to get those companies to see the world its way. That is, the Microsoft-centric, homogenous and locked-in up to their eyeballs, way.

Never. Ever. Ever. Ever.


NEVER EVER trust Microsoft. They are the most self-interested company in the history of companies. Even Oracle looks shiny compared to Microsoft.

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