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Comment Interesting. (Score 4, Interesting) 47

I've wondered several times to myself if this was possible. I figured no, since the torrent clients / seeds participate in an ACK system of sorts (or, so I've reasoned), so the sending clients would not get a return and so wouldn't keep bothering. But then, this *IS* possible to a torrent client which clicks on a carefully formed link and always was. Ever click on a link that has 40,000+ peers and/or seeds on it?

Comment Hate to tell you this... (Score 1) 112

...ISPs do not care about file sharing much. People usually set a reasonable rate and download sporadically and through all times of the day. Most of these people don't want the data NOW RIGHT NOW and they aren't expecting live 4K video with zero stutter. Streaming content is a *BITCH* for ISPs because it's all lumped together at the same time of day - evening entertainment - and the customers want flawless video streaming at full rate in the highest resolutions possible. To multiple devices in the home, at the same time. And they do their best to convince the ISPs that they should support the home network and smart televisions, too (ISPs are having none of it, and for good reason).

They want it unlimited, as well. Free, if they could.

This really is a red herring. Streaming is what makes the Internet creak under the strain. It's essentially the worst possible, most expensive, most prone to issues way to distribute video to a wide market. Satellite broadcast is positively cheap, compared.

Comment Not likely to happen... (Score 0) 154

The thing is, governments don't want smaller local players. They don't like them for many reasons - one being that they have morals and usually won't just give law enforcement agencies whatever they want. Or play ball with lawmakers. Or give politicians ruinous amounts of money.

It's turtles all the way down.

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