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Journal Shadow Wrought's Journal: A Gamer's NFL Forecast 5

What follows below is my prediction for the NFL Season. My methodology combined (borrowed) expertise and a bit of random luck. I initially used Dr. Z's Power Rankings from cnnsi.com. If you do not read his columns, I would highly recommend them. It's refreshing to read a sportswriter who just writes his mind. As such he is sometimes controversial and always opinionated, but I really do trust his knowledge. (I also regularly read cnnsi.com's Peter King, he may dote on the Pats a bit more than I would like, but he writes well and offers some pretty interesting insights.) But I digress.

For my forecast I copied Dr. Z's Power Rankings into excel. I then assigned a d20 to the top two teams (Colts and Panthers), a d12 to the top six after that, followed by (in groups of six) a d10, d8, d6, and d4. After that it was a matter of copying over the NFL schedule and rolling each and every game. After rolling a die for each team (Home swirl, Away speckled) the week to week results were tabulated into the final standings seen below.

The playoffs were a bit more challenging. As you'll no doubt notice there were several tie-breakers that needed to be remedied for seedings [shown as (#)], and those were done according to the NFL tie-breaking rules. It was, I must say, quite the pain in the patookus, too;-)

I must say that I am highly skeptical of many of the below relusts, not the least of which is Indianapolis going undeafeted, but it was a pretty fun project, and, let's face it, there is simply no bad excuse for rolling dice;-)

NFC East
(3)Eagles -- 11-5
(5)Cowboys -- 11-5
Giants -- 7-9
Redskins -- 4-12

NFC North
(4)Vikings -- 10-6
Lions -- 8-8
Packers -- 4-12
Bears -- 3-13

NFC South
(1)Panthers -- 14-2
Falcons -- 10-6
Bucs -- 7-9
Saints -- 5-11

NFC West
(2)Rams -- 11-5
(6)Cardinals -- 10-6
Seahawks -- 6-10
49ers -- 5-11


AFC East
(4)Patriots -- 9-7
Bills -- 8-8
Jets -- 7-9
Dolphins -- 4-12

AFC North (2)Steelers -- 11-5
(5)Ravens -- 11-5
Bengels -- 7-9
Browns -- 4-12

AFC South
(1)Colts -- 16-0
Jaguars -- 8-8
Texans -- 4-12
Titans -- 3-13

AFC West
(3)Chiefs -- 9-7
(6)Broncos -- 8-8
Chargers -- 8-8
Raiders -- 7-9


(Matchup -- Winner)

NFC Wildcard
Cardinals at Eagles -- Eagles
Cowboys at Vikings -- Vikings

NFC Division
Vikings at Panthers -- Vikings
Eagles at Rams -- Rams

NFC Title
Vikings at Rams -- Rams


AFC Wildcard
Broncos at Chiefs -- Chiefs
Ravens at Patriots -- Patriots

AFC Division Patriots at Colts -- Colts
Chiefs at Steelers -- Steelers

AFC Title
Steelers at Colts -- Colts


Colts vs Rams -- Colts

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A Gamer's NFL Forecast

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