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Comment Re:Institutional Knowledge (Score 1) 168

To be clear ans simple, Agile is not an Engineering process, and can never work as such. It can be a useful tool for the sole purpose of coordinating programming, though I don't recommend it. People who think they can design a project with Agile as the (de facto, typically) Engineering process are certainly fated to disaster.

Comment Re:Important to note (Score 1) 291

The "Spreading Fear" part doesn't make any sense to me; perhaps you could give an example.

To your second point you have confused "using" with "possessing." Possessing them certainly helps them that way if they can catch you, and we are on the same wavelength of course, but when I am using LSD those silly men with tin badges can't do a thing. They certainly aren't going to find 5 to 500 micrograms of LSD in my system, and then confiscate it :-)

It wasn't uncommon in the old days for people to circle up, and one guy would go around and dose each person in the circle. I am not saying the reason for doing this was to get the following benefit (as I believe it was done even before LSD was illegal), but the advantage to this at the very least is that only one person ever possesses it! They drop a drop of liquid on each tongue, and there is literally no way they can arrest the 50 people in a circle for possession!

And for the record, if you have never done it nobody can describe to you what you will experince, but if it is really pure LSD then it will be one of the most important and beneficial events in your life (unless you have schizophrenia, or some similar per-disposed mental imbalance), so long as you have the proper setting and mindest at the start of the trip, and only do it with a guide who has a good head on his or her shoulkders to trip with you.

Note that this is different than with micro-dosing, where some one could actually slip it to you and you would just "feel strange or different" that day.

Comment Re:Important to note (Score 1) 291

I guess it isn't important to note that this is a Schedule I compound?

Yes, that is correct. It i not important to note that for numerous reasons. The first and most obvious is that your statement is US specific, and there is rest of a whole world outside US Borders. But that isn't the biggest reason the information is completely irrelevant. This is a matter of science. While the power mongers would love to be able to legislate the facts, they can only misrepresent them in order to pass offensive laws; your "Scheduling" system that makes LSD illegal in the first place is but one example of why the legislature is irrelevant. We must do what is right, not what is legal. If we don't it will not be much longer until the former option evaporates.

Comment Re:Timothy Leary really is dead (Score 1) 291

"Or he is really pissed off. He'd probably consider this drug abuse."

I bet he could write a basic Slashdot post even if very high on LSD, Once he eventually realized you don't know what a subject line is for, he would laugh his off for quite some time at such a ludicrous act, and then he would read it in it's entirety: "Timothy Leary really is dead Or he is really pissed off. He'd probably consider this drug abuse.", and would just be baffled, asking himself? "Where the hell would this guy get that idea?

Comment Re:"Clock parts" wired together in an adhoc fashio (Score 1) 792

"If anyone thinks that parts from a consumer device are obviously not a threat, go find an Iraqi/Afghan vet and ask them what sort of parts detonators of improvised explosive devices are sometimes made from. "

Nobody thinks that. We think that 14 year old boys bringing in clocks that they have torn apart and rebuilt in a new case for science class are not a threat, even if they might be Muslim!

Comment Re:That won't last long... (Score 1) 792

"doesn't "innocent until proven guilty" mean the onus is on the boy to show the school district wasn't acting the same way as they would for anyone else in the same circumstances?"

No, because "innocent until proven guilty" is a standard for criminal offenses. This is a civil case, and the standard is the much easier to meet " beyond a preponderance of the evidence ."

Comment Re:That won't last long... (Score 1) 792

"Again the school district surely has other examples they can point to."

That only makes sense if some white kids actually did something similar in the same school, with the same administration in place. If there are no instances of that, pointing out that none have been treated badly for it is a complete Red Herring.

Comment Re:That won't last long... (Score 2) 792

"Disassembled clock parts wire together in an adhoc fashion and found in an ordinary box unrelated to time keeping looks like the detonator to an IED."

Or it looks like some shit a 14 year old might throw together, being unlikely to have training in bomb creation and access to the explosives required to make that little box dangerous. It depends if you have a basic grasp of Occams Razor and a rational thought process,or watch a lot of Fox news and believe Muslims are the latest scourge of ne'er do wells looking to kill whitey and rape his woman.

Comment Re:That won't last long... (Score 1) 792

He was only treated that way because he was perceived to be a Muslim ...

Perceived? Is he not Muslim? Perhaps you meant something else.

He stated it correctly. If he was Muslim, but was perceived to be a God fearing young Christian lad, it wouldn't have been a problem. It is indeed the fact that he was perceived to be Muslim that was the issue. Indeed, if he was Christian, but perceived to be a Muslim, same problem ... arrest now, and think later. See. It really is the perception that is the problem. The reality isn't a problem at all, at least in this case. The reality is that a young kid hacked together something that probably resembled a movie style bomb (not a real one) for whatever reason (but almost certainly non-nefarious), and no harm was intended. Youthful indiscretion is what we call it, unless of course we perceive the young lad to be a perpetrator, because we perceive him to be Muslim, and perceive all Muslims to be "bad actors" (again, despite reality to the contrary.)

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