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Comment Re:Great Parents!! (Score 1, Interesting) 307

" In this case, one twin decided to smoke marijuana, while the other did not."

That means that there is a clear bias. The teen who is smart enough to figure out that they have been sold a load of hyperbole and smoke a bowl is clearly smarter than the one who, proudly no doubt, abstains from consumption.

Comment Re:Hanlon's Razor (Score 3, Informative) 180

"Sorry, but 'stupidity' in this case is utterly indefensible."

The indefensible stupidity is you prattling on when there is literally nothing being done wrong here. If you had actually done any reading you would know that the creator of Unetbootin has come out and said what was done is exactly as he asked, and the Android-x86 project is similarly on board.

Comment Re:They can't even... (Score 1) 148

Thank you for that accurate elaboration! It is so absurd to hear these people, who clearly have no experience with these dogs whatever (or a single bad experience that is highly atypical), making absurd claims that these loveable dogs such as pit bulls and rottwielers are dangerous by nature.

Comment Re:They can't even... (Score 1) 148

I'm 100% percent on board with you with regard to gun owners. It is indeed exactly the same situation, and the only people who are for laws banning guns are morons who lack the capability to understand this simple concept. In short, someone who is about to kill 12 people and then turn the gun on himself is more than happy to acquire it through illegal channels. Not a single one of them ever said "I was going to commit mass murder, but then I found out it would be illegal to posses the gun!

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