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Comment: Re:Dialects != Language (Score 1) 667

by Severus Snape (#49265239) Attached to: Why There Is No Such Thing as 'Proper English'

ah doesn't reckon yer thesis is necessarily co'reck, an' thet th' article is cornfusin' dialeck wif language.

I don't fink yor thesis is necessarily correct, right, and that the article is confusin' dialect wiv 'am sandwich.

Or maybe you reckon the above is "English"?

Nicely done. Al' run intae the corner wae ma Scots.

Comment: Use cases? Use cases??? (Score 1) 108

by Severus Snape (#49255253) Attached to: The Internet of Things Just Found Your Lost Wallet

I get why many people will probably see this as a gimick but as someone who loses fucking everything, I think this is _really_really_ cool and after reading in to it, seems like the guys behind it know their shit. It is certainly a well thought out design. Sure I can wear a truckers chain, as other people have mentioned but I'm in my 20's - I could never imagine wearing one of those. While practical, they are clunky and would only serve to annoy.

Comment: Re:rechargeable battery? (Score 2) 108

by Severus Snape (#49255239) Attached to: The Internet of Things Just Found Your Lost Wallet

I already can't leave the house without charging my Bluetooth headset, my Fitbit, my iPhone, my iPad, my Kindle, my iPod, my MacBook, and my iWatch. Now I'll need to charge my wallet.

I'm guessing you're probably trying to be funny..but 2 year battery life - it will also charge through recycling heat or kinetic energy.

Comment: Re:Mossad connection (Score 3, Insightful) 113

Hey look, there's Israel again (at least 3 times in fact). This Komodia/Superfish crap is likely Mossad sponsored. That would also help explain why Homeland Security put out urgent guidance to remove the crapware and even Microsoft added detection directly to their anti-malware tools. NSA doesn't like being upstaged on its own turf.

I love a good conspiracy as much as the next one but calm yourself. No idea why you got the + mod points. Jumping to random conclusions based on conjecture is silly. That said, I'm sure MOSSAD likes to get up to all kinds of evil shit. Just like their Five Eyes, Russian, and Chinese colleges do. Homeland Security and Microsoft reacted to Superfish because the information was in the public domain. In the same way we are reacting to it by discussing it right now.

Comment: Re:ThreeUK's "All You Can Eat" plan is the dog's b (Score 1) 237

by Severus Snape (#49101735) Attached to: Ten Lies T-Mobile Told Me About My Data Plan

Three haven't always been that good - a good few years ago (2009?), I was on an 'unlimited' data package with them, few months in to the contract I received a text citing changes they had made, my unlimited data was now limited to 500MB under "fair usage". I could not fucking believe it. It was in one of my parents name at the time, they kicked up a fuss for me but didn't get very far.

I hope the rug isn't swiped from underneath you too.

Comment: Re:Close, but the answer is encryption. (Score 1) 239

by Severus Snape (#49024447) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Will It Take To End Mass Surveillance?

Correct, encryption is essential. We need to get better at it too as shown by recent leaks. The unfortunate truth is though the bad guys have got way too good at signals intelligence. If they aren't screwing you by asking companies very nicely for your data, they are taking it through secret court orders, and if that fails, hell there is always the cable taps, oh, and the majority of our encryption is broken. Using a VPN/Tor/whatever? Yeap, we are interested in breaking that too.

It's going to be a slow maybe impossible struggle to move towards linking our communities in a real mesh networks. Maybe the Internet of Things will help, I'm skeptical at best though. I can't imagine any happy ending if we continue with the same infrastructure we are using now.

Comment: Game of Thrones, (Score 1) 155

by Severus Snape (#48706427) Attached to: Designing the Best Board Game

is pretty great. My group of friends have got deeply in to it recently, most of them being people who would never play board games and hadn't watched the show (or read the books). It's clear they took a lot of inspiration from Risk but has more than enough new elements to stop any sort of comparisons.

The design is well thought out, each house needs a completely different strategy and tactics which keeps it from going stale. Forming alliances (which to win you are going to have to betray at some point) always makes things interesting.

Comment: Re:Ten years? A lifetime in tech! (Score 1) 332

by Severus Snape (#48697475) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Tech Companies Won't Be Around In 10 Years?

I remember reading about that HP initiative on /. a year or two ago, and the consensus was "vapor," but /. is very, very cynical. Regardless, I haven't heard a thing about it since. Is there any evidence it's not vapor?

A little while back HP did a big reveal on everything they've been working on, basically with the intention of getting other stakeholders involved. The impression I got was there is one or two roadblocks left, but couldn't be described as vapor. Worst case scenario is they'll cover their loses selling the tech on.

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