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Comment Re:Terminology problems (Score 1) 99

There is splashes of little ironies through out the comedy that this incident has caused. Most of the bitcoin wallets were indeed held off line, so had the attack been an outside intruder only so much currency would have been there to steal. Following the physical layout of a 'real' bank is wise, as long as nobody lets the bank manager run off with the contents of the vault in an armored truck.

Comment Good thing, yes? (Score 1) 96

One of the reasons why computer security has turned in to a cat and mouse game - that quite frankly we are losing, is the computer architecture model we use for everything hasn't really changed. A physical separation of user space and kernel space in to two systems, then ideas like this become rather useful.

Comment Re:People have to be careful (Score 2) 138

Excuse but US trade embargo will have not much at all to do with Cuba. It is all about US tourist going to Cuba (legalising Cannabis will promote that faster than anything else) and some Cuban products going to the US. Why the hell would Cuba import anything from the US when the US imports it all from China. Let's be honest Cuba just wants US dollars (for as long as they last) to buy stuff from Russia and China.

Let's be honest, US has only brought Cuba back in to the peace because of the current geo-political situation.

Comment Re:Comparing it to the Asus Zenfone 2... (Score 1) 154

You get the same memory, a faster processor (by raw GHz - the Zenfone is Intel), for $299.

Why would I go with this phone instead?

Surely the people of /. at clever enough not to compare by raw GHz when two processors have the same architecture. Oh wait, they don't even have that.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 39

Sure seems likely. Cataracts and even aging cells, too, one day.

It's an exciting time to be alive; with quality of life extension, space exploration, and artificial intelligence on the very real scientific horizon.

If only we can resolve our speciescidal tendencies.

"speciescidal" - unfortunately, that's a word made up out of thin air.

Comment Re: 20,000 hands against each player? (Score 1) 65

the reason people can multi-table so much is because you rarely have to do anything. mostly you are just folding until you find hands or positions you want to play from, multi tabling reduces the boredom and stops you from playing in hands you shouldn't. It is not uncommon to go 10-20 hands in a row on a table where all you are doing is folding. multi tabling is not hard.

Yeah sure, you are right and multi-tabling works great if you are a level above your competition. Where multi-tabling falls down though is studying your opponents style and play. Necessary to give you an edge against players who are of a similar skill to you.

Comment Re:Netflix has Game of Thrones? (Score 1) 170

I have Netflix and there is no streaming option, only DVD discs.

No idea where you are in the world but Netflix has different content licenses for different regions (based on your DNS server location so it's very easy to fool). Spotify and I imagine the rest of streaming services are the same.

Comment Re:Dialects != Language (Score 1) 667

ah doesn't reckon yer thesis is necessarily co'reck, an' thet th' article is cornfusin' dialeck wif language.

I don't fink yor thesis is necessarily correct, right, and that the article is confusin' dialect wiv 'am sandwich.

Or maybe you reckon the above is "English"?

Nicely done. Al' run intae the corner wae ma Scots.

Comment Use cases? Use cases??? (Score 1) 108

I get why many people will probably see this as a gimick but as someone who loses fucking everything, I think this is _really_really_ cool and after reading in to it, seems like the guys behind it know their shit. It is certainly a well thought out design. Sure I can wear a truckers chain, as other people have mentioned but I'm in my 20's - I could never imagine wearing one of those. While practical, they are clunky and would only serve to annoy.

Comment Re:rechargeable battery? (Score 2) 108

I already can't leave the house without charging my Bluetooth headset, my Fitbit, my iPhone, my iPad, my Kindle, my iPod, my MacBook, and my iWatch. Now I'll need to charge my wallet.

I'm guessing you're probably trying to be funny..but 2 year battery life - it will also charge through recycling heat or kinetic energy.

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