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Comment: Re:You are DAMN RIGHT she should be charged (Score 2) 274

by SensitiveMale (#48048579) Attached to: Could Maroney Be Prosecuted For Her Own Hacked Pictures?

Nope, my argument is "creating child pornography is a crime." It should be prosecuted whether a 40 year old creates child porn or a 14 year old creates child porn.

I understand that if the police are investigating me for whatever reason and they happen to see that a phone number that has never called me and I have never called sent me a 14 year sexting pic, eventually they'll come to the conclusion that it was sent by accident. HOWEVER, until they reach that conclusion, they'll investigate every aspect of my life, confiscate every computer and phone I own, inadvertently or not leak that child porn was found in my possession (years ago won't matter), and maybe find something else completely unrelated that they may prosecute me with.

You're missing the point that teenager is creating something that is so toxic that it could effectively destroy the life of anyone that happens to see it. Who makes it doesn't matter.

Comment: You are DAMN RIGHT she should be charged (Score 4, Interesting) 274

by SensitiveMale (#48048197) Attached to: Could Maroney Be Prosecuted For Her Own Hacked Pictures?

This is something that has always bothered me. If a teenager is sexting her boyfriend or girlfriend and they happen to get the number number and send a pic to me, I have child porn on my phone. It doesn't matter how it got there. It doesn't matter how fast I delete it. If there ever happens to be any investigation of me for any reason and they check my SMS messages at the phone company, the cops will see it and now they have a reason to investigate every aspect of my life, confiscate every computer I have, and generally fuck me over.

Teenagers sexting is paying with fire and can destroy completely innocent lives.

Yes, I get the inevitable joke "So that's how you're saying that picture got there."

Comment: Re:Pussy whipped bullshit (Score 2) 590

by SensitiveMale (#47460611) Attached to: Marvel's New Thor Will Be a Woman

Better than someone with so little mental fortitude that they going into a bawling rage over a slight casting change on a comic-book they don't even read.

I don't think a comment of "sad" qualifies as a "bawling rage" and I don't think "a staple of the Marvel Universe and Norse mythology" being changed into a woman is "slight."

Comment: I'm stunned at the tone deafness of these people (Score 0, Troll) 376

by SensitiveMale (#47207047) Attached to: Theater Chain Bans Google Glass

These glassholes, for lack of a better term, walk around and act like they are shocked when others don't want a camera on them all of the time.

It is just like if someone walked around holding their phone/camcorder/camera in front of him all of the time and was pointing it everywhere he looked. No one wants that. These glassholes act as they have some sort of inalienable right and if someone complains then their civil liberties have been violated by a glassist.

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