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Comment Not even close to "hate & abuses" (Score 1) 832

I'm no Trump supporter, but you're a political idiot if you think what Trump has posted would shut down any other twitter user immediately.

Search for Sarah Palin and look for the insults that have been on there for years.
Same with Cheney.
Same with George W Bush.
Same with any conservative minority.
Same with any conservative woman.

Stop bitching that twitter hasn't shut down the political speech of someone you don't like. Because you know why? They may come after you next.

Comment This is still a thing? (Score 1) 119

I thought the usefulness of this died a long time ago with modern virtual machines. Especially since program like VMWare can run windows apps "natively" meaning the windows are outside the emulator and look like regular windows.

I'm not trying to troll, but I'm genuinely interested. What benefit does WINE provide over a modern virtual machine program?

Comment Re:This is an interesting social post (Score 1) 284

The fact that you're bringing "liberals" into the discussion says everything about you.

I used up "liberals" because it was an apt generalization.

The fact that you posted that your panties are in a wad about me using "liberals" by using "anonymous coward" says everything about you.

Comment This is an interesting social post (Score 3, Insightful) 284

The "all corporations are evil" liberals immediately think and post that Amazon is trying to hide something and is using cost cutting to put their employees lives at risk.

Now, if someone spends even a minute thinking about this first, they'll understand that Amazon, and other large companies, have gone to considerable expense to keep medical staff in house. That calling security first puts EMTs on the scene faster and sets up the environment for security to direct outside help to the scene.

Comment Re:The 1911A1 is still the most perfect pistol (Score 1) 469

fanboi nonsense.

the actual model 1991 not as durable, not as safe, doesn't have the capacity, will jamb when dirty (I shot one in matches for years with standard 830fps 230gr hardball) and will rust under humid/corrosive conditions, and has a slide spring that will go flying.

Many modern guns solve these issues. M1911 a great gun of the 20th century, but progress has left it behind.

I'll admit, I'm a huge fanboi but that doesn't alter the facts.

The 1911A1 is extremely durable and as durable as any modern pistol. "Not as safe" Come on man. Grip safety, frame safety (hate slide safeties), and the series 80 drop safety which many people will argue that was never needed. Yeah, the single stack doesn't have the capacity of the double stack, but one of the points of the article was the new pistols needs to be slimmer. I'd also point out the .45 has more stopping power than the 9mm and the army wants more stopping power than the 9mm. Rust is easily prevented with even the least basic gun maintenance & I'd point out these weapons are for war so they will receive basic gunsmithing. Flying slide spring? Come on man.

My second favorite pistol is a glock and if you wanted to argue for a .40 or .45 glock I really couldn't argue against that. But that doesn't change the fact that the 1911A1 is still the most perfect pistol ever made.

Comment Generally women don't want to code; get a new icon (Score 4, Insightful) 373

Women generally don't want to code. That's why every SWJ brings up Grace Hopper as THE icon. Yeah, I know about the pic of the woman that coded the lunar landing and the code that's stacked taller than see is. So that's two.

Look people, most women don't want to code. It's ok. Nothing wrong with that. Stop forcing things because you think a 50/50 split is the only "fair" way.

Oh, and asking someone to pay afterwards only if she gets a job is a FANTASTIC economic plan.

Comment So? Spewing numbers doesn't mean a thing (Score 2) 262

Anyway, the first rule of economics "Companies don't pay taxes. People pay taxes."

Does anyone know how much they spent as a business expense? That's what accountants are for. Reduce taxes over the year. "Where going to have this much profit this quarter. Rather than pay the tax, find out what equipment we need and spend it there." Not a damn thing wrong with that and every business and every home owner does the same.

Comment Re:Who builds a clock that doubles as a briefcase? (Score 1) 657

An interesting link I found http://blogs.artvoice.com/techvoice/2015/09/17/reverse-engineering-ahmed-mohameds-clock-and-ourselves/#.VfzJZFgXd5A.twitter

Turns out the briefcase was smaller than I thought. It also turns out the "invented" clock was just a clock taken out of a plastic clock body and put in a case.

Anyways, calling the police was the right thing. They didn't call the bomb squad because they knew relatively quickly they were dealing with a hoax bomb. "Something is beeping. It's in a case. It's looks like a bomb. What is that?" "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" "It's looking like a hoax bomb."

Surely, you can forgive them for not having "IRA bomb identification" classes until junior levels, right?

Comment Re:Who builds a clock that doubles as a briefcase? (Score 1) 657

Maybe I'm tilting at windmills but I refuse to ever accept this.

Then you're a fool. I don't mean that as an insult, but as a classical fool. Honestly, we were all worse 20 years ago. But school administrators had leeway and common sense but not the ACLU, 24 hour news, and every lawyer breathing down their neck.

Things have changed. I remember my dad bringing home a container of mercury and me bringing it to class. Think that could happen now? They would call the local HazMat team to the school and at least suspend if not expel me. I remember riding in the rear window shelf the family car. How fast do think every busybody on the road would call the police upon seeing that? Times have changed and schools have become terrifyingly politically correct and zero tolerance.

You do know how they found the device, right? It started beeping in class which alerted, startled, and frightened the class & staff. So why did he build a briefcase clock that had an alarm during class? I don't think he meant to but I also think he realized the severity and scope of his actions when he couldn't tell the authorities what it was & why he built it.

You can also say that it looks nothing like a bomb but you're wrong. It looks exactly like a suitcase bomb because his clock and a suitcase bomb look exactly alike except for the explosives because they use the exact same parts. Sure, you can say "BUT THERE WERE NO EXPLOSIVES" and you're right. There were none. But that's after examining it. On first glance, the school did the right thing.

Anyway, it looks like everyone falls into two camps. One camp thinks the authorities overreacted and the kid is 100% blameless. The other camp thinks the authorities overreacted and the kid is somewhat as fault as well. I think the kid should have known better in this day and age. This isn't 30 years ago and you know that as well.

Comment Re:Who builds a clock that doubles as a briefcase? (Score 1) 657

I've replied to the other points and I'll just say again "Everyone acted stupidly, including him. He should have known better."

Anyone saying "It's just a clock" know they are being ridiculous. Things don't happen in a vacuum. Time and place. This isn't 20 years ago and all of the pundits saying "I was this kids 20, 30, 40 years ago" know this as well.

Yeah, 30 years ago things were different. I had full run of the school office & computers because I maintained them. Now do you think some kid could just sit down at a schools computer at any time of the day and just type with no one asking questions? I brought a bayonet to my elementary school. Kids carried knives.

It's a completely different time and place and EVERYONE, including you, knows that. Everyone over-reacted, but again, there is nothing wrong with saying the kid should have been more self-aware.

Comment Re:Who builds a clock that doubles as a briefcase? (Score 1) 657

It doesn't frighten me. I'm not even going to go into a detailed reply because you're not looking for one. Again, time and place and now is not the time to bring something that can be easily confused with something else.

Is it unreasonable that a kid could bring a bomb to a school? No. Is is reasonable? Well, not really. But the way the culture is now, scared, nosy, and some people generally concerned but generally just wanting to get on TV, all it takes is ONE person to over-react and public service HAS to kick in. Because if they don't, news services, TV commentators, and politicians are going to crucify everyone.

So what would have happened 15 years ago is completely different from what happened today. Also fourteen year olds while still fourteen, are worlds more sophisticated than they were 15 years ago as well. I'm not placing the blame on him for what happened, but come on, he isn't completely blameless. He should have known better and people asking with are "straight" face and hands up in the air "Whut? He just brought a clock to school?" know better as well.

Comment Re:Who builds a clock that doubles as a briefcase? (Score 1) 657

Zero tolerance of anything that disrupts school. Maybe you haven't noticed but there has been a rash of school arrests of preteens (meaning cops are being called at any disturbance), pre-teen kids threatened with expulsion by making a gun with their fingers, elementary school kids being threatened with expulsion for a "paper gun" (imagine a tic-tac-toe grid with a corner square missing), wearing an NRA shirt, and a whole host of other sad situations if you want to search for such things.

Let's not forget that schools have been targeted as well so teachers, administrators, and guards are already very sensitive.

As for the clock, no clocks aren't against school rules, but dude, come on now, that was the shittiest clock I've seen in a long time. That wasn't something analog, or even remotely looked like a clock. It could easily be confused as a bomb by a a school worker who has to be on the look out for such things because once again WHO BUILDS A CLOCK IN A BRIEFCASE? It had giant numbers, a large circuit board, wires EVERYWHERE. Seriously, teach that dude to cut some wire and solder.

I'm not saying what they did was the right thing. They over-reacted. But again WHO BUILDS A CLOCK IN A BRIEFCASE? It's like someone building a telescope on to a rifle stock for portability and stability.

Everyone has to be cognizant of the date and times we live in and there are just things we can't do now. I took a bayonet to school to show my friends. No particular reason other that's where and when I could show it to them. Certainly can't do that now.

So yes, they over reacted. But he acted stupidly as well. Again, time and place.

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