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Sun Microsystems

+ - Sun's first Intel server will be a blade

Submitted by BDPrime
BDPrime (1012761) writes "Sun has reported that its first Intel server will be a blade. You'll remember that Sun first announced its partnership with Intel back in January, an agreement made easier by a very expensive bottle of Barolo wine. The announcement marked an end to Sun's exclusivity with AMD on x86/x64 servers. Now it seems like Sun is starting its Intel portfolio push with hot hot blade servers."

+ - BBC online education service suspended

Submitted by roguelike
roguelike (1051890) writes "According to The Icon Bar, "the BBC's online education service, BBC Jam, is to be suspended after commercial online companies made complaints to the European Commission. BBC Jam costs each licence fee contributor 14p per month, with the BBC pledging to invest £150m over five years. It's ridiculous that the BBC is prevented from fulfulling its public service remit educating our nation's children because it's deemed anti-competitive, yet it's perfectly OK for them to hand the TV-over-IP market to Microsoft.""
Sun Microsystems

+ - GPL-ed OpenSolaris is coming from the SUN

Submitted by The-Sun-is-shining-on-the-world-of-GPL
The-Sun-is-shining-on-the-world-of-GPL (562132) writes "SUN implies the coming of a GPLv3-ed OpenSolaris. So reports eWEEK.
That can have wide implications in the world of Free Software. And in the world of Open Software as well.
Especially if Linus keeps insisting on 'hot air': 1446258
Will Paul Murphy 218 be proven correct at the end of 2007 ?

"Sun Microsystems is set to license OpenSolaris under the upcoming GNU General Public License Version 3 in addition to the existing Common Development and Distribution License, sources close to the company have told eWEEK.
OpenSolaris currently is licensed only under Sun's CDDL, but company executives have previously floated the idea of a dual license with GPLv3.
Sources told eWEEK that this is very likely to happen after the release of that version of the GPL, which currently is being rewritten and is expected to be made final soon.",1895,2084284, p"
Operating Systems

+ - When Mac OSX is worse that Windows XP?

Submitted by
Meitham Jamaa
Meitham Jamaa writes "I love Unix (and Linux) and planning to move away of Windows to Mac, not because I love Mac, but only because Mac OSX is a stable Unix based OS. Lots of people have wrote about how good is mac compared to pc but they all view it from a user point of view. I am a developer (mainly Python and Java) and I am a newbie in the Linux world (having a virtual Ubuntu working on VMware). People only tends to highlight the points where OSX is better than windows in. I want to know what will I lose when I switch to Mac before I make any step forward. Can anyone please tell me when Windows is better than OSX.


+ - UK Petition to Ban DRM Technologies

Submitted by
Neil H
Neil H writes "A little while ago I raised a petition to ban Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies on the new Number 10 petitions site. To date the petition has recieved 1,264 signatures, but the deadline (January 23rd) is fast approaching. As long as the petition gathers enough signatures all signees will recieve an email response, so if you live in the UK and dislike DRM please sign the petition!"
Internet Explorer

After 100M IE7 Downloads, Firefox Still Gaining 425

Posted by kdawson
from the denting-the-monopoly dept.
Kelson writes "Internet Explorer 7 hit the 100 million download mark last week. Yet in the three months it's been available, Firefox's market share has continued to grow. InformationWeek reports that nearly all of IE7's growth has been upgrades from IE6. People don't seem to be switching back to IE in significant numbers, prompting analysts to wonder: has Microsoft finally met its match?"
United States

Feds Check Credit Reports Without a Subpoena 290

Posted by kdawson
from the thanks-Patriot-Act dept.
An anonymous reader points out that, by using National Security Letters, the FBI and other agencies can legally pull your credit report. The letters have been used by the FBI (mostly) but in some cases by the CIA and Defense Department. From the article: "'These statutory tools may provide key leads for counterintelligence and counterterrorism investigations,' Whitman said. 'Because these are requests for information rather than court orders, a DOD request under the NSL statutes cannot be compelled absent court involvement.'" Recipients of the letters, banks and credit bureaus, usually hand over the requested information voluntarily. A posting at quotes the Vice President on the use of the letters: "It's perfectly legitimate activity. There's nothing wrong or illegal with it. It doesn't violate people's civil rights... The Defense Department gets involved because we've got hundreds of bases inside the United States that are potential terrorist targets."

+ - Skull implies humans-neanderthal interbreeding

Submitted by Homr Zodyssey
Homr Zodyssey (905161) writes "The AP is reporting about a fossil skull that exhibits Neanderthal features as well as human ones. Science Daily ran a similar story back in November. From TFA:

Some scientists argue Neanderthals were slaughtered or out-competed by ancestors of modern humans, but NGN said the new research, suggests a more intimate relationship, with Neanderthals becoming absorbed into the human race through interbreeding.

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