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Comment Re:Title appears wrong (Score 1) 281 281

The courts regularly rely on the official annotations to rule on cases, thereby making them a part of the law.

While everyone is focusing on the copyright angle, I find that interesting.
If the court is unable to understand the laws without Cliff's Notes, there's something wrong with the laws themselves.

Comment Re:Chrome DOES have "mute tab" button (Score 5, Funny) 151 151

Chrome DOES have "mute tab" button right on the tab - I use it everyday ... Look at or just look up "enable chrome tab mute" to you should have researched before you wrote TFS.

You know, the summary is only four sentences long. Is your attention span too short to read the whole thing -- where in the next sentence it's mentioned it has to be enabled using the same trick you linked to?

Comment SHOCKING! (Score 3, Insightful) 64 64

Haven't we been reading about this for a few years now? LEO's not following the law when it comes to wiretaps and obtaining information from companies about customers they believe are connected to crimes they are investigating.

There's one thing missing in all these stories -- people at those agencies being held responsible for their actions.

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