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Comment: Re:Devil's Advocate says... (Score 5, Insightful) 88

by SeaFox (#48665627) Attached to: TripAdvisor Fined In Italy For Fake Reviews

Either that or get the content up to the promised accuracy (that seems impossible though).

No it's not. It's called "secret shopper", a.k.a -- the company pays for their own content by hiring a reviewer who does not tell the establishment he is there to professionally review them and instead poses as a regular customer so he gets no special treatment.

But in an ever repeating cycle, companies today want to crowdsource (get for free) the content that drives people to visit them. Low investment = low quality. Much like news outlets' quality goes down as they start using user submissions, tips and rumors from social networking, and amateur visuals because they dont' want to pay for professional journalists and cameramen.

Comment: Re:and under the law any uploading the torrent fel (Score 4, Funny) 239

by SeaFox (#48648217) Attached to: Anonymous Claims They Will Release "The Interview" Themselves

What's that? Sharing copyrighted movies (released or otherwise) is against the law?

Thank you, Joe_Dragon. We had absolutely no idea.
We'd better contact these Anonymous guys and let them know, right? I'm sure they would change their mind if they were made aware if this information.
Thank you for linking us to that new information from that forum post from 2003.

Comment: Re:Great observational skills (Score 1) 99

by SeaFox (#48645057) Attached to: Birds Fled Area Before Tornadoes Appeared

You see humans boarding up windows, sandbagging shops, anchoring boats away from the dock, etc, you know a destructive storm is on it's way.

Or that the weathermen are talking about one like it's going to be anyway. What I've noticed more and more lately is overstating of the damaging potential of a storm. Whether this is because they're worried about people holding them responsible for not giving accurate warning to danger, or to whip people up into a disaster-preparedness shopping spree I can't tell. All I know is the last several snowstorms that were predicted for my area either didn't happen at all or only gave a light dusting of accumulation. Nothing that serious warranted packing up a bunch of emergency supplies or getting worried.

+ - French Cabbies Say They're Going To Block Paris Roads On Monday Over Uber

Submitted by mrspoonsi
mrspoonsi (2955715) writes "Parisian taxi drivers have vowed to block roads leading into the French capital on Monday to protest a court's refusal to ban urban ridesharing service UberPOP. Like their counterparts in large cities across the globe, Parisian taxi drivers are fed up with what they see as unfair competition from Uber's popular smartphone taxi service. UberPOP, which uses non-professional drivers using their own cars to take on passengers at budget rates, has 160,000 users in France, according to the company. A commercial court in Paris ruled on Friday that a new law making it harder for Uber drivers to solicit business could not be enforced until the government had published full details of the restrictions. "It's the straw that breaks the camel's back," said Ibrahima Sylla, president of France Taxis, whose organisation has joined several others in calling for the early morning protest on Monday. They have urged taxi drivers to gather at the northern Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport and the southern Orly airport at 05:00 am before slowly converging on the city in a bid to block arterial highways. "This is a fight against Uber. We're fed up. Allowing UberPOP means leaving 57,000 French taxis high and dry, and thus 57,000 families. And that is out of the question," said Sylla."

+ - Wikia Deletes Evidence Of Wikipedia Administrator Misconduct

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "At the request of Jimbo Wales and two Wikipedia administrators, Wikia administrator Dragon Rainbow deleted a Wikia page that had collected evidence of bias and misconduct by Wikipedia editors and administrators regarding Gamergate, a subject which is currently before the Wikipedia Arbitration Committee. A mirror of the deleted page exists so you can see the deleted content for yourself."

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