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Comment Re:I am wondering what would happen after 1 year (Score 4, Insightful) 577

At this point I expect that the supposed cutoff date will roll around, and then one of two things will happen:

1) They start charging whatever they're charging for it. But it won't stop being a "Recommended" update for 7 and 8.1. Meaning of course that some loser will turn updates back on or boot up a laptop that spent seven months without a battery, get updated, and suddenly find their copy of Windows 10 isn't licensed and they have a thirty day countdown. Pay up, sucker.

2) Nothing happens. It remains free. Eventually Microsoft will get around to yanking the updates, but probably not before something like option one happens. Credits to carrots the nagware will stick around though, just different. And no way are the telemetry updates getting removed.

Look deep into your heart. Which one do you think is gonna happen?

Submission + - SourceForge hijacks Win-Gimp, wraps installer in adware ( 1

slashdice writes: Ars Technica (and, well, everybody other than slashdot) is reporting on the reprehensible behavior by SourceForge, Slashdot sister sister site. "SourceForge, the code repository site owned by Slashdot Media, has apparently seized control of the account hosting GIMP for Windows on the service, according to e-mails and discussions amongst members of the GIMP community—locking out GIMP's lead Windows developer. And now anyone downloading the Windows version of the open source image editing tool from SourceForge gets the software wrapped in an installer replete with advertisements."

Submission + - SourceForge MITM Projects ( 2

lister king of smeg writes: What happened?

SourceForge, once a trustworthy source code hosting site, started to place misleading ads (like fake download buttons) a few years ago. They are also bundling third-party adware/malware directly with their Windows installer.

Some project managers decided to leave SourceForge – partly because of this, partly just because there are better options today. SF staff hijacked some of these abandoned accounts, partly to bundle the crapware with their installers. It has become just another sleazy garbage site with downloads of fake antivirus programs and such.

How can I help?

If you agree that SourceForge is in fact distributing malicious software under the guise of open source projects, report them to google. Ideally this will help remove them from search results, prevent others from suffering their malware and provide them with incentive to change their behavior.

As this story has been submitted several times in the past several days, by various submitter and is going around various other tech forums( , , ,) this submitter wonders has our shared "glorious Dice Corporate overloads" been shooting this story down?

Submission + - SourceForge assumes ownership of GIMP For Win, wraps installer in adware (

An anonymous reader writes: It appears that SourceForge is assuming control of all projects that appear "abandoned." In a blog update on their site, they responded saying in part "There has recently been some report that the GIMP-Win project on SourceForge has been hijacked; this project was actually abandoned over 18 months ago, and SourceForge has stepped-in to keep this project current. "

SourceForge is now offering "to establish a program to enable users and developers to help us remove misleading and confusing ads."

Comment Re:48GB?! (Score 1) 107

Roughly a hundred gigabytes. Probably more, really.

I seem to recall there being a physical USB key delivery pledge level, but it doesn't appear to be available anymore (problems with VAT because the game is on the stick meaning obnoxious taxes). Obviously anything short of bluray disks are out of the question. The prospect of 25 DVDs makes my heart a-quiver, and I sat and suffered through the six-CD installations of multiple games multiple times (UT2004 and HL2 if you must know).

I sympathize with your predicament my friend. Who knows? Perhaps closer to release date they'll have a solution of some kind. Maybe download the individual modules separately or something.

Comment Re:The future of console games (Score 2) 249

That's not how it's worked out in practice. Games that have been sold on the steam marketplace that are later removed from the marketplace still remain downloadable and playable for people who have purchased them. I personally have several games attached to my steam account that were removed from the marketplace at one point or another, and I could always download and play them. (Examples: Full Spectrum Warrior series, Titan Quest series. That they have since been restored to the steam store is beside the point.)

Hairyfeet remains correct, however. Valve is a private corporation and will probably remain so for a very, very long time.

Comment Re:Five Things To Consider (Score 2) 279

Actually, the state legislature passed some bills to regulate the drilling of wells and the pumping of groundwater back in August.

Amusingly, people have been conserving water so much locally that the water utilities are actually running out of money, they say, to maintain infrastructure. The article barely touches on it, but the Santa Clara Water District (termed affectionately by a local columnist as the "Golden Spigot") doesn't exactly have a record of sound spending. Hopefully this will bite them on the ass.

Comment Re:Can we please cann these companies what they ar (Score 3, Insightful) 288

We already did. Seemed to work out okay.
Not saying we should do it to the extent you describe, but surely there's some room in there to make the whole thing suck less. People don't use services that are bad, and lots of people are using Uber, Lyft et al. There must be a middle ground between cab cartel protectionism and the the fly-by-night-itude of these services.

Comment It's a Dang Shame (Score 3, Interesting) 172

I'm kind of sad to see these devices fall off the market, though I can't say I didn't see it coming. They closed their "Sony Reader Store" for ebooks on the 20th of March, and sent another email detailing how to switch to Kobo. I've had a PRS-T1 for years now, and I love it. It's got a super nice feature where you could long-press a word you don't know and it would show you its meaning on its internal dictionary, or you could try searching google and wikipedia for it (if you were connected to wifi). It's so handy that when I switch back to regular books after a couple sessions with my ereader, I find myself trying to look up words in regular books by putting my finger on them. With the wifi off (or set to standby), the device supposedly will go for a month of regular (read: three or four hours daily) use. Never tested it, but boy it was nice, especially in an era of charge-nightly smartphones.

By far the best feature was that my PRS-T1 seems to be perfectly sized for my hand. I can hold it in my left hand and swipe the screen (to change pages) with my thumb, comfortably. Combined with the fact that it only weighs a couple of ounces, and it's actually possible to do extremely comfortable one-handed reading. I should go plug in the thing. And find more books for it. And read more.


Comment Re:OR (Score 1) 579

You must not drive in California.
Here in California, the first lane on the eight-lane freeway to come to a complete stop always seems to be the one second from the leftmost. After a few harrowing complete stops from the speed of the flow of traffic (approximately 55 MPH), I've decided it's simply not worth the trouble.

Keep in mind, when this happens all the other lanes are still happily percolating along. Even if it never slows down badly or comes to a halt, it always seems to run slower than the other three lanes. My hypothesis is that it tends to chug along so poorly because of all the arrogant California drivers diving in and out of it from the left lane (to get to an exit only 1/4 of a mile away) and from the number three lane (gotta go fast!). With the huge amount of car exchange, cars that are already in the number two lane have to create space cushions (remember, in California what other drivers call a space cushion, Californian drivers call "a space to change lanes into").

Comment Re:Changing my mind (Score 1) 127

Why aren't they worth a poll? Awareness and support of NASA in the U.S. is low. Anything that NASA can do to raise awareness about themselves to the public is a Good Thing. You remember Mohawk Guy? His stupid hairdo brought a brief surge of positive public relations to NASA by way of meme. If NASA can get this (yes, silly) poll into the internet and circulating for a few weeks, they'll have gained positive PR.

Besides, this actually makes the public feel like they're involved with NASA. Directly. Even if they're not affecting anything truly material, it's a definite step up from being several dozen steps removed from influencing NASA. If NASA can increase support for themselves in the public, maybe that public will be a little more inclined to vote for candidates who support space missions.

It's all a game of perceptions. I hope NASA succeeds.

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