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Comment: Re:Take it public (Score 1) 266

About eight months ago, I contacted netflix when someone 'stole' my credit card info and opened a new account with them. Did the online chat thing and their rep had it all fixed (at the netflix end of things at least) within 15 minutes. It was painless and easy.

No, I don't work for netflix and am not affiliated in any way. There are certainly things about them that I don't like but I can't complain about their customer service.

Comment: Re:A Chicagoan goes to Hell (Score 3, Funny) 525

by ScoLgo (#32827758) Attached to: Where I am now, it's ...

"On the upside I don't live in Nebraska."

General Custer and his men are at Little Big Horn when his 2nd in command comes over to him...

Custer: What's the status?
2nd: Well, there's good news and bad news.
Custer: What's the bad news?
2nd: We're outnumbered ten to one, surrounded on all sides, and will surely die today.
Custer: Holy shit! What's the good news?
2nd: We won't have to travel back across Nebraska.


Venezuela Bans Hostile Videogames and Toys 335

Posted by timothy
from the hostile-autocrats-still-ok dept.
An anonymous reader writes "In an effort to 'help improve child education and prevent misconduct,' the Venezuelan government began enforcing a law on March 3rd banning war videogames and toys, imposing a fine and 2.5 years in prison on the production, distribution, sale, hiring and use of video games and toys inciting violent behavior. Alberto Federico Ravell, former director of opposing news network Globovision, has already come on twitter denouncing the authorities for seizing imported Gameboy, Wii and PlayStation 3 consoles, due to considering them violent."

Comment: Re:Botnet (Score 1) 211

by ScoLgo (#31206524) Attached to: What You Get When You Buy a $40 iPhone In a Bar

"I wouldn't be surprised either if the the devices sold by American companies had same backdoor for government wire-taping."

Wait, the government is taping wires to things now? I've heard some pretty wacky conspiracy theories in the past but this one sounds feasible! Any suggestions on how to protect ourselves from this nefarious plot? (I'm all out of tin-foil. Oh noes!!)


Why the First Cowboy To Draw Always Gets Shot 398

Posted by timothy
from the more-guns-less-crime dept.
cremeglace writes "Have you ever noticed that the first cowboy to draw his gun in a Hollywood Western is invariably the one to get shot? Nobel-winning physicist Niels Bohr did, once arranging mock duels to test the validity of this cinematic curiosity. Researchers have now confirmed that people indeed move faster if they are reacting, rather than acting first."

Comment: I find it interesting... (Score 1) 920

by ScoLgo (#30399432) Attached to: The best pizza I have ever had, I found ...

I find it interesting that, with the current vote tally at 1076, more people claim to have had better pizza in Antarctica (27 votes), than in either Africa (20), South America (16), or even Asia (27).

So either penguin pizza is more awesome than I would ever have imagined - or it must really suck in those other places.

It is masked but always present. I don't know who built to it. It came before the first kernel.