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Comment Re:Yes? And? (Score 1) 256

I could really condense your post down to one argument: "Our enemies at present do not wage war lawfully and fulfill the obligations necessary for them to receive the full rights and protections of the Geneva Conventions."


There actually is a point to this, and you keep missing it. This isn't simply a question of "nastiness," but of obligations. Even the Germans in WW2 attempted to meet their obligations when fighting at least the Western Allies (US, UK, France, etc.). As I stated before, that obligation is imposed as part of the enforcement mechanism. If you don't care about them meeting their obligations then you shouldn't care about them not receiving full benefit of the treaties. It is just that simple.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 53

Everyone in my experience that uses Macs at Cisco also uses OSX as rMBPs are the most popular model used and only OSX has stable support for hot plugging thunderport devices. The people who prefer Linux/Windows use Dell/HPs. That said, everyone uses VMware so if they need Linux/windows its there too.

Comment I wish they'd just fuck off with the enterprise (Score 1) 53

I would be perfectly happy if they just said "Know what? OS-X is a home user OS. We don't support the enterprise. We are going to remove support for these enterprise features with the next version. Use something else." That would be great because then I could tell all the Macheads to suck it up and use Windows or Linux.

However Apple likes to play at enterprise support, they've played at it for years. They act like they care, but as you note they half-ass it to the extreme.

Even internally. I remember not long after Apple stopped the Xserve I was talking to one of their engineers and I ask him what they were going to do. Apple had started doing the MS thing of "eating their own dogfood" and was heavily using OS-X on Xserve for their own stuff. He said "I have no idea. They didn't tell us this was coming. We'll probably start using IBM hardware again."

It drives me up the wall as we waste an inordinate amount of time dealing with Macs because people want a shiny toy and can't understand they are unsuited for enterprise use.

Comment Re:Yes? And? (Score 1) 256

You've got this wrong, including that nonsense about "systematically disappearing people." This isn't a question of some South American Junta oppressing poor peasants. It is a war against the barbarians of our age.

Guerrilla tactics were known when the treaties were drawn up so your comment about uniforms is nonsense. It takes very little to comply with the treaty. Armbands, a chain of command, and waging war lawfully is about what it takes. You're claiming that is too much? Nonsense. Tell me, what forces ISIS to behead people or burn them alive? Do you think that it is too much to expect them to not commit atrocities? That isn't a theoretical question, the issue is one played out daily by those barbarians.

Isis sex slaves: 19 women executed for refusing to have sex with militant fighters
ISIS burns 4 hog-tied men alive in new video
ISIS Declares War On ‘The Cross’: 21 Christians Beheaded in Barbaric New Video from the Islamic State

Guantanamo isn't a secret prison, it is well known. The prisoners even receive Red Cross visits. But if the enemy combatants want the full rights and protections of the treaty then they need to abide by it. That is a basic enforcement mechanism built into it. Maybe they could start small, like simply not burning people alive and behead them. They could work their way up to no mass rape and sex slavery.

Far too many people here are outraged when a terrorist leader is killed by a missile as if it were an epic crime of the ages to prevent those evil men from attacking innocent civilians. But those same people who are outraged about terrorists being killed are often wholly indifferent to mass rape, murder, and torture of captives, hostages, and innocents by al Qaeda, ISIS, and the like. How do you think that will go? How do you think it will go now that more and more of them are showing up in Europe? Once the "oxen being gored" are European I expect some "rapid evolution" of views.

Do you know what ISIS is considering doing to captured pilots? (You know they burned one alive, right?) It is an old practice of the Turkish Caliphate, the Ottoman Empire: death by impaling.

Muslims Are Calling To Revive An Ancient Horrifying Execution Method Against U.S. Led Coalition Pilots

They'll probably put video of it on Youtube.

Comment Re:Because we are distracted by "global warming" (Score 1, Insightful) 82

Sounds like a mindless anti-government screed.

Because we are distracted by "global warming"

Which is a real issue, despite your denial.

plastics and pollution of our bodies of water

Which are also real issues, mostly perpetrated by corporate slop and a refusal to pay for the externalities of their production.

hazardous chemical releases by our own government's negligence, and corruption of potable water supplies

Which was an accident by a contractor that further polluted a river already polluted by mining operations done haphazardly decades ago - mining that polluted heavily but the costs for which were pushed off on society at large.

Comment Hey Apple if you want enterprise business (Score 3, Insightful) 53

How about, well, learning to support an enterprise? Stop treating every device like it is a consumer toy. Offer some real management tools, don't require an Apple account to do everything on your computers, etc, etc, etc.

It always amuses me when I see Apple talk about the enterprise space because they have done such a shit job supporting OS-X for the enterprise for so long. You can make it work, of course, and there are plenty of 3rd party tools, many very expensive, to help but it is all your own doing. Apple themselves seem to view each device as an island, property of a single consumer to be used as a toy and thrown away when the next shiny toy comes along.

Of course what they really mean here is "We want big businesses to buy our stuff, but we don't want to actually go through the trouble of supporting them."

Comment Re:Fat Cats in the Countryside (Score 1) 196

Actually, no, not really - people like me go out to the country to get away from it, not continue to be burdened by it.

I'm so glad that you fat cats from the city can come out and exploit my country side to "get away from it".

How about rather than screwing those of us who live in the country, you just turn off your phone, disconnect the cable, and take some personal responsibility for your own choices, rather than foisting them onto those of us who live here.


Comment Re:Thank the Lord... (Score 1) 229

is all just a figment of those libbbbbrul billionaires' imaginations..

Well, TFS really doesn't clear anything up.

Let's review: "weather" is what we call "convective (and evaporative) cooling of the Earth's surface".
* The steeper the temperature gradient in the lower atmosphere (poor insulation), the more convection happens, and the more "interesting" weather we get.
* The shallower the temperature gradient in the lower atmosphere (good insulation, or radiative heating of the upper atmosphere), the less convection happens, and the less "interesting" weather we get.

So, global warming caused by the Sun getting "hotter" will cause bad weather, as that's more heat at the surface and (nearly) the same temperature at the top of the atmosphere, so a steeper gradient. Global warming caused by any sort of atmospheric change, making the atmosphere effectively a better insulator, means boring weather.

What we've seen the last 10 years has been 10 straight years of record-uninteresting hurricane seasons, and satellite temperature data showing warming only in the lower atmosphere and actually cooling in the upper atmosphere. That all holds together, and is IMO the first real, non-doctored evidence of an atmospheric effect on global warming. The theory that the atmosphere has been getting worse at about the same rate the Sun has been "cooling" (in its usual cycle) isn't crazy, as convenient as it may be as a "rescue our theory" ass-pull.

Worse weather would be expected as the Sun cycles out of it's recent lull in activity, but worse weather is not a sign of man-made global warming: rather, the opposite.

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