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Comment: Re:Old saying (Score 0) 249

by Sam36 (#48307301) Attached to: New Atomic Clock Reaches the Boundaries of Timekeeping
GPS works by having many satellites in an egg shaped orbit around the Earth all broadcasting an atomic time. Your hand held radio receives these signals,and based on the time difference between the individual (and visible) satellites, the location of the satellites is then mapped out mathematically and thus you can triangulate the exact lat and long coordinates of the hand held radio based on that.

Comment: Re:Finally! (Score 1, Interesting) 474

by Sam36 (#47488809) Attached to: World Health Organization Calls For Decriminalization of Drug Use
I disagree. I find irony in America's constant pursuit and judgment of those that smoke cigarettes. Yet there is this huge push to 'make everything legal'. As far as health goes, smoking cigs is much better than injecting heroin or smoking meth.

I think the people that will suffer the worst are the poor. Intelligent, normal income people know what drug use leads to. The people in the poverty underworld (those which will never post to /.), will be hit hardest by easy to reach drugs. That leads to many things, more deaths, more high school drop outs, and less employable people.

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