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Comment Thinkpad (Score 0) 237

If you want to go cheap, grab a thinkpad T510 ($200 on ebay right now). It is the first of the series to use a full led backlit LCD. It is also lighter than it's older brother the T500 and T61. If you want to spend more money, then get the T520. Anything after that (T530, ect) I do not have experience with. The slim 'x' series laptops are good too as well as the carbon series. But I like the bigger screens on the T series.

Comment Just use postgreSQL (Score 1) 229

Seriously, I have never been impressed by any DB other than postgresql. At work, we recently started migrating our app to oracle from another big name DB. I was truly floored at how crappy the oracle installer was. Totally 1995 feeling. Oh and the install it self took our ops team 3 weeks to do. They constantly kept screwing it up and having to start over again.

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