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Comment: Re:Throw the book... maybe literally at him. (Score -1) 220

by Sam36 (#47200151) Attached to: NSF Researcher Suspended For Mining Bitcoin
Not sure what world you think you live in, but this is the same with goverment anything. I know plenty of people that don't work IT for any goverment contract, too boring. No body works, everyone stands around the water cooler and gossips all day. I am saddened that you think that goverment anything wouldn't waste money.

Comment: Re:The Internet has strengthened my Christian fait (Score -1) 1037

by Sam36 (#46677429) Attached to: How the Internet Is Taking Away America's Religion
Same here. It is very sad that people simply believe all the negative comments about Christianity without ever researching them. I enjoy the work Ray Comfort does and I am truly saddened when I see him street preach to someone that claims to be atheist or believe in evolution and when he asks them why they believe that, they usually can't answer. And if they do answer, it is usually not much of an answer (ie. it makes 'sense', there are contradictions in the bible, ect). People seem to put so little effort into their beleif these days, whether Christian or atheist.

Comment: Re:The Religious Right will have your head on a pl (Score -1) 470

by Sam36 (#46669069) Attached to: It's Time To Bring Pseudoscience Into the Science Classroom
Actually, the bible teaches critical thinking quite well. From needing discernment of what is God's Will to identifying false religions and cults, there is plenty of critical thinking to go around. Too bad it is practically banned from public now.

Evolution destroys all that though. Ask any high school or college age person why they believe in evolution and they won't be able to answer. They were just told that it was 'true', no thinking needed. Plus text books show us that pretty hand drawn family tree looking thing.

If you want to harbor good critical thinking, lets start with what they teach in schools first. http://www.unmaskingevolution....

Comment: My Grandma (Score -1) 287

by Sam36 (#46434895) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Linux For Grandma?
My Grandma has been running the debian stable line since 2006. I have not really had any issues that couldn't be solved. For the most part, depending on the sites/emails that she goes to, you will have to jump through hoops to get videos to play right/automatically. But it is possible. With facebook replacing email in the older generation (it seems), you might just get away with having only flash for videos. The other issues are getting pictures off of digital cameras. I wrote a quick script that can be ran when you plug in a camera and it will get any new photos and copy them to a special directory. It is smart enough to not download pics that are already there.
Surprisingly, when company has come over (it is grandma's house afterall), I have never notice anyone comment while they are using the linux computer. They just seem to all use it find. Never asking "What the heck is this?".

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