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Comment Just use postgreSQL (Score 1) 229

Seriously, I have never been impressed by any DB other than postgresql. At work, we recently started migrating our app to oracle from another big name DB. I was truly floored at how crappy the oracle installer was. Totally 1995 feeling. Oh and the install it self took our ops team 3 weeks to do. They constantly kept screwing it up and having to start over again.

Comment Re:More religious whackjobs (Score 0) 286

Actually, "separation of church and state" is not in the constitution. And in the original context, it was against what brought people to America in the first place: a state run church. The phase was meant to keep the state out of the church, not the church out of the state.

When a nation turns its back against God, the church, and its citizens (abortion), it is all down hill from there.

Comment Just laying around (Score -1) 94

Wow, it was just laying around in a pile of rubble! Of course this means it is 2.8 million years old! It is not like ancient humans could dig holes or anything.

Funny they even mention Lucy, a know fraud containing bones found scattered over a river bed over many miles and even in different layers. No one cares. There is too much money tied up in this. Plus it is anti-church, anti-God, so lets shout this discovery from the hilltops!

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