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Comment: Re:Cell processor (Score 2, Informative) 144

by STFS (#30226098) Attached to: US Air Force Buying Another 2,200 PS3s
I'm not sure this data is valid still but according to http://arstechnica.com/science/news/2008/11/putting-the-ps3s-brain-to-work.ars there is a huge difference between a PS3 and a QS21 blade in terms of price/performance... in favor of the PS3!!!

Since most academic research groups are not overly flush with cash, the authors put these results in terms that someone holding the purse strings would understand. It terms of computing power per cost, the PS3 delivers 50,000 LUPS/dollar, the super high performance IBM QS20/QS21 runs at 3500 LUPS/dollar, while a quadcore desktop machine is capable of putting out 17,000 LUPS/dollar.

However, there seems to be the issue with the memory though:

The researchers point out that LB simulations take a large amount of RAM and, when moving to a three-dimensional simulation, the amount of RAM will become very important. Since the PS3 has only 256 MB of RAM, even moderately sized 3D grids could end up being written and read into swap memory, which would be a significant performance bottleneck.

Comment: Re:It says: 256MB RAM... (Score 1) 744

by STFS (#29911789) Attached to: Ubuntu 9.10 Officially Released

Or you do what I do: use xubuntu. I cant imagine running full ubuntu on less than 1gig.

Have you actually tried Ubuntu out with 256Mb? I ask because what you're saying directly contradicts this article which says Ubuntu is actually easier on the memory than XUbuntu: http://www.linux-mag.com/cache/7520/1.html

And the subject of the article is of great relevance of course, LUbuntu, which supposedly beats both XUbuntu and Ubuntu's pants off.

Comment: Firefox crawling to a halt on tr.im? (Score 1) 145

by STFS (#29118121) Attached to: URL Shortener tr.im To Go Community-Owned, Open Source
Ok, I know this isn't technically on topic and I'm sorry about that... but I'm having this problem with Firefox on a few sites and since I haven't found anyone else that suffers from this problem I haven't been able to isolate it properly.

I just tried submitting a URL to tr.im and after doing so my browser bogged down and slowed to a crawl. My CPU usage jumps to 50% (so 100% of one of the two cores I have) and my whole system becomes ill-responsive. Meanwhile the "answer" section of tr.im is "fading in". So the problem seems to have something to do with opacity in HTML rendering.

Slashdot crowd: please help me... is anyone else experiencing this problem?

I'm running Firefox 3.5.2 on Kubuntu 8.04 with an NVIDIA graphics card and my XServer version is 7.3.

Comment: Wuala might work too (Score 1) 421

by STFS (#28465371) Attached to: How Do You Sync & Manage Your Home Directories?
I know this is late and all but wuala might suite someones needs: http://www.wuala.com/ It's a distributed file system. Pros: - Owned by LaCie - Uses distributed P2P technology to store data fragments (your data is encrypted and distributed). - Ability to "trade storage space" (donate your hdd space and bandwidth for more "distributed storage"). - Multiplatform Cons: - Java application on your desktop :-( Check out their features: http://www.wuala.com/en/learn/features ...and a google tech talk they gave about their technology: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xKZ4KGkQY8

Comment: Re:bit late (Score 2, Funny) 126

by STFS (#28004597) Attached to: 13,000 Volunteer To Put Personal Genomes Online

I decided to verify your research.

Results 1 - 20 of about 298,000


I decided to verify as well and concur with your findings. 298,000 images of gnomes.

I also found that turning off the "safe search" feature resulted in a total of 305,000 images being found.

Can someone please tell me how I can get only those 7,000 additional images?!

Comment: Nothing new? (Score 1) 72

by STFS (#26311521) Attached to: Test For Prostate Cancer Gene Soon To Be Available
There are already tests that check for some genetic markers that increase the possibility of prostate cancer. An example is decodeme.com, if you take their test you get a genetic profile about yourself with information about a few (34) known diseases and traits. One of them is prostate cancer.

It may of course very well be that they have developed an even better indicator of the risk you have of getting prostate cancer... but the article made it sound like this was a completely new thing.

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