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Submission + - Photosynth team does it again (

STFS writes: has a story about the most recent achievements of the team who brought us Photosynth.

This time around they've added some nifty features like orbits, panoramas and optimized transitions between views using path planning to avoid "unsatisfying transitions". All I want to know is when can I get one for my photo collection?


Submission + - Bjork sponsors a music video contest

STFS writes: A number of news sites have picked up on singer Björk's idea of having an open contest for making a music video to one of her latest songs titled Innocence.

The official contest page has more information about the contest along with some material (the song itself, the lyrics and some visual goodies) to get the ball rolling.

This may be the ultimate opportunity for those artistically inclined Slashdot readers to take a stab at world fame.

Submission + - Low cost U.S. rocket fails to reach space

STFS writes: A low cost, commercial rocket failed to reach space after an 'unexpected aerodynamic effect' a few seconds after liftoff according to a report.
From the article: 'The telephone pole-sized rocket hurtled into clear skies with 50 items of payload — including a Ziploc bag of Cheerios, some cremated remains and several high school science projects — on a brief suborbital flight 70 miles (110 km) above Earth at 2:14 p.m. Central Time.'
Here is a video of the event.

Submission + - French doctors to perform zero-gravity surgery

STFS writes: has a story about a team of French doctors who will attempt the worlds first zero-gravity operation on a human aboard an Airbus A300 dubbed "Zero-G".
The patient, according to was chosen because of his experience with "dramatic gravitational shifts" as an avid bungee-jumper.
The operation will serve as a test for performing surgery in space.

Submission + - Poincaré conjecture now a controversy

STFS writes: As reported several times before (and more) the Poincaré conjecture has now in all likelihood been solved.

The most recent addition to this mathematical drama pointed out an article in the New Yorker which seems to be causing quite a stir.

Harvard mathematics professor, Dr. Shing-Tung Yau, reports on his website that a letter, written by Yau's attorney, has been sent to the parties responsible for the New Yorker's article (including Pulitzer-prize finalist Sylvia Nasar). In the letter, Yau's attorney requests their "immediate assistance [...] in undoing, to the extent possible, the literally world-wide damage done to Dr. Yau's reputation [...]".

Dr. Yau will be giving a web cast (unfortunately it's scheduled in less than two hours at the time of this writing) in which he will discuss these allegations in detail. Further information can be found on his website.

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