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Comment: Re:Wikipedia says (Score 0) 111

by ST47 (#39082187) Attached to: Deadly H5N1 Flu Studies To Stay Secret... For Now
No. Of the people who were tested not only for Influenza A but also for subtype, 566 had H5N1. Of those, 332 died. Most people who get the flu get the sniffles and never go to their doctor. Those who go to their doctor often are told to rest and drink plenty of fluids. It's not very common to even get a simple surface antigen test, and I'm not even sure that most labs have the ability to test that. Those numbers are of cases that were tested in a lab. This is more likely to happen for patients for whom a diagnosis is useful - those who would get antivirals, such as the immunocompromised or the elderly. This is also more likely to happen for patients who are more serious. These numbers - 332 deaths and 566 cases - are lower bounds. Both numbers may be (and certainly are) higher - but I'd expect the death count to be much closer to the true value than the total case count. If 566 people were exposed to the Influenza A H5N1 in normal ways, most would probably react the same way as your standard H1N1 or H3N2 seasonal influenza. Far fewer than 332 would die.

+ - The Greening of Wal-Mart's Supply Chain

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The Titan of retail outlets has been Greening their entire process for almost two years with surprising results. As a critic of Wal-Mart I never expected to see them positioning themselves to not only take advantage of easy Green cost savings but to win the Green argument versus other major retailer outlets. The depth of these efforts has even made it part of the daily jobs of their EVPs and many of their SVPs. This article by Standford Associate Professor Erica Plambeck lays out how it started, where they're at, and where they're going with their effort to become Green."

+ - Journalists sue HP for invasion of privacy

Submitted by Stony Stevenson
Stony Stevenson (954022) writes "Four journalists and one of their family members are suing Hewlett-Packard for obtaining their personal phone records.

The journalists filed lawsuits in California this week. They claim that HP invaded their privacy. HP acknowledged in a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing last year that it investigated journalists in order to find out who, inside the company, had been leaking information to the press.

The reporters' own publications have reported that HP representatives said they were disappointed the reporters did not take a settlement and decided to sue instead. The company said it plans to defend itself against the lawsuits."
GNU is Not Unix

+ - Richard "RMS" Stallman Peru Earthquake 2

Submitted by ro1
ro1 (988039) writes "From the Freenode IRC Network Staff: 18:43 [freenode] -!- WALLOP RichiH: Hi all. As you will surely have heard, there was a major earthquake in Peru. It seems Richard 'RMS' Stallmann was travelling from Lima to Chimbote with Mario Ramos on August 15th and no one has heard from him since. If you have any information, please email or poke us in #freenode. Also, if you happen to live in South or Central America, Plase consider donating blood as that is the only thing that can not easily be transported from outsid"

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