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Comment: Re:Lots of problems with it (Score 1) 198

by SQLGuru (#47929757) Attached to: Wave Power Fails To Live Up To Promise

Most of the solutions for harnessing wave power that I've seen rely on something staying moored in the same place and letting the waves go back and forth over the device. So, a boat anchored for a time could use a similar device (probably combined with something to harness the sun and winds, too -- power needs probably exceed the generation capabilities of each of them individually). While the boat is moving, you have an engine which can generate power as well as locomotion. So, I don't really see the problem with it.

Comment: Re:Wow... (Score 4, Interesting) 232

by SQLGuru (#47925661) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Have You Experienced Fear Driven Development?

Agile itself has a process for this (marketing can request all of the features they want, stack rank them, and pull into the sprint what can be done in the sprint --- keep working on the project until the budget is gone or everyone agrees it's complete). However, most people doing "Agile" aren't really doing Agile......they're doing more of an iterative-waterfall with the overhead of certain Agile processes. I've worked at places that do both and where they followed a truer Agile process, they got more done and the staff was less stressed.

Comment: Re:Start Button ? (Score 3, Funny) 210

by SQLGuru (#47890225) Attached to: Turning the Tables On "Phone Tech Support" Scammers

Next time you get the call, you could try this approach:

You: Wait, you know I have a computer? Are you my parole officer? I've been banned from using electronic devices due to my recent conviction. If you're accessing my computer, that makes you an accomplice. Per the plea agreement, we both going get 20 years in a federal prison. The NSA is probably now tracking us both.

Comment: Re:Seriously? (Score 2) 533

by SQLGuru (#47860873) Attached to: AT&T Says 10Mbps Is Too Fast For "Broadband," 4Mbps Is Enough

If you're on a 4mbps connection, you probably aren't one who cares about 60fps or 4k just want to watch the cat fall over.

I'm ok w/ the definition of broadband being 10mbps. It doesn't stop anyone from selling a 4mbps connection --- as long as they don't call it broadband.

Comment: Re:Hahahahahahaha (Score 5, Insightful) 230

by SQLGuru (#47817757) Attached to: Akamai Warns: Linux Systems Infiltrated and Controlled In a DDoS Botnet

Not a Linux apologist (Windows pays my bills), but in defense of Linux, these were programs running on Linux that had exploits. Of course, many of the exploits in Windows are through programs running on Windows and not the OS itself.......but Linux fanboys wouldn't be as quick to point that out.

Comment: Re:Cinelerra or Creative Cloud (Score 1) 163

by SQLGuru (#47810579) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: the State of Free Video Editing Tools?

For the money, it's hard to beat Magix Movie Edit Pro. It's feature rich and not as limited as the Sony product. That being said, it does tend to run slow, but you can throw hardware at it. It's not free; it's not open; and it's not Adobe, but it is better than most of the Windows free/open options.

Comment: Re:In Soviet Maryland (Score 4, Interesting) 441

by SQLGuru (#47806977) Attached to: In Maryland, a Soviet-Style Punishment For a Novelist

Stephen King is probably lucky he lives in a different area of the northeast.......otherwise, he'd be on trial for all sorts of sick demented things.

Seriously, though -- if the teacher had other suspicious behaviours, it would be one thing, but just writing a fictional story based on an area he's familiar with isn't enough to indicate criminal thought.

Comment: Re:The diet is unimportant... (Score 3, Interesting) 588

by SQLGuru (#47806195) Attached to: Low-Carb Diet Trumps Low-Fat Diet In Major New Study

If the equation to be healthy is (and I'm not arguing that it isn't)

Caloric Intake == Exercise (or at least approximately equals)

You are assuming that people want to maximize the Caloric Intake variable. I think most of us are trying to minimize the Exercise variable instead. To do so, we are looking for the maximum Caloric Intake that requires the least amount of Exercise so that we can still be healthy. Low-carb seems to be better at this than Low-fat.

Comment: Re:Infrastructure? (Score 1) 727

by SQLGuru (#47719751) Attached to: Linus Torvalds: 'I Still Want the Desktop'

You remove the ability to configure, you remove the most important part of your user base.

Most important *today*. Not most important if you want to win the desktop wars.

And I didn't say that I wanted configurability to go away. But my mom and grandma and the lady down the street and any clueless redneck that uses a computer don't want as many options. THEY aren't "computer people" and there are only a handful of people that I'll spend the time helping when problems creep up.......

Comment: Re:Infrastructure? (Score 4, Interesting) 727

by SQLGuru (#47715093) Attached to: Linus Torvalds: 'I Still Want the Desktop'

I think the main problem is that Linux is *TOO* configurable. "Normals" don't want hundreds of options. They want people to tell them which of a limited number of options will work for them.

Which distro should I pick? Which window manager should I pick? How do I configure my computer to be optimal for *ME*? I'm a techie and I can't tell you which distro is really the best for most people. I can tell you which ones are more stable.....but it isn't just ONE.

With Windows....and even Apple.....those choices are more or less made for you. All a "normal" needs to do is decide which apps they need to run and whether their OS supports those apps.

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