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by SN16k (#40907055) Attached to: Did an Unnamed MIT Student Save Apollo 13?
There were no doubt many folks involved in that sling shot maneuver. A woman employee of TRW was mentioned in the Company's monthly newsletter, as being part of that effort but I never saw her acknowledged again. The last name is hard to forget, a Ms Kludge, a mathematician probably an OD specialist. TRW, which is now part of Northrop Grumman Corporation played a significant role on the Apollo project, supplying the Abort Guidance System (AGS), Digital Data and Entry (DEDA) besides the Lunar Descent Engine (LEMD).

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by SN16k (#29085067) Attached to: Building an Apple-1 From Scratch — Just Like Woz
Right on, the old Apple Computer Company was much more approachable company and truly interested in sharing knowledge with the early adopters, Long before we were pigeon holed with that disparaging label. I was one of those folks, purchasing a Apple II, S/N 16,xxx/something. Paid $199 for my second bank of memory (16K I believe). Purchased an add on board so LC letters could be displayed. Attended AUG meetings at Computer World in Orange County, CA. Met the "Woz" at one of the meetings and looked at his scrap book of photos from very early days of "Apple". Ah those were the days. Woz struck me as being a very enthusiastic and genuine person and role model, my hero.

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