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Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 956

" Is every kid in that school carrying a cell phone intending to blow people up? Maybe we should put them all in cuffs until we can sort this mess out."

A lot of teachers would probably like that, actually. Not because they think cell phones are to blow people up, just because kids are so fixated on them instead of class.

Comment Re:Privacy (Score 4, Informative) 279

At least with Facebook, you generally knew what non-FB sites would post on your FB, as it would ask for your FB login. Google has the same thing, but the parts of the web that are already Google's don't have that separate login. The big ones would be your search history and YouTube.

Comment Re:A Misnomer (Score 2) 317

So, you're saying that going from Windows 7 to, say, Windows 2000 is not a downgrade, but just a lateral change?

Or going from IE6 to IE11 isn't an upgrade, but just a change?

You really don't see how going from an older version with fewer features to a newer version with more features ins't an upgrade? Or maybe you're just being pedantic about the definition of "upgrade"?

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