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Comment: Re:Oh Fuck Off (Score 1) 99 99

The SSD cost me nothing - it was a hand-me-down from my desktop, which got a larger SSD. It's pretty easy to find smaller-capacity SSDs for cheap or even free if you keep an eye out. This one is 60GB and I'm using less than 10% even after Dropbox finished syncing everything.

Comment: Re:Total bullshit. (Score 2) 99 99

I think it's less than Linux runs the video better and more than there's less *other stuff* trying for resources. Netflix ran fan if I made the window just a bit smaller than full screen, but at full screen, the audio and video would start to fall out of sync after about 10 minutes - haven't had that issue at all with LXLE even at fullscreen. Best as I can tell, it's because Netflix tries to rape my CPU and LXLE seems to have a little less overhead than Windows 7 did... just enough to give Chrome/Netflix the power it needs to play the video.

Comment: Re:Oh Fuck Off (Score 4, Insightful) 99 99

I just put a SSD in my 9 year old ThinkPad T60 and took that as an opportunity to switch from Windows 7 to LXLE (Lubuntu based) on it. It *flies* now and I can actually watch Netflix on it fullscreen - it pegs the CPU pretty hard but doesn't get A/V sync issues like it did on Windows. It has 2.5GB RAM, but I've yet to use half that even with quite a few tabs open in Chrome (not Chromium). The only other things I have installed are Dropbox, Remmina (RDP client) and an IMAP client. I can't imagine ChromeOS being much more polished than LXLE with a few defaults - the only major difference being that Chrome had a few hiccups to get it installed, but nothing I couldn't figure out in five minutes with Google... not bad considering I don't have a whole lot of Linux experience.

Comment: Re:Too early for criticism. (Score 1) 238 238

> "Where did you get the idea that it had been running for just a quarter of a year?"

From the quote in the summary of the economic adviser defending it:

"The low numbers didn't stop some state officials from defending the initiative. "Given the program was only up and running for basically one quarter of a year," Andrew Kennedy, a senior economic development aide to Governor Cuomo, told Capital New York, "I think 80 jobs is a good number that we can stand behind.""

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