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Comment: Re:UOM conversion help, please (Score 1) 44

by SJHillman (#48420215) Attached to: Researchers Discover Ancient Massive Landslide

Wolfram Alpha and Google equate 39 Manhattans to the following:

- 1,310 square miles
- 3,393 square kilometers
- 634,079.63 American football fields
- 475,193.28 Association football fields
- 0.85 Rhode Islands
- 1.7 Area Flattened By The Tunguska Event(s)
- 1.0 Acres Designated and Managed As Wilderness In The Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks
- 1.0 Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
- 1.0 Non-tidal watershed below Waterville on the Kennebec River, ME

Comment: Re:Jealous? (Score 1) 138

by SJHillman (#48377433) Attached to: Google's Lease of NASA Airfield Criticized By Consumer Group

Pshaw, sure they do. Work 80 hours a week and never take vacations so you have a nice fat paycheck? You stole that $500,000 house and that $70,000 car (even though you were entitled to spend your money on them). Sadly, a lot of people feel this way about people who have more than them.

Comment: Re:Ok... just turned two score, but... (Score 5, Interesting) 438

by SJHillman (#48352581) Attached to: The Students Who Feel They Have the Right To Cheat

There's a name for the effect, which I can't recall, but we tend to project our current self into our past self's shoes. When someone in their 40s thinks about when they were a teenager, they remember it as if they had the experience and wisdom that they have in their 40s, not as they actually were in their teens. This is one of the main reasons older generations talk about how kids these days are dumber, etc... because they don't accurately remember how kids were in their day, just how they would have been if they had decades more life experience.

TL;DR: You were just as dumb as a kid as the "kids these day" are that you're complaining about... you're just too dumb to account for the decades in between.

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