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Comment Re:A Misnomer (Score 2) 317

So, you're saying that going from Windows 7 to, say, Windows 2000 is not a downgrade, but just a lateral change?

Or going from IE6 to IE11 isn't an upgrade, but just a change?

You really don't see how going from an older version with fewer features to a newer version with more features ins't an upgrade? Or maybe you're just being pedantic about the definition of "upgrade"?

Comment Re:Oh Fuck Off (Score 1) 99

The SSD cost me nothing - it was a hand-me-down from my desktop, which got a larger SSD. It's pretty easy to find smaller-capacity SSDs for cheap or even free if you keep an eye out. This one is 60GB and I'm using less than 10% even after Dropbox finished syncing everything.

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