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by SJHillman (#47369913) Attached to: Unintended Consequences For Traffic Safety Feature

It strongly implies that a disability is the only thing that determines if a person regular/normal. Otherwise it would be acceptable to say "black people or regular folks"... which most people would agree isn't generally acceptable even if non-blacks are the majority. The easiest, simplest and best way would be to just say "other" folks. It acknowledges that disabled people are in a separate group without implying that a disability puts them in a completely separate category from regular or normal people. I don't take offense because the poster obviously didn't mean it like that, but it's still a very rude way of phrasing something. In general, if you can't replace a group with "black people" without sounding racist, you should probably reconsider how you phrased something.

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What happens, with the ones I've paid attention to, is that when the timer gets to 0 (or the hand stops flashing if it's one of those lights), the light turns from green to yellow, so the delay is the time of the yellow light, plus the slight delay in which lights in both directions are red before the other direction turns green.

Sadly, there are a lot of behaviors that driver's *should* learn. Such as noticing lights from cars coming the other way on trees/houses when driving at night, or how to handle high beams from opposing traffic.

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A few years back, I worked for a company that did a lot of deliveries. All of our vans and two of our smaller box trucks were regular unleaded; only our larger box trucks were diesel. Most small businesses that don't deal in large goods use vans running on gasoline. UPS and FedEx may use all diesel, but they're not the only ones doing deliveries.

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Satellite frequencies range from 1176.45 MHz for the L5 band to 1575.42 MHz for the L1 band, although it looks like only L1 and L2 (1227.60 MHz) are really used for the actual positioning. But then I saw a bunch of math I didn't understand, so I skipped to Wikipedia's Submarine Navigation page and it lists GPS as "Surface and Near-Surface", which is described as no more than periscope depth.

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