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Comment: Re:Okay, what is it? (Score 2) 88 88

The Yubikey can serve as a One-Time-Password(OTP), Universal Second Factor (U2F) Authentication, Etc. I primarily use it for the U2F, which is similar to an RSA Token, but it conveniently eliminates token expiration anxiety, and errors frequently caused by chronic butterfingers. I just jam it into a USB port, it gets recognized as a keyboard, I press the little light on the top, and boom!

The NEO is similar to the standard blue Yubikey, additionally supporting NFC for some protocols. Unfortunately, U2F is NOT supported through the embedded NFC chip. https://www.yubico.com/product...

When I bought mine, I was hoping to use it as a physical password on my smartphone, simply swiping across the back side, as available with the OTP protocol. I later found out that would be forced to use the USB on everything, and have yet to find any use for the NFC with U2F. (my fault for not reading the documentation more thoroughly, as they clearly state: "...current U2F standards do not support NFC for mobile devices.")

Long story short, if you only need the U2F, don't bother with the NEO. just get the cheaper FIDO U2F SPECIAL SECURITY KEY https://www.yubico.com/product...
As far as durability, its survived me for about a year now, and I'm not known being gentile.

Comment: About the Atmosphere... (Score 1) 156 156

Mass-produce millions of fuel-inefficient cars. (maybe call Nascar about installing a track or two)
Create huge landfills to emit lots of methane; possibly filled with garbage from earth.

These two things combined should get the Mars atmosphere nice and dense for our fragile human bodies!

And what ever you do, DO NOT USE RENEWABLE ENERGY! As this will no doubt rob the atmosphere of the precious greenhouse gasses needed to keep the planet habitable.

Comment: Sevice vs. Ownership (Score 1) 140 140

This is an excellent case for ownership avoidance. If a person has significant motivation to actively protect their anonymity/privacy, I could see how subscribing to a car "service" rather than owning/leasing a specific car, would be attractive. From a service providers perspective, this could be a marketing point as well! As Millennials are the primary demographic that view Edward Snowden as a patriot, I could also see this same demographic being attracted to maintaining of privacy through a car service.

Comment: Re:Gas isn't free(as in beer), Many charge points (Score 1) 622 622

1) "Because no one wants them"
Want is completely subjective. People frequently do not know what they want. Your argument is essentially that people are stupid... ?

2) "I don't want some idiot behind the wheel falling asleep or into a trance"
I think people falling asleep behind the wheel is more about highway hypnosis/poor sleep/alcoholism, than the lack of sound. Also, how is the lack of sound supposed to induce a trance?

3) "you can use them as a coffin when they get into an accident with a real car :)"
Sure, they make great coffins, if you're stupid enough to believe that most, or even all EV's are anything like a Smart car.

Your arguments are worthless, and you should be moderated down.

Comment: Re:Gas isn't free(as in beer), Many charge points (Score 1) 622 622

What's wrong with 15 minutes recharge time? Common, admit it pal, you are straw-manning charge station over there at Costco. A good 440 Volt charging station makes anyone with an EV, in Texas-speak, happier than a two with dog with two peckers. I'll bet you've never used an EV, and the concept concept of driving an EV just don't get your cows a runn'in, unless you can go Muddin' in one! 'Merica!

Comment: Re:Gas isn't free(as in beer), Many charge points (Score 1) 622 622

Just in case you hadn't heard about this, there is an alternative to purchasing Automobiles called Leasing? The relatively low price point is from the automaker already recouping its money from the lease, and the low demand in the market. But go ahead, don't buy the cheapest car you could possibly own, everyone else is much better off profiting from your poor choices! :D

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