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Comment Hmmm (Score 1) 174 174

The comments section is filled with people saying how the computer's senses and reflexes are so much better than a puny human, yet in the video clip, whenever the car is faced with anything except an open empty road, the default behaviour seems to be to slow to a crawl. If the other vehicles were also google cars, it would be interesting to see how they reacted to each other's manouvering.

Comment Awesome (Score 1) 243 243

I have an idea where Amazon can set up their delivery nodes which will store goods until the nearby customers actually place an order! They can utilise all those defunct bricks-and-mortar shops which used to store goods until the nearby customers actually wanted them. They all went bust for some reason.

Comment Re:But does it ... (Score 1) 140 140

"Whew! That was an expensive monthly trip to Walmart. Come pick me up, car, we have a shitload of shopping to get home."

"I am sorry, I can't do that, Dave. Kids have dragged a trashcan across the exit of the parking lot again. I and 1500 other cars are stuck eight miles away from your current location"

"Little Bastards. Okay, I will get a cab. See you at home when the cops clear the exit"

"Hello, you have reached Johnnycabs. We are sorry, but we are experiencing unprecedented demand at this time. Please hold. You are number 1500 in a queue."

Comment Re:Pointless (Score 1) 287 287

I will enjoy watching robocars negotiate roadworks where they need to go on the 'wrong' side of the road (or off the road entirely), obey hand/audio ('stick it between those cones a minute, while we back the digger out, thanks mate') signals from workers, read diversion route information from improvised signs etc

Comment A step in the right direction! (Score 0) 496 496

It appears that Microsoft are responding to the needs of their customers. This is a good start. Next they need to dump Trusted Computing and a whole load of other crap.
Keep going down this road, Microsoft, and I will be gladly forking out my hard-earned money for Windows 15.

Comment Re:Social Chaos (Score 1) 369 369

WTF? Robotic vehicles will not get tickets? Why not? Because they don't break the law? Traffic law will soon adapt to robotic cars.
Police departments will cut jobs because there is less work to do? In what universe? The paperwork will expand as officers ticket robocars for displaying 'excessive grime build-up on sensor areas' , 'refusal to pull over in a timely manner when instructed' etc.

Comment Autonomous? Vulnerable! (Score 1) 369 369

Thanks to the internets, we have a good idea how many jerks there are in society (looking at youtube, it seems to be about 60%).
Autonomous vehicles will have to be super-dooper cautious to avoid innocent people getting injured and suing the bejesus out of the owner/operator, and this will result in them being mercilessly trolled by people jaywalking in front of them/creating cardboard roadblocks/dazzling their sensors etc. I can envisage bored people ordering pizza so they can watch the pizza delivery vanbot try and negotiate the maze they have built.

Comment The devil in the detail. (Score 1) 404 404

"Only terrorists, criminals and spies should fear secret activities of the British and US intelligence agencies."

Very true. The problem is that the intelligence agencies also get to decide who is labelled a terrorist, criminal or spy.

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