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Comment There's some big philosophical differences. (Score 3, Insightful) 171

Evil, outside of special pleading for a particular belief system, is usually framed in terms of actively choosing the harm of others (even if it is masked in deniability). There's some very important meaning in 'don't be evil' that I always liked. Even if some evil is deemed unavoidable by sheer weight of circumstances in life, the general policy should still be to avoid it if at all doable, by any philosophy I'd respect..

"Do the right thing", however, is utterly subjective. Genocide can be seen as the right thing, by a great many, many belief systems, as could complete elimination of all other belief systems. Complete stagnation lies down most 'pure' roads. Utter evil, the complete willingness to harm others at a whim, is constantly 'justified' in the name of most ideals taken in isolation.

I suppose that's a problem with business groups though - the more people involved, the more push to 'optimize' towards some ideal that gets so important, that 'evil' is no longer a limitation. All groups do evil, because there are people involved, but most businesses seem to become blind to their own evil as they grow, until they specialize in mostly doing that evil. Well, until those outside the group start reacting to their actions, then they seem to asymptotically bounce against, and push out the ethical line.

Fortunately, the end result isn't so horrible, by most standards, basically ever measurable aspect of culture has reliably improved over time, from freedom, to intelligence scales, to health and others - but it's just interesting how groups specialize and play such strange roles.

Ryan Fenton

Comment Re:Oh, that's ironic (Score 1) 571

It's not just your end I'm sorry to say, down here in the Antipodes the same bullshit thinking abounds. Also, facts and statistics that include people who are brown of skin are intrinsically racist if brown people happen to dislike said facts or statistics. Often it is people with white skin that are the loudest accusers.

These people have become far too intellectually dishonest to even be worth engaging in debate.

Comment Re:Well, now we know she h8s the US Constitution (Score 1) 483

that helped to defend the West against Communist bloc aggression

You do realise that this was exactly Hitler's excuse for his atrocities?

The NSA isn't the SS.

That is about the only thing you have got right. The NSA is far closer to the Abwehr.

How did you end up so morally confused?

Well, judging from your comment history you would feel right at home in Nazi Germany if you'd bother to learn German.

There is no likelihood man can ever tap the power of the atom. -- Robert Millikan, Nobel Prize in Physics, 1923