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Comment A different way to use a comet (Score 1) 93

I think that NASA's idea is interesting...very challeging, as other have noted, but worth it if it could be done.

I have been toying with the idea for an SF story using comets. Spaceships would wait for a comet to come by, then embed themselves into the tail of the comet, and use some kind of ramjet propulsion to accelerate out of the inner solar system. Obviously comet tails are not dense at all (a less dense vacuum than what can be made on earth) but the ion tail should be manipulatable.

Anyway, in the story, people in their spaceships end up flying out in more-or-less random directions, and hoping to find something interesting in the process.

Comment Re:I find this mostly true, some mixed causation.. (Score 0) 85

>>Definitely seemed a physical thing rather than a physical one.

Meant phyical rather than a mental one. I must reiterate - I am rather sleepy today - still can't get a nap going, and am now in that stage of the day where it's better to wait for night at this point. Thus, slashdot.

Ryan Fenton

Comment I find this mostly true, some mixed causation... (Score 0) 85

Most of the colds I've encountered have made it significantly more difficult to sleep. That's actually why I'm home today - taking a rare sick day for an otherwise symtomless cold that just left me 'static-y' without letting me really sleep. No nagging mental troubles, no troubles previous nights, no cough, no caffeine or diet issues I could tell - just a steady heartbeat/mental state that wouldn't actually trigger a proper dream state all night. Had earplugs, sleeping mask, and a nice zen state to dismiss any stray distractions - just resulted in a lightly relaxed trip to dawn. Definitely seemed a physical thing rather than a physical one

I can definitely picture a virus/bacteria amongst trillions in a body focusing on this approach in order to create a niche to reproduce in. Just got to trigger/immitate one signal pathway, and boom, whole body is weakened, and the body is all too happy to play 'security theater' in order to be careful.

Ryan Fenton

Comment Re:Sardaukar86 forgot to post ac this time (Score 1) 190

Premise: spammers are losers.

Fact: APK is a spammer.

Conclusion: APK is a loser.

Premise: pretending to be someone else to back you up makes you a loser.

Fact: APK depends upon multiple sockpuppet accounts and is laughably clumsy in his use of these accounts.

Conclusion: APK is a total loser.

Spamming loser.

Comment Re:Sardaukar86 forgot to post ac this time (Score 1) 190

Wow, you really are delusional aren't you? I've never used your hosts tool nor have I used uBlock or any other tool of that nature other than ABP. I care so little about the topic I'd be unlikely to debate you on it and as I've not used your software I cannot evaluate its performance.

I am however very willing and able to abuse incompetents such as yourself under my own moniker; in fact I really wouldn't have it any other way.

I do understand why you find it hard to imagine someone who has integrity yet is capable of easily besting you. This is why you cannot believe me when I tell you the truth - you don't recognise truth any more, because you tell lies and cherry-pick statistics. You operate multiple sock-puppet accounts and you stalk people you feel have slighted you. You spam over and over and over and over again, you repeat yourself ad nauseum and you hypocritically and repeatedly accuse others of your own transgressions. You also like to pretend you have a bunch of anonymous supporters and the seriousness with which you take this obvious and infantile ploy of yours has been an ongoing source of much mirth and merriment to all who watch your desperate contortions.

In general, you are about as welcome as an anal polyp and your ridiculous literary style ensures that most of what you have to contribute is disjointed and unpleasant to read. You are an unwelcome disruption and no amount of posting your silly "everybody loves APK" list will make any difference to anyone - people see you as a low-life scum because that is how you behave.