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Comment: Those trucks are the best (Score 1, Informative) 820

by Russ1642 (#48877031) Attached to: Fake Engine Noise Is the Auto Industry's Dirty Little Secret

The young idiots with too much money buy them. They stomp on the gas at a green light and it sounds like they're drag racing. I gently touch the gas on my car and easily out-accelerated them without making any significant noise. I'll bet they figure it out about two or three days after they buy the trucks that they really have no acceleration or speed to speak of but rather simply noise.

Comment: Re:It was never really for sale (Score 1) 141

by Russ1642 (#48824795) Attached to: Google Glass Is Dead, Long Live Google Glass

You had to live in the US to buy one. Google is a worldwide company and if they wanted to sell a product they'd have sold it to their customers, not just a select few. It was a test product, not meant for the general public. Which is fine. I've never seen one anywhere. I'm guessing there are many other people, even in the US, that have never seen one either. It wasn't unpopular because of its characteristics, but rather because it wasn't marketed AT ALL.

Comment: Re:It was never really for sale (Score 0) 141

by Russ1642 (#48824559) Attached to: Google Glass Is Dead, Long Live Google Glass

But you have to 1 - already know that something called Google Glass exists. 2 - know what the hell it is. 3 - be willing to shell out a fortune for an in-development toy. Each of those is the complete opposite of how to successfully sell consumer electronics. Google always meant for this iteration of the product to be for testing only. For example, they weren't even selling it in Canada.

Comment: Re:Our Money You Like, Us -- Not So Much (Score 1) 179

by Russ1642 (#48821107) Attached to: Marriot Back-Pedals On Wireless Blocking

Actually it's more like the old people staying at fancier hotels get this smug feeling of "My hotel has wifi, and it only costs an extra $20. This is awesome." Everyone else, mostly the younger crowd, are at cheaper places and know that wifi should be free so those hotels can't get away with screwing them.

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